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Why did Ricky Martin react indignantly on social media?



Why did Ricky Martin react indignantly on social media?

It is already public knowledge that Ricky Martin is a great activist since the artist is always fighting for gay rights and also faces the discrimination they suffer. A few days ago, the interpreter of “More” was very indignant to learn a case of abuse against one of his countrymen.

The Puerto Rican singer took a moment to protest a case of discrimination suffered by José Guzmán Payano, a student born in his country who lives in Indiana, and while he was buying medicines, instead of attending to him, they asked him to show his status migratory.

“She said she needed an ID issued by the United States, a license from Canada or Mexico,” said Guzmán Payano. “It was then that I told him that it was a license issued in the United States and that I didn’t need anything more than that license,” Payano explained after the bad time he had to live.

Ricky Martin started his message on Instagram with the hashtag #BoycottCVSVsPuertoRico. “José Guzmán Payano, a third-year student from Purdue University, Puerto Rico, was asked in a CVS in Lafayette, Indiana, to prove his immigration status. Payano was buying cold medicines that required a valid form of identification issued by the government and showed his Puerto Rican driver’s license, ”said the interpreter in his message.

CVS employees rejected him, even after he explained that Puerto Rico is an American community. They even rejected him when he showed his American passport. CVS, after being contacted by the family, now acknowledges that he will investigate the incident and confirmed that he will accept a license from Puerto Rico, ”concluded the singer.