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Christian Massa Disregards Instagram Accounts Created In Impersonation



Christian Massa Disregards Instagram Accounts Created In Impersonation

Without official verification badges on people’s social media accounts, many public figures today have run into problems due to the false information that usually comes from accounts created with their names, photos, and personal information. says that “In 2018, there were more than 100 million active Instagram users in the United States. It is forecast to be 111 million in 2019. It is not difficult to register with someone else’s personal information, including their photos.”

One of the most recent cases of cybercrime is actor and filmmaker Christian Massa, whose name has caught the eye of trolls on Instagram who create fake accounts and publish media who claim to be him.

Instagram says: “A verified badge is a checkmark next to the Instagram account name in the search query and profile. This means that Instagram has confirmed that the account is the actual presence of a public figure, person or world brand that it represents.

Many fake social media accounts from unknown people were created to impersonate the young actor after the premiere of the Discovery ID networks show “Frenemies” where Massa played the lead role of murderer Ken Register.

Both Facebook and Twitter mention – a blue checkmark is a verified profile system, which means the user is authentic. The mark appears in the name header of the users’ profile. It is always said that the verified badge has the same color and location, regardless of the corresponding settings, profiles or topics. B. The profile on a photo, video, or header of life accounts are confirmed. The labeling of verified Twitter and the reasons for not using a significant part of profile photos, background images or other means of transmitting a verified status are subject to permanent suspension. ‘

With hackers and trolls on the internet trying to destroy people’s reputations, Something as simple as a verification checkmark in addition to a username on their social media profile can tell you if the person you are following is the actual authentic person. This makes it easier for followers to prevent following fakes accounts drastically.

The timing of most of these reports came on the same day the show aired on tv and online. Since then several pages have been opened. Many people, some of whom had no idea who he was, started looking for Christian’s name on social media.

Most people typed “Christian M” into search engines and it was easier for Facebook and Instagram to present fake accounts with shorter names than this official accounts with a longer name “Christian Massa”.

According to official information, Christian will not communicate with hackers, trolls and any fake accounts who try and contact him. Massa will continue to use the Instagram social media app and encourages those who are searching for his real account to know that his official Instagram handle is simply his full name “Christian Massa” and any other accounts claiming to be him are fake accounts and not to follow or respond to them.