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What are the Common Causes of Wrongful Death in Stockton?



What are the Common Causes of Wrongful Death in Stockton?

Wrongful death is an unfortunate event that happens when someone who didn’t deserve it dies as a result of another party’s actions. There are many causes of wrongful death, but the most common is trauma inflicted on the body. About 2.6 million people die each year from traumatic injuries and over 44% of those deaths occur in just one country, America. 

Despite the cause of wrongful death, it is essential to hire a Stockton wrongful death attorney and prove the other party was responsible for the death. If a Stockton wrongful death lawyer handles your case, then the evidence will show how you were innocent and how the other party killed you. The California wrongful death lawyers have vast experience in wrongful death cases as well as handling many other types of cases.

We will now see the most common causes of wrongful death in Stockton.

  1. Car accidents

Car accidents are the most common cause of wrongful death. They happen when someone crashes into someone else’s car, bike, or pedestrian. Statistics show that about 23% of people who die in these types of situations are unintended victims. These kinds of cases vary from minor visits to the ER to serious injuries and death.

  1. Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is another common cause of wrongful death. This occurred when the medical staff fails to act in the best interest of their patient and takes risks that can lead to tragic results. For example, if a doctor prescribes a drug that is known to cause a heart attack, his patient may die as a result of this drug.

  1. Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents happen when someone has a slippery surface and gets injured. These surfaces might be made of ice, oil, or any other liquid. The person may also suffer from a temporary disability that requires hospitalization, which would lead to death if not taken seriously.

  1. Defective products

Defective products are dangerous because they can cause injuries or death. They may be made of poor-quality materials and may not be fit for use. For example, if you buy a bed that turns out to be unstable and creates accidents, that would be a defective product and you can sue the seller for wrongful death.

  1. Dog bites

Dog bites are among the most common causes of wrongful death. When a dog bites, it creates an open wound that might get infected if not dealt with immediately. If the dog has rabies, then the victim may develop a fatal disease and die as a result.