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How to Have Your Feet Out in the Sun



How to Have Your Feet Out in the Sun

Summer is a time for some sun and fun outside. It’s time for sundresses, shorts, sunglasses, and sandals. Don’t forget the sunscreen too. The warmth of the summer season is perfect for outdoor events and lunches on the patio. Notably, summer packs a lot of heat that calls for open clothing and comfortable footwear.

Many people wear sandals during the summer to reduce sweating on the feet due to the heat. For the longest time, sandals have always been flat and either open or strappy. You tend to find that short people, especially men, shy away from wearing sandals even during the summer because the flat nature of the shoes makes their shortness very noticeable. Well, GuidoMaggi height increasing shoes are here to save the day with their sandals collection for both men and women.

Sandals are often open hence you can see their entirety of someone’s feet. With GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men, the sandals have a height increasing concept that elevates the outer sole of the sandals and adds an elevated insole. In most cases, the insole takes on the same color as the sandal in order to conceal the height boost. As such, short people can now rock their favorite sandals while still taking advantage of the height boost that comes with raised shoes.

Elevator sandals are not for short people only; anyone can wear a raised pair of shoes considering GuidoMaggi, you are free to choose the level of elevation you want. As such, you may opt for a subtle sole of fewer than two inches or a more dramatic height increase of 4 to 6 inches.

Summer shoes are not limited to sandals only since you still need to protect your feet from the sun from time to time. You may opt for a casual look by wearing sneakers. Elevator sneakers are just like any other sneaker collection with the added bonus of height increase for the wearer. Sneakers for men and women are perfect for summer because they provide comfort as one is up and down running errands and enjoying festivities.

When it comes to buying sneakers, ensure that the fit is not too tight in order to give your feet room to move around comfortably in order to prevent blisters and the growth of fungus due to sweating. Height increasing sneakers conceal the elevation by increasing the wearer’s height through the raised insoles. The insoles sit discreetly inside the shoe while the rest of the shoe appears normal.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes have a wide array of options for both men and women in the sneaker collection. Additionally, the colors and designs of the shoes ensure that everyone’s preference is catered for while still staying in touch with fashion trends.