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When You Might Need A Rhinoplasty Procedure



When You Might Need A Rhinoplasty Procedure

If you experience breathing difficulties because of a structural problem or want to repair a deformity after an injury, your doctor can recommend nose surgery. Commonly known as rhinoplasty, the procedure addresses concerns associated with your nose, whether medical or cosmetic. Rhinoplasty Houston can either be open or closed, and the recovery can take up to several months requiring specific recovery guidelines.

Read on to find out what the procedure entails and the recovery details to ensure you recover quickly and without complications.     

Are you a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

After evaluation, your specialist can determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you have a structural problem like a deviated septum or do not like your nose, your doctor can recommend the process. However, the process is not recommended for someone who is under 15 years because their nose is still growing. If you smoke, your surgeon might ask you to quit a few weeks before the surgery.

You can receive several benefits from the procedure, including a confidence boost, an improved profile, and overall facial symmetry and balance.

What happens during the procedure?

Before the treatment begins, your doctor will use anesthesia to ensure the procedure is comfortable and pain-free. The surgery duration depends on the treatment’s complexity and can take between 3-5 hours to complete.

Your surgeon can recommend an open or closed rhinoplasty, depending on your needs. During the open procedure, your doctor will make a small incision under the tip of your nose and make the necessary corrections before stitching you up. During the closed nose surgery, your specialist will only make incisions in the inside of your nose.


After the surgery, you will experience pain and swelling, which you can manage through pain medications. Your cheeks might be bruised and tender following the procedure. Your doctor will recommend rest and avoiding strenuous activity for the first two weeks post-treatment.

Although you can return to work after a week, you need several months to recover fully after rhinoplasty. The swelling might persist for up to six weeks and decrease significantly after 12 weeks. You can use cold compresses on your cheeks to provide relief. Take care not to place the compress on your nose to avoid shifting bones or cartilage, which can affect the procedure’s outcome.

For the first six weeks, avoid blowing your nose, which might damage your nasal tissues. After the surgery, you can experience nasal congestion due to swollen tissues. Sneeze through your mouth to avoid exerting pressure on your nose, which can have adverse effects on the healing tissue. 

To ensure you recover quickly, you must consume foods that contain vital vitamins like vitamins A and C. Your diet must have plenty of fresh fruits and dark leafy greens. Another essential food type includes protein which you can obtain from foods like eggs, nuts, and meat.

If you are experiencing breathing difficulties or want to change the appearance of your nose, visit Yeung Institute for a rhinoplasty procedure. The available specialists will evaluate your nose and perform a highly customized nose job. Call or book your appointment online to improve your facial appearance.



Finding the Best Skin Cancer Clinic Sunshine Coast: A Comprehensive Guide



Finding the Best Skin Cancer Clinic Sunshine Coast: A Comprehensive Guide

The Sunshine Coast, with its pleasant climate and stunning beaches, is an idyllic destination. However, due to the Sunshine Coast’s increased risk of skin cancer due to excessive sunshine exposure, finding an appropriate skin cancer clinic on this coast is crucial for early detection, treatment and prevention of skin disease. We will guide you through the process of finding the best skin cancer clinic sunshine coast like Sundoctors so that you find a clinic with your best interests at heart. 

Research: As your first step to finding the best skin cancer clinic on the Sunshine Coast, research should be your top priority. Here’s what to keep in mind when conducting your investigation:

Online Reviews: Search engines such as Google can be an effective way to quickly and efficiently locate skin cancer clinics on the Sunshine Coast region. When using search engines like this one, look for clinics with excellent patient reviews and high ratings from customers.

Ask for Recommendations: Reach out to friends, family members or colleagues with experience at skin cancer clinics nearby who may provide invaluable recommendations. Personal recommendations can provide invaluable insight.

Examine Medical Directories: When researching skin cancer clinics, consult medical directories and websites that list healthcare providers such as skin cancer clinics. Such directories typically contain information regarding their location, services offered, and contact details for the clinic in question.

Consider Distance: Take into account where the clinic is located relative to your home or workplace when selecting one for regular check-ups. A clinic that’s easy to get to will make scheduling regular visits much simpler.

Once you have compiled a list of clinics, it is vitally important that you assess their credentials. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

Qualified Dermatologists: Make sure the clinic employs qualified dermatologists or healthcare providers with expertise in skin cancer detection and treatment, such as board-certified dermatologists. Dermatologists are specifically trained to care for skin ailments.

Accreditation: Before selecting any clinic, verify its accreditation by relevant medical associations or organizations. Accreditation shows a commitment to high-quality care while adhering to industry standards.

Examine Clinic Services: Different skin cancer clinics may provide various services. In order to choose one best suited to your needs, consider these factors when searching for one:

Comprehensive Skin Checks: When shopping for clinics that provide comprehensive skin exams, including dermoscopy – a non-invasive technique using specialized equipment to examine moles and lesions on your skin in detail – be wary.

Biopsy Services: Make sure the clinic can perform skin biopsies as required – these tests are an essential tool in accurately diagnosing skin cancer.

Explore Treatment Options: Explore all available treatment options available through your clinic, such as surgical excision, cryotherapy, photodynamic therapy (PDT) and topical creams for less aggressive skin cancers.

Reputation: Is Essential Evaluation is key when choosing a clinic; here’s how you can evaluate it:

Read Reviews: When looking for clinics online, reading patient reviews and testimonials can provide invaluable insight into their quality of care and patient satisfaction levels.

Reach Out: As previously discussed, seeking recommendations from those you can rely on can provide much-needed reassurance. Hearing about positive experiences shared by friends or family members can provide welcome relief from anxiety.

Evaluation of Convenience: Convenience should also be an essential consideration when selecting a skin cancer clinic:

Location: Consider where the clinic is in relation to your home or workplace when selecting one, as a convenient location will make attending appointments and follow-up visits much simpler.

Operating Hours: Before making an appointment at any clinic, check its operating hours to make sure they work with your schedule. Some facilities offer extended hours or weekend appointments.

Cost and Insurance: Affordability should always be at the forefront when making decisions regarding healthcare, so here’s what to keep in mind when making healthcare choices:

Cost of Services: Find out the costs associated with skin checks, biopsies, and treatments as well as payment options available such as insurance coverage, out-of-pocket expenses, or payment plans.

Insurance Acceptance: When selecting a clinic that accepts health insurance, this could have a major impact on both the selection process and cost of care.

Enquire About Follow-up Care: Effective skin cancer management typically requires ongoing surveillance and follow-up appointments


Selecting the optimal Sunshine Coast skin cancer clinic is crucial for protecting your health. By conducting comprehensive research and conducting credential and reputation reviews as well as considering cost and convenience aspects when making this important decision. Regular skin checks and preventive measures are key in early detection and treatment of skin cancer for optimal wellbeing in this sun-kissed region.

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