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When choosing a hot water heater for a commercial building, several considerations must be studied



When choosing a hot water heater for a commercial building, several considerations must be studied

If you need hot water for manufacturing operations, sanitation, client health and safety, or simply cleaning, it’s essential to select the right type of water heater. The selection process isn’t overly complicated, but it’s much easier when you know what you’re looking for. There’s a wide array of choices involved, so you might not know where to start. Well, seek a boiler that meets your specific needs and works within the limitations of the building. Depending on how much water you may need, there might be several options that fit the bill. Perhaps we can set you in the right direction. Before you buy a boiler, take into account the following factors to make sure you’re making the right decision.

The style of the hot water heater

A high-quality hot water heater helps conserve energy and water. You’d be tempted to think that style doesn’t matter. It does, actually, although many argue that it’s a matter of personal preference. Generally speaking, boilers burn fuel or rely on electric heating elements to produce hot water. In what follows, we’ll discuss the main styles of water heaters.

Tank storage style

The hot water heater uses a tank to maximize water heating capacity and deliver hot water on the spot. Tank storage styles can be found in both commercial and residential applications because they’re capable of providing a reliable, even if finite supply of water. A tank storage style heater may not be as fast as an instant version, but it can store the water for longer periods of time. The price for such a boiler is lower. However, operating costs are higher and the water heater can take up a lot of space. Additional insulation may be necessary to prevent excess heat loss.

Tankless or demand style

A tankless water heater provides hot water only when it’s needed. Since no water is stored, there’s no reason to fear wasted energy or money loss. Cold water travels through a pipe into the unit. A gas burner or an electric element heats the water. The outcome is a constant supply of hot water, so the boiler doesn’t let you down when you need it the most. There’s no tank to fail, which translates into the fact that there’s no chance of a catastrophic leak. Installing a tankless water heater is a pro job. It involves making the unit leak-free, establishing the connections (in the case of gas or propane units), upgrading the wiring, and installing the circuit breaker panel ( in the case of electric units).

The hot water demand per fixture

Hot water demand is measured in gallons per hour for common fixture types. More often than not, commercial buildings are designed with poor-performing, inefficient plumbing. The result is that it takes minutes to transfer hot water from one point to another. It’s difficult to determine what value is appropriate for a building. The boiler should correspond to the building type and match the existing plumbing fixtures. To meet increased steam demands, some companies look into boiler rentals. They come fully packaged and can be moved with a forklift anywhere. It’s the only way to meet the demand for the entire building.

As soon as the engineer chooses the right demand factor, it will be reviewed with the architect and business owner. The storage tank size should be larger than the suggested storage capacity. What is more, the hot water heater should be selected at a recovery rate that’s above the maximum demand. An adequate supply of hot water is a must. Improper sizing and design of the boiler will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction and wasteful energy expenditure. The engineer may come across several restrictions, including but not limited to insufficient space, the lack of the desired fuel space, and budget limitations.

Water heater fuel types

Without energy, the hot water heater can’t produce the flames or power necessary to heat the water. When purchasing a commercial water heater, it’s essential to consider the availability of that type of fuel, in addition to the cost of the energy type. This way, you’ll figure out if the boiler is efficient from an energy standpoint. Without further ado, these are the main water heater fuel types:

  • Electric – Large coils sink down into the tank and heat the water. They’re a lot like those found in an electric oven. The elements transfer the heat to the water inside the system. Electricity is expensive as compared to, say, natural gas, but the unit doesn’t require venting. Consider local costs and rates before making a decision.
  • Natural gas – A gas burner is installed at the bottom of the tank. The boiler features a venting chimney. The gas water heater works twice as fast as an electric model, so the hot water supply is easily replenished. You have the benefit of exploiting gas at a reduced rate, not to mention that you can store the water for future use. 
  • Propane – The propane storage tank delivers the same amount of water as an electric boiler, the only difference being that it takes up less space. Propane is used as a fuel source when the building doesn’t have access to natural gas. The propane hot water heater delivers a consistent level of heat at all times. 
  • Oil – The oil is combined with air using a power burner to obtain a vapor mist, which is ignited by an electrical spark. Just like in the case of propane, the oil is used when there is no access whatsoever to natural gas. The problem is that an oil hot water heater is more expensive to purchase and install, not to mention the high maintenance costs.

All in all, choosing a hot water heater for a commercial building is no easy task. It’s an investment like any other.  Take your time and go through all of the options before making a decision. Examine the boilers in terms of efficiency and suitability for your particular application. Not just any model will do.


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