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“It’s an Emergency!” – Becoming an EMT: What’s It All About?



“It’s an Emergency!” – Becoming an EMT: What’s It All About?

Those who believe that heroes don’t exist, just don’t know where to look. Heroes can be found in the most common places, like in the ambulance, or at the hospital. But who’s the hero from the ambulance? The EMT. An EMT refers to an emergency medical technician, a person who does heroic acts for the sake of other people’s lives. Becoming an EMT or a paramedic requires some effort, although you won’t necessarily need a high school diploma or even a GED. If you are over 18 years old and reading this article, you can be the next EMT in your city.

Are you a good candidate to become an EMT? Let’s see what qualities a good EMT must-have.

Whether you are thinking of becoming an emergency medical technician or already work as an EMT, you might wonder if you have what it takes to become one. But a successful EMTs find out on their own how to grow and cultivate their qualities. This guide will help you become an EMT, or learn how to be more successful at work.

Performing under pressure

This ability to perform well under pressure is something that any EMT must have, and believe us, most of them struggle with. But you must cultivate your responsibility for patient’s lives: it’s in your hands, and it’s hard to deal with that, mostly because it seems like there’s never enough time. One way to help yourself perform better at work is to remember that it’s not entirely your emergency: it’s theirs, too. Being an EMT means that you offer care and come up with solutions in an effective time and manner. But you shouldn’t be the only one carrying the drama on your shoulders.

Another effective way to get rid of a bit of the burden is to plan everything in your head before arriving at the scene of the accident. It’s especially important if you are a beginner: plan for the worst, so you can handle the situation better. You will eventually feel more focused and capable to deal with many more patients. Over time, you will learn to be relaxed and calm when dealing with hurt people. And don’t forget that compassion is a great asset that EMTs have, so don’t lose yours in the long run.

Calm & professional presence at the scene of the accident

You probably imagine a great EMT as a person who sees the patient, finds the injury and addresses the wound perfectly. All is good, but the patient must remain stable and conscious for transport to the hospital. The patient isn’t always in a stable mind to communicate clearly. So, performing the injury isn’t enough: an EMT must also be able to talk with the patient, family, friends, and other people from the scene of the accident. As an EMT, you must be calm and communicate with the patient and their family in a compassionate manner. Devastated people are hard to deal with: if you don’t show compassion, the patient won’t let you put your hands on them, thus, making the whole saving process a lot more complicated.

Scene presence can be challenging, but EMTs shouldn’t start to just boss around. Both EMTs and paramedics must learn how to be calm and empathic, taking the leadership role into consideration, but not becoming all authoritative. If you feel like there’s room for change, then improve your scene presence by getting inspired by another paramedic or EMT.

What do certify EMTs really do?

You probably know that EMTs drive ambulances, right? Well, then you’re wrong. Although too many medical emergency technicians respond to emergencies by just driving the ambulance, the truth is that this isn’t their only job.

You will receive EMT basic training for the following:

  • Managing medical emergencies
  • Patient assessment
  • CPR
  • Managing environmental emergencies
  • Hemorrhage control
  • Emergency childbirth
  • Fracture and spinal stabilization
  • Trauma care

You can purchase the full course, including the equipment (stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and CPR masks). Also, EMT certification can give you a lot of background, as you can always step into another career, such as:

  • Medical school
  • Paramedic
  • Physician assistant
  • Nursing school
  • Emergency management

Obtaining the EMT certification will open many doors for you.

Why choose a career path as an EMT?

For those who have a brave soul and aren’t too sensitive, a career as an EMT is a good chance to prove their braveness and skills to the world. Not everyone can decide to spend the rest of their days saving human lives. And even if you’re not in the situation to save lives, you still bring some positivity to people’s lives, putting a smile on their faces. You must comfort your patients in their roughest times, telling them that it’s not scary, and it can happen to anyone. You must reassure them that they’ll make it to the hospital until the injury causes permanent damage.

And don’t frighten yourself if someone’s heart has stopped: you can always bring them back to life with CPR. So, EMTs are indeed life heroes – saving lives, helping others, and earning money: who wants to say no to that?

If you are one of those who likes to help people, consider a career as an EMT. And don’t worry, your career doesn’t stop there. You can always ask for higher-ups at the company you’re working with. If you show that you’re self-motivated and ambitious, you can always advance in the healthcare industry. Another benefit of becoming an EMT is that it’s an exciting career. You won’t have two days equally the same – you will be driven on many adventures, and thinking that you’re someone’s hero, it’s kind of exciting.

EMTs are always needed, so if you want a stable career, stay in shape, and be a team layer, this is a great opportunity to start working as an EMT. And if you’re afraid of working too many long hours, you can comfort yourself with the idea that you can get many days off afterward. This means you will spend more time with friends, family, and have a lot of fun.


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