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Five Life-Changing Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal



Five Life-Changing Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal

Body hair is an evolutionary trait that serves several purposes in your body, including keeping you warm on especially cold days. However, some hair can be unwanted. Many people spend hours and hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of the facial, bikini line, leg, and underarm hair. Some popular removal methods, like waxing, can be downright excruciating. Fortunately, aesthetics experts like Dr. Maki Rheaume provide a safer, less painful, more effective alternative – laser hair removal. Here is a look at five convincing reasons you should replace your shaving kit with this procedure.

Safe, Fast Treatments

Laser hair removal is a safe, FDA-approved treatment. In addition to this, it is the fastest hair removal procedure, allowing you to get rid of unwanted hair in little to no time. It is usually performed when the hair is in the growth phase to effectively damage the roots. This is why you will need multiple laser hair removal treatments spaced about four weeks apart to achieve permanent results. Nonetheless, each of these sessions will only last a few minutes, especially if the treatment area is small.

Long-Lasting Results

Laser hair removal often produces long-lasting, permanent results. You may need a touch-up treatment after several years, but the results are more long-term than other treatments. At the very least, your hair should reduce significantly over multiple treatments. This permanency makes laser hair removal very cost-effective. It can eliminate the need for a costly shaving or waving monthly budget.

Targeted Results

In addition to producing permanent results, laser hair removal is also very precise. It is an excellent treatment for patients looking to target specific treatment areas, including sections as small as the area around your eyebrows. Moreover, the treatment can be used to remove hair from the bikini line, upper lip, nose, hairline, and other parts of the body except the eyelashes. This can come in handy for hard-to-reach or painful-to-wax areas like your bikini area and back.

No Ingrown Hairs

Other hair removals methods like shaving and waxing can cause ingrown hairs. This refers to when your hair curls back into the follicle or grows back in, which can be very painful. Because laser hair removal destroys hair by the roots, it eliminates the possibility of ingrown hairs. Also, the procedure does not require you to grow hair between removal sessions, so you can always be virtually hair-free.

Painless Hair Removal

Waxing is by far one of the most painful hair removal techniques available today. And, most people tend to associate laser hair removal with the same pain level. However, this procedure is way less painful. Many patients describe the sensation as someone snapping a rubber band against their skin. Depending on your pain threshold, it can be slightly uncomfortable or painless.

Sign Up for Laser Hair Removal Today

During your laser hair removal treatment, your provider will apply laser light to the treatment area. The pulses from the laser will destroy your hair right from the roots, preventing regrowth. As we have established, this is a safe, fast, and nearly painless way to get rid of unwanted hair. If you are convinced, call an aesthetic medical spa and set your hair removal appointment today.