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Instagram Model Violet Summers Loves Her Sneakers



Instagram Model Violet Summers Loves Her Sneakers

Based out of Arizona, 20-year-old Violet Summers is a wildly successful Instagram model whose road to online stardom flowered thanks to sneakers. That’s right, sneakers! It all started when she was looking for a new unique look that she could call her own and stand out. While looking for inspiration in places like Pinterest and Instagram, she came across the IG account of Alexis Ren.

Alexis has a massive following on Instagram, climbing towards 15 million as of right now. What stopped Violet in her tracks while looking at Alexis’ page was a shoot of her wearing a pair of Air Jordan 1s while wearing very little and riding a skateboard. This was when it all came together for Violet.

From that point forward, she decided that she would match lingerie and bikinis and sneakers. This would define her brand from that point forward…and it worked. Violet now boasts nearly 9 million Instagram followers, all thanks to her incredibly good looks and knock for sneaker fashion. To date, her wall of sneakers amounts to 110 pairs!

Violet has met countless amazing people in her community since getting into the whole sneaker aesthetic. She really admires the hustle mindset that she has seen in people she met, as well as the drive for what they do. In fact, this has driven her to hustle harder and achieve even greater success. It’s paying off because she has nearly broken the 10-million follower barrier on Instagram and has become highly sought after by other brands.

Violet is eternally on the hunt for new pairs of sneakers. She always wants to give her audience something new and fresh. Thankfully, she has managed to amass some great plugs lately that have helped her get exactly what she is looking for in the sneaker world. However, some pairs of sneakers are still a little hard to come by. Currently, she’s on the hunt for a pair of Jordan Dior sneakers in a 7 ½, so if you know of a pair, link up with her!

These days, some of her favorite pairs of sneakers out of her extensive collection are the Nike Air Max 90 Off-White Desert Ore, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Chicago, Nike Air Max 97 LX Swarovski, and Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon models.

While she currently lives in Arizona, she loved being a nomad. That’s why she is almost always traveling. Whenever there is a new opportunity, she takes it with open arms. When she does end up back home in Arizona, she regularly goes to the gym to keep up her incredible body. She wants to guarantee that she is as physically fit as possible, to continue WOWing people with her stunning looks and unique aesthetic.

At 20, there is so much more to come from Violet Summers. She has only begun her modeling and influencer career, so be prepared to hear a lot more from her in the coming months and years.