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Visit these famous Hindu Temples for a spiritual journey




Visit these famous Hindu Temples for a spiritual journey

Hindu Temples for a spiritual journey

Hindu temples in India are very famous as India is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world and is the place of origin for few of the most important religions in the world including Sikhism Jainism Buddhism and Hinduism. People choose to go to India for a spiritual transcendence of the soul. Hinduism is an Indian religion and is practiced in the Indian subcontinent and parts of the world. It is considered a way of life and many temples in India contain histories of its origin. Here are some famous Hindu temples in India that you can visit:

The Golden Temple in Amritsar

The Golden temple in Amritsar is also called the Sri Harmandir Sahib or SwarnaMandir. It is located in Lahore and its foundation was designed by Guru Arjan Sahib. It is one of the most famous and exquisite temples in India and the dome of this temple is made out of actual Gold. it is considered one of the most important and holy places in India and is a pilgrim site for Sikhs.

Man Vaishno Devi temple and cave

This temple is located in Jammu and Kashmir, on top of the Trikuta hills coma which is 1560m above sea level with very thin air and blissful clouds. The priests inside the temples worship Mata Vaishno Devi which is a goddess of vibrancy and spirituality. The atmosphere is very soothing and this ancient temple in India can be accessed throughout the year.

Kedarnath temple

The Kedarnath temple is located high among the mountains and is almost over 1000 years old. It is built on giant stone slabs and thought to be originally built by the Pandavas. Even when there were floods in Uttarakhand, the temple’s strong structure remained stable while the rest of the region faced destruction. This raised the popularity of this temple and has thousands of visitors.

Sri Venkateswara temple

This temple is celebrated and reviewed in the town of Tirupati where pilgrims and tourists flock all year long. There are various structures inside the premise and other temples around it as well. Priests do Puja everyday and they get busy from September to October due to the Brahmostava festival. It is one of the wealthiest and holiest temples in the world where locks of devotees come to pay their respects.

KashiVishwanath temple

This temple is located in Varanasi and is one of the most popular Indian temples that is dedicated to the lord of destruction also known as Shiva. It is located at the heart of Varanasi and is an icon of faith for lakhs of Hindus who come to worship it everyday. It is also very wealthy as it receives thousands of donations from the rich too and gallons of milk are distributed in the temple.

Meenakshi Amman temple

This Hindu temple is historic and is located at the southern bank of the river Vaigai. It is located in Madurai Tamilnadu where it is dedicated to the goddess Parvati also known as Meenakshi and her husband, lord of destruction, Shiva. This temple is different from other temples because both God and goddesses are worshipped together as a couple. This has been the resting place of goddess Parvati since her birth and that is why this temple was built here to commemorate and pay respects to the goddess. It has architectural pieces and Holy sanctums dedicated to the goddessMeenakshi and God Shiva. Thousands of worshippers visit the shrine for good luck before the rainy season.

There are many other Hindu temples in India that you can visit which calm your soul and give you a new perspective of religion.

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Lionel B – Breaks New Ground On YouTube in 2020




Lionel B

When you think of celebrity bloggers, the first thing that comes to mind is gossip. However, YouTube icon Lionel B from the Lionel B Show has redefined the term entirely. With a platform of over 322,000 followers, you can see why he is an instant hit with the news hungry community. He brings everything that’s been missing in the news world and keeps us captivated. He joined the platform and really turned things around, and you can tell other celebrity bloggers are truly inspired by his creativity.

Since his debut, a lot of channels have quickly changed their format to follow suit, after being inspired by his uniqueness. Even larger channels such as the Impressive channel has tried to challenge his information, by debunking his stories, however, she fell short after his video quickly hit 2 million views, she had to gracefully bow out, by only reaching 130,000 views on her scathing review of his breaking news story. Taking everything in stride, we can see why Lionel B is the go-to a celebrity news channel on YouTube.


When did he start?

Lionel B from the Lionel B Show started it all when he was just a child, he has always been a hard worker and he started his journey into art in elementary, always creating innovative art projects, and always had a way with words. He started a music production company, a popular publication 50Fifty Magazine all while in his 20s. Lionel B also appeared in many publications himself, making him one to watch. This earned his standout role in his popular YouTube channel budding over 320,000 subscribers and 80 million views in just one year, Lionel B also has a reality show in production as well called Donk Land as shown on

What is his passion for this hard work?

If we see what ultimate passion is, Lionel B is extremely talented and passionate to use his background in early childhood education. Moreover, he intends to open a news and television network in the future. Let’s see what Lionel B says about this: “I love to inspire our content creators so that they can express themselves in a productive and resourceful manner. I get hundreds of messages from fans, saying thank you for inspiring me to start my own channel. I want to leave my mark on the world as an individual who was dedicated to influencing positive change, and creativity through Media, Art, and Entertainment…you are only limited by what you aren’t willing to try”

More about his recent work:

Along with doing really well in the YouTube industry, Lionel B has also started a new reality shown known as “Donk Land”. It’s about the custom classic cars from 1971-1975 affectionally called “donks”. People can easily search his work out on all these sites: Youtube, IMDB, and various entertainment news websites.

Educational life of Lionel B:

Lionel B is not just another YouTuber doing his dream job, but he is also a dedicated father of 4. When he is not creating the most eye-catching videos you ever want to watch on the YouTube platform, he is spending time with his children, and their beloved bully Cardi B.

Lionel B

 About some music stuff of Lionel B :

Well, Lionel B is known for some of his exceptional skills in music and having a serious knack for music production. His abilities landed him production credits for Slip N’ Slide Records, Lark Voorhies from Saved By The Bell, and more.

Lionel B has some very famous and globally viral videos, where he covers celebrity news with humor, wit, and sarcasm.

How to find Lionel B on social media?

Well, for his fans the Lionel B Show is all available on some trending social media sites where you can find him and see his recent activities and work. Twitter, his Instagram account, Facebook, and YouTube account, IMDb account, and also you can request shout outs from him on Cameo.   With his addictive and creative personality, Lionel B will soon be taking over the world with his hard work and making his presence felt on TV screens, magazines, and radio. Keep in touch with his work and see his current activities to keep up with him, his work will inspire you and motivate you for doing hard work regardless of your age and limits.

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Buisnessperson Khaled Belkeram




Buisnessperson Khaled Belkeram

Khaled Belkeram

Beltram Khalid was born and raised in Celia, a small town in Celia, near the Tunisian border. He joined USTHB in Algeria, near the capital of Algiers, then moved to Chicago, Illinois, and studied at the University of Chicago.

He specializes in online marketing and later gets digital marketing, website development, and e-commerce features. He manages a large company (Ford American Airlines and now his own online business. (E-commerce website) and share his experiences on social media.

Today Khalid is an online businessman and entrepreneur. He still lives in Chicago with his wife and is interested in everything related to the internet helping others succeed in their online business.

Khalid enjoys photography when he has a little free time to work. He plays football over the weekend and works with many organizations in Chicago and North Africa.

Khalid’s great ambition is to look at the whole world in peace and believe that it is possible to use the internet to remove obstacles and connect people from different backgrounds.

Khalid Belkeram is an entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of more than 10 million effective online e-commerce companies. He is an e-commerce expert and digital marketing expert. This discipline explores various aspects of the new digital marketing environment, including topics such as digital marketing analysis, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and 3D printing after completing marketing expertise. Your digital, you will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of a new digital marketing environment and learn new stories, concepts, and tools to help you create, publish, distribute, promote, and price your products and services. You.

He is a popular writer in Chicago. Wall Street Journal called him one of the most influential people on the web, and Forbes says that he is one of the top 10 traders and one of the best companies in online e-commerce. More than 10 million items are created by magazines. Business Entrepreneur. He is recognized by the United Nations as 100 entrepreneurs under 30 years and 100 entrepreneurs under 35 years.

He has spoken at meetings and companies around the world. He speaks on Facebook and conferences on important market growth and is interested in speaking at various events around the world.

you can ask questions about opportunities for speaking, cooperation, activities, and business development.

Khalid Belkeram has written many books to help thousands of people succeed in their business. His latest book was

“The Genius eCommerce mindset.”

This book is one of the best e-commerce books in 2019.Belkeram is called an e-commerce expert. This book is different from other books in the market. You can’t get too much digital advertising tips and platform tools that we use when I talk about practical values. Marketing needs detailed information

This book also provides step-by-step instructions on how to grow an online business, make money online, and win online marketing games using the best digital marketing tools and talent techniques.

Genius Ecommerce, Facebook Advertising Strategy, Google PPC, Instagram Advertising, Shopify,  Dropshipping, Shipping, Branding Method, Business Protection Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Analysis, B2C2B2B2G, Online ways to make money, build your business, grow, create digital marketing

In this book, Khalid Belgeram also states that e-commerce can be successful. If you work with it and your ideas are clear and you work hard and intelligent, I love this e-commerce. It is a profitable factory for books and e-commerce. I will teach the strategies and techniques I use to build a successful e-commerce business. I will explain some tips and tricks about how to set up a website that actually sells on an e-commerce website, then get traffic to that site and maximize profits. We are talking about SEO, Google Analytics, etc. Everything I know about e-commerce in this book is all I know about e-commerce. I was asked how to get traffic to my website or how to create an e-commerce website and I Would like to compile it all in this book

Another thing I want to remind you that you don’t need help is when you start to like me or when I start an e-commerce business for the first time. I don’t think I need help, so how do you feel? You do not need to take an e-commerce course, you do not need to hire an expert.

It recognizes that e-commerce is already running, and there are some things that will make it even more successful. To achieve this you must push it. Although this is an e-commerce business But it takes time, so I’ll leave it to everyone at the end. An e-commerce business takes time to succeed. But when you work and follow your ideas, it’s great.

My Amazon author profile:


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JamesDJJ is about to release new music




JamesDJJ is about to release new music


The singer of his hit song “1 year”, JamesDJJ, announced publically by a story on his Instagram account that he is going to release new music soon and he is actually working on his second album, that doesn’t have a name yet.
The artist literally said: I’m working on my 2 album an I’m going to tell the name of it as soon as possible.”
It seems that JamesDJJ might come back sooner than expected, probably with some singles first that will anticipates the album and then he would release his 2° studio album #J2.
It’s been a long time since the artist didn’t release an album, about 2 years to date, but now as he said whe could probably hear some new music coming out in the next months, so whe keep finger crossed and hope to see JamesDJJ back on the scene as soon as possible.
The artist remains, as he always did, very discreet on his future projects, he didn’t announced any release date or even the name of the album or of the single,the only thing whe can do is wait until #J2 comes out.
In the video he also said that he will do a Q&A with the Jamerz, his fans, because he took a long break from the music and social scene, apparently from some health problems he has, which constricts him to take a break from the scene in the past months.

Even if JamesDJJ takes breaks from social media he is very attached to his fans , infact he said that he might change another time hair color, and he asked his jamerz which color should he dye his hairs, actually his idea was to dye them pink, but he said: “now that my hairs are growing back black, should I keep them grey / white or change color? The choice is up to you jamerz, I love you”.
Naturally the artist has black hairs, but he always dyed them in many colors, like blue, but however he never dyed his hair pink, so he was asking for an opinion from his fans.
So which color would you like JamesDJJ to dye is hairs in future?

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