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Weighing the Pros and Cons of HRT with Marion Gluck Clinic



Weighing the Pros and Cons of HRT with Marion Gluck Clinic

Each person’s body, life circumstances, and health history are unique. Looking at the pros and cons of HRT becomes something that is personal. It is going to include looking at the evidence out there about the benefits and risks of this treatment option and what it means for you.

Hormonal Symptoms Relief

HRT has been prescribed to many people to help in addressing a wide range of symptoms for both women and men struggling with age-related hormone changes and hormone imbalances. Symptoms like mood swings, hot flashes, fatigue, depression, low sex drive, and sleep problems have improved after using HRT. There are those who usually use it for a short time, but there is also the option of using it long-term to keep these symptoms at bay.

Osteoporosis Prevention

HRT can help in preventing osteoporosis in both women and men. Research has shown HRT can also be used in preventing issues like osteoporosis in women, especially when they start within 10 years of menopause and offer protection when taking the treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy has also been shown to improve bone mineral density, especially for men suffering from low testosterone.

Heart Disease Prevention

HRT can help in decreasing heart disease in both men and women including related mortality. Estrogen replacement therapy for women has been shown to reduce coronary heart disease death and incidence. Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to help in lowering the risk of adverse cardiovascular events for men suffering from androgen deficiency.

Dementia Risk Reduction

Estrogen replacement therapy has been associated with reduced risk of dementia when a person takes it in mid-life, but not later in life.

Improved Quality of Life

There is the potential for body identical HRT to bring in a lot of health benefits and symptom relief. It is also a good option for improving the quality of life. When your hormone-related issues and symptoms are taken care of, you will most likely start to feel more energetic, balanced, and empowered to go on with your day-to-day life. You can experience a wide range of wellness and health benefits, but it depends on the hormonal imbalance and the treatment that is prescribed. Some of the benefits include improved bone density, muscle retention, enhanced mood, improved memory, improved sex life, better sleep, and more motivation and energy to face your day.

HRT Side Effects

There are some people who experience side effects when they take it, which is a common thing when using any medical treatment. Depending on the type of HRT, the side effects can include mood changes, headaches, irritability, sleep disruption, bloating, nausea, irritation because of topical administration, and hair loss. Most of the side effects you are going to get when you use HRT are mild and dose-dependent. This makes it important to talk with your practitioner so they can fine-tune the dosage so that it improves tolerability.

Breast Cancer Risk

American Association for Cancer Research did a recent study and they found that combination therapy with progestin and estrogen increases breast cancer risk and mortality. This hasn’t been seen in women who use bioidentical progesterone. If someone is concerned about breast cancer risks, then it is better for them to choose bioidentical HRT instead of conventional treatment. The study also found that estrogen-only HRT may help in reducing breast cancer incidence and mortality.

Cardiovascular Risks

There are studies showing women taking oral estrogen and combination therapy have an increased risk of venomous thromboembolism and stroke. These risks tend to be dose-dependent and are more common in oral administration; there is an increased risk of strokes in higher doses but not lower doses. VTE risks can be seen in oral estrogen therapy, but that is not the case with transdermal HRT. There has been mixed evidence with men, but a 2018 metareview did not find any association between VTE and testosterone therapy.


The Benefits of Using a Medication Manager for Elderly Patients



The Benefits of Using a Medication Manager for Elderly Patients

As you help your senior loved ones navigate the golden years of their lives, it’s common to find yourself juggling their many medications. Prescription bottles start lining your shelves. Before you know it, remembering what they need to take and when becomes a daunting task.

But what if there was a solution to keep everything in check? Enter the medication manager, a tool designed to give you that much-needed peace of mind. No more worrying about mismanaging your grandma or grandpa’s medication.

Read on to learn more about its benefits:

Reduces the Risk of Medication Errors

Elderly patients often have complex medication regimens. They may require multiple prescriptions requiring different dosages at various times of the day. This complexity can lead to bad medical takes such as missed doses, double dosing, or incorrect medication mixtures.

A medication manager simplifies this process by clearly outlining what medication needs to be taken and when. It minimizes the chance of mistakes.

It’s a safety net for your loved ones. You can ensure that they’re getting the right medication, in the right dose, at the right time.

Saves Time and Effort

Managing medications for your elderly family members can be time-consuming. Imagine having to sort through multiple pill bottles, counting pills, and organizing them into daily or weekly doses.

A medication manager streamlines this process. It automatically sorts and dispenses the right amount of medication at the designated time.

You don’t have to spend hours every week trying to keep track of their medications. This saves you time and effort, which you can spend on other important aspects of caregiving.

Economically Viable

Consider this: medication errors often lead to unnecessary hospital visits or even hospitalization. By reducing the chance of such errors, a med manager could end up saving you large sums in the long run.

Moreover, these tools often come with features that help you track the medication supply and refill prescriptions on time. This can prevent you from making last-minute purchases from physical pharmacies.

Fosters Independence

In the realm of senior care, fostering independence is a major goal. The use of a med manager can significantly contribute to this.

The design of most medication tools is user-friendly, making it easy for the elderly to operate. With this tool, seniors can maintain control over their medication routines. It empowers them to manage their health proactively while still ensuring their safety.

This sense of self-sufficiency boosts their confidence. It can also improve their well-being and quality of life.

Reduces Stress

Managing the medications of a loved one can be a stressful task. This stress can have a detrimental effect not only on your health but also on the quality of care you provide.

A med manager can alleviate some of this pressure. It can make medication management less overwhelming and more efficient. This stress reduction can contribute to a healthier and happier caregiving environment.

Promotes Regular Communication With Healthcare Professionals

Regular and open communication with healthcare professionals is vital in managing patient’s health. A medication tool promotes this by keeping an accurate record of medication intake.

You can share it with doctors during each visit. It keeps them informed about the patient’s adherence to medication regimens. This allows for more accurate adjustments and treatments.

Some advanced medication managers even come with digital features. They can notify healthcare providers if a dosage is skipped or taken incorrectly. This eliminates guesswork and ensures your loved ones receive the most effective care.

Enhances Accuracy of Health Records

The meticulous records by a manager tool reflect which medications have been taken when they were taken, and in what dosage. This level of precision is often difficult to achieve with manual tracking.

These accurate records can be invaluable for healthcare providers. They give a clear and comprehensive view of a patient’s medication history.

This can lead to more informed decision-making during consultations. It can ensure that the care your loved ones receive is based on precise and reliable information.

Enables Personalization

Everyone’s medication needs are unique. Some may require more medication reminders, and others may need help with refilling prescriptions.

Advanced medication managers allow for a high degree of personalization. They can accommodate different dosages, times, and medication types.

You can customize managers according to the needs and routines of your loved ones. This approach enhances the effectiveness of the process.

Improves Adherence

A manager extends beyond dispensing medication. It serves as a constant reminder and monitors adherence to the medication. This is great for seniors who are alone and may struggle with memory issues.

Facilitates Remote Monitoring

In today’s digital age, many medication managers have integrated technology. This allows for remote monitoring. Even if you’re not physically there with your loved ones, you don’t have to worry too much. You can still ensure that they’re taking their medication.

Some systems even send alerts if a dose is missed, allowing you to intervene. This feature provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Offers Accessibility Online

With the growing trend of online shopping, you can buy medication online. Many medication managers that have advanced features offer this service. They allow you to order affordable drugs from the comfort of your own home.

High-tech and digitized medical tools also allow you to connect to online pharmacies. This is helpful if you are unable to get medication prescriptions from physical stores. You can opt to get affordable prescriptions online.

This feature is especially beneficial for seniors who may have difficulty leaving the house or those who are homebound. It eliminates the hassle of physically going to a pharmacy. It makes medication management even more convenient.

Supports Health Literacy

Medication managers often come equipped with features that provide information about the drugs. This includes details about what the medication is for, potential side effects, and interactions with other drugs.

By providing access to this information, managers can support health literacy among seniors. It enables them to make informed decisions about their health.

A Medication Manager Is a Life Saver

A medication manager is an invaluable tool for seniors and their caregivers alike. It simplifies the complex process of managing multiple medications. It ultimately enhances the quality of life for seniors.

Moreover, it provides peace of mind for caregivers. You will know that your loved ones are following their medication regimen accurately and consistently.

As a result, medication managers contribute significantly to both the physical and emotional well-being of seniors. This makes them a truly life-saving tool in the realm of elder care.

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