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What Are the First Signs of Bed Bugs, and Can You Prevent Them?



What Are the First Signs of Bed Bugs, and Can You Prevent Them?

Wondering what are the first signs of bed bugs? It’s a good idea to know, especially if you want to know whether your house is safe. After all, being able to recognize bed bugs can go a long way toward preserving clean, comfortable living.

For this reason, it’s best to learn what to watch out for. Once you’ve identified their signs and symptoms, you can seek treatment.

When are bed bugs harmful? When are they harmful? Inquiring minds want to know, so keep reading for all the answers.

Itchy Bites

An itchy bite from a bed bug is usually limited to one spot and could look like a bite from a mosquito. Bed bug bites may appear in a line or cluster pattern. If you notice a lot of itchy bites, you should suspect bed bugs and take precautions to prevent further spread.

You can use a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean mattresses and other furniture. Then encase the mattress and box springs in plastic covers that trap the bugs inside and prevent them from escaping.

Dark Spots

Another answer to “What are the first signs of bed bugs?” are dark spots. These dark spots appear as dark brown or reddish stains on bedding and furniture, usually near where the bed bugs have recently fed. The dark spots are fecal matter left behind by bed bugs and can be a telltale sign that they have infested a home.

Bed bug fecal matter tends to appear as clusters of black or very dark brown spots. So it can be quite distinctive when compared to other dirt and stains on furniture.

Sweet Musty Odor

Bed bugs can create an unpleasant odor in a home if they are present. The smell is pungent and sweet and is produced by the bugs’ saliva, which contains excrement.

The odor can be intense in infested homes and can linger, even after hiring a bed bug exterminator. It is a sign that the problem was serious and that the house may have been suffering from an infestation for some time.

Blood on Sheets

Signs of bedbugs include blood stains or spots on bedsheets, mattresses, and pillows. These spots are indicators of the bug’s presence and offer clues to a potential infestation.

The bug’s saliva contains anticoagulants, which cause a person to bleed more when bitten. It is this bleeding that will cause reddish-brown marks to be left behind on the sheets. These spots only appear after the bug has finished feeding.

Live Bed Bugs

Of course, live bed bugs are the most noticeable and distinctive sign of an infestation. Live bed bugs usually appear reddish-brown or dark brown and are visible to the naked eye. Bed bugs are nocturnal and attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide, so you’re more likely to spot them at night.

So if you’ve experienced any of the signs mentioned above, call this pest control company to properly identify and eradicate the bugs. A proper and thorough inspection is the best way to ensure you don’t suffer from a bed bug infestation.

Get To Know What Are the First Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be extremely annoying and tough to get rid of. Early detection is key to avoiding a full-blown infestation. Being aware of what are the first signs of bed bugs can keep your home safe.

But if a problem already exists, professional help may be necessary. Take action today and start to prevent bed bugs in your home.

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