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Types Of Double Glazing Window Styles



Types Of Double Glazing Window Styles

There are many different types of double-glazed windows that can be installed into your home. They are made from timber, aluminium or uPVC and comprise multiple panes of glass that are sealed into one frame with a gap between them filled with an inert gas.

This makes them more energy efficient and helps to reduce your heating costs. They also help to reduce outside noise and are safer for young children as they are harder to break.


The casement window style opens by hinges along the side of the frame, offering a clear view and maximum ventilation. They can also be locked open to a variety of degrees to help prevent intruders from climbing in.

They can be a great choice for hard-to-reach areas that need natural light but cannot accommodate other opening windows, such as second-story windows. Unlike sliding windows, which can encroach on space inside the home, casement windows allow you to enjoy a full view of the outdoors without compromising on your indoor living space.

They come in a range of styles to suit any home, including tilt-and-turn designs and double glazing that have dual hinge systems and can be opened to varying degrees to help prevent intruders.

Tilt & Turn

Tilt and turn windows are a classic European window design that offer an attractive blend of functionality, security, and style. They’re an excellent choice for modern homes and projects but can also complement traditional period properties perfectly, too.

They open inward, allowing healthy air flow without creating a direct breeze against your chest and face. They’re great for cleaning convenience, meeting egress requirements, and even acting as fire escapes.

Tilt and turn windows also offer a high level of forced entry resistance. They feature five metal locking pins on the inside of the vent that slide into rails on the frame, pulling tightly shut and protecting against unauthorised entry.

Sliding Sash

The traditional sash window is loved for its timeless beauty and ability to complement period properties.

UPVC sliding sash windows offer homeowners a solution that’s both cost-effective and practical. They’re designed to replicate the look and feel of traditional timber frames without all of their maintenance concerns.

You’ll find this type of double glazing in loft conversions, home extensions and other rooms where it can add light and space. These windows have a hinge along the top edge, allowing them to open outwards like an awning for ventilation and panoramic views.


Bay windows can be customised with different types of glass and frames to meet your home’s needs. For example, you can choose a double-glazed window with low-E glass to maximise your heating and reduce energy costs. This type of glass lets in solar heat and reflects the inside heat back into the room, while keeping heat from escaping through your window.

Alternatively, you can opt for toughened or tempered glass to keep your home secure. This type of glass is able to resist attempts at aggression or vandalism and can also protect against fire.