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Michael Bloomberg considers running for US presidency against Donald Trump in 2020



Michael Bloomberg considers running for US presidency against Donald Trump in 2020

The former mayor of New York is worried because he believes that the current Democratic candidates cannot defeat the Republican president

Former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is actively preparing to participate in the Democratic presidential primaries and is expected to present his documentation shortly to be a candidate, according to The New York Times.

According to people informed about the Bloomberg plans cited by the Times, the billionaire businessman has been privately weighing an offer by the White House for the past few weeks and has not yet made a final decision on whether to run or not, an advisor said.

But at the first sign that he is seriously opting to introduce him, Bloomberg has sent his employees to Alabama to gather signatures to qualify for the primaries in that state.

Bloomberg, who a few months ago resigned from running to the primaries, called several prominent Democrats on Thursday to tell them he was seriously considering the race, including former Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the retired majority leader who remains a benchmark of the dominant power in the party.

Reid stated that Bloomberg had not explicitly said that he was running for president, but that the intention of the call had been clear.

If Bloomberg shows up, it will be an earthquake in the Democratic race, especially a threat to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who has been struggling to raise money and form an ideologically moderated coalition.

“Now we have to finish the job and make sure Trump is defeated, but Mike is increasingly worried that the current field of candidates is not well-positioned to do

So,” Bloomberg consultant Howard Wolfson aforementioned during a statement.

Wolfson said Bloomberg would compete with his service history as mayor of the largest city in the country, building his own company and contributing to global causes through his philanthropic activities.

“Based on his record of achievement, leadership and his ability to bring people together to drive change, Mike could adopt the fight against Trump and win,” said Wolfson.

Bloomberg is that the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg phonograph recording, the parent company of Bloomberg News.

Trump’s strength

Amid all the polls that point to an uncertain scenario for 2020, a poll published on Tuesday showed the certainty of US voters about their president. The support of US President Donald Trump remains strong. The poll said 62 percent of Trump’s supporters are so loyal to him that they would continue to support him no matter what he did.

According to the survey conducted by the University of Monmouth, among those who support the president, 62 percent could not think of “anything Trump could do, or not do, in his term as president that would make them [disapprove] of him or his mandate. ” The survey also showed that loyalty to the US president is increasing and has grown 12 percent since January last year when Monmouth had raised the same question to assess the depth of Trump’s support.

The figures show the high level of support that the president enjoys despite being in the middle of an investigation of political judgment that has made clear the fierce partisan divisions in the North American country. Last week when the House of Representatives voted in favor of moving forward with the political trial, although not a single House Republican voted in favor of a resolution formalizing the investigation procedures.

On the other hand, he finds that the opponents of the president also have their votes already decided. 70% of those who did not support the Republican president said nothing would change their minds to support him. In general, the data found elucidated that despite being flying over a difficult time, the president’s numbers have not changed much in recent months. 43 percent of respondents supported Trump’s job performance, while 51 percent did not, which showed that there were almost no changes in numbers since September.

On the political trial, 44% answered “yes” when asked if Trump “should be accused and forced to leave the Presidency,” compared to 51% who said “no. ”

The survey had 908 respondents who were asked questions by phone between October 30 and November 3. The margin of error for the total sample is plus/minus 3.3 percentage points.

While the Democrats launched the political trial against Trump in September after a formal complaint was filed by an anonymous whistleblower, the president has also faced a strong negative reaction to his sudden decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria that left to the Kurds – who were regional allies of Washington – exposed to a Turkish onslaught.

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