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What You Need to Know About Exposed Aggregate



What You Need to Know About Exposed Aggregate

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space, or a business owner seeking a durable yet appealing pavement option, exposed aggregate is increasingly becoming the go-to choice in Melbourne. So, let’s have a yarn about what you really need to know about exposed aggregate concrete.

What is Exposed Aggregate?

Before we go any further, it’s essential to understand what exposed aggregate is. Essentially, it’s a decorative form of concrete where the top layer is washed away to expose the natural stones underneath. Not only does it have a unique texture, but it also offers excellent slip resistance, making it ideal for outdoor spaces.

Why Melbourne Loves Exposed Aggregate

Melbourne is a city that values aesthetics as much as functionality, which makes exposed aggregate a favorite amongst Melbourne concrete companies. Its natural look harmonizes well with the city’s love for landscaping and outdoor living, offering a sleek, modern finish without compromising on durability.

Factors to Consider


One of the initial things people wonder about is the concrete pathway cost. The cost of installing exposed aggregate can vary depending on several factors, like the area to be covered, the type of aggregate, and labour costs. Typically, Melbourne concrete companies offer competitive prices, ensuring you get a bang for your buck.


It’s crucial to choose the right concreting contractors in Melbourne to get the job done proficiently. Experience, reliability, and workmanship are essential factors to consider. Doing a bit of homework on customer reviews and past projects can save you a lot of grief down the road.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Slip-resistant


Higher initial cost compared to standard concrete

Potential for surface imperfections if not installed properly


Exposed aggregate is versatile, making it suitable for various applications such as driveways, pathways, patios, and even pool decks. So whether you’re keen on sprucing up your backyard BBQ area or looking to add some flair to a commercial property, exposed aggregate is a stylish and practical option.

The Installation Process

It’s essential to consult with experienced concreting contractors for the installation process. The process involves:

  • Preparation: Clearing the area, setting forms, and laying down the sub-base.
  • Pouring: The concrete mix is poured and leveled.
  • Exposure: The top layer is washed away, exposing the aggregate.
  • Sealing: A sealer is applied for enhanced durability and appearance.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Exposed aggregate offers a unique blend of durability and aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for various applications in Melbourne. Just be mindful of the concrete pathway cost and ensure you consult reputable concreting contractors in Melbourne for the job.

Whether you’re revamping your home or undertaking a commercial project, the team at your local Melbourne concrete company can provide you with a quality finish that perfectly suits your needs.