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Kevin David Hulse’s Blueprint for Building a Thriving Online Business



Kevin David Hulse's Blueprint for Building a Thriving Online Business

Over the years, Kevin David Hulse has built a tonne of web businesses and amassed a tonne of experience. Without a question, he is the best source to learn how to launch your online business. Even though Kevin’s FBA business was his primary source of income at first, his monthly income from the sale of his digital courses is insane. Many sources attest to the fact that his course income has eclipsed the majority of the internet enterprises he oversees. So, today, I am going to elaborate on Kevin David Hulse blueprint for building a thriving online business.

Who is Kevin David Hulse?

ThatLifestyleninja creator Kevin David Hulse is an eCommerce coach, internet marketer, business owner, YouTuber, podcaster, and author of the best-selling book “Unfair Advantage.” He also founded THATLifestyleninja.

He is a recognized expert in the field of online marketing. His catchphrase is “Freeing entrepreneurs from the corporate grinds,” and that is exactly what he aims to accomplish with his online classes.

When Kevin David Hulse was selling baseball cards in his first year of high school, his entrepreneurial spirit was born. When he developed gaming apps and blogs and monetized them with Google AdSense and Amazon affiliates, his financial situation improved.

Kevin David Hulse’s Blueprint for Building a Thriving Online Business:

Kevin David Hulse updates the course material on a regular basis to reflect current events and adhere to the new FBA regulations. You have access to the lifetime update once you purchase the course. See the modules below…

Module 1:

There are three sections to this module. The first section gives you specific recommendations and tools for using Amazon FBA to differentiate your company. It also demonstrates how to set up your account so that your FBA business has an advantage over similar ventures.

In section 2, the product research phase begins. It covers everything, including sophisticated research techniques to get into global marketplaces and free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner.

The conclusion is brief. Important details like fees and pricing errors are covered. This section is crucial because the errors highlighted are the main causes of some FBA businesses failing.

Module 2:

You get in-depth information on supplier outreach in Part 1. Finally, you get to see some of Kevin’s supplier/shipping materials in addition to receiving expert advice on supplier relations and tested templates to boost supplier response rates.

You will learn how to discover potential vendors using the preceding advice and templates in part 2.

You will learn about product inspection in section 3. It goes without saying that if you lack the necessary experience, determining a product’s quality can be difficult.

Module 3:

There are a tonne of videos in part 1 that explain listing optimization in great detail. The most important thing you’ll learn in this section is how to “discover” and prevent your competitors from using your keywords.

You learn how to make a “world-class” Amazon listing in Part 2. You will also learn about keyword ranking, producing bullet-pointed material, and FBA errors to avoid.

You will discover how to keep your business running when you run out of goods in the last section, as well as how to prevent this from happening. Additionally, you’ll be aware of what to do if another vendor “hijacks” your product listing by offering the identical goods that your company does.

Module 4:

There are just two sections in this module. The first section demonstrates how to identify questions buyers have about your goods and conduct video ad marketing. You will, of course, also be given a tonne of resources to aid in your education on product launching.

The second half of the article covers every aspect of the launch, including the services provided for the product introduction, advertising, price, sales promotion, customer email gathering, and more.

Module 5:

You will learn the fundamentals of email marketing in Part 1, including information you need to be aware of before developing email campaigns. Additional materials for email marketing will be provided to you.

Part 2 is essentially a crash course in email copywriting.

Module 6:

Kevin David Hulse merely tells a story about going to Brazil after spending money on pay-per-click advertisements. He also went over the benefits of using Amazon marketing services to be successful with FBA.

You will learn about the full ad campaign procedure in part 2, beginning with methods for conducting keyword research. Kevin David Hulse also covered some essential information you need to be aware of while developing your advertising efforts.

You will discover the step-by-step procedure for optimizing a PPC campaign in the final section. In addition to teaching you how to quickly optimize for numerous campaigns at once, Kevin David Hulse will show you how to uncover the keywords you are ranking for and utilize them to customize your advertising.

Module 7:

You will learn the fundamentals of Facebook advertising in part 1, including how to develop incredibly niche Facebook groups that are pertinent to your FBA business and how to create a unique Facebook ads audience targeted towards your actual Amazon FBA clients.

In part 2, you will start to learn some Facebook ad tactics. Kevin David Hulse will show you the best practices for using Facebook ads to target the appropriate demographic. Additionally, there is a whole video devoted to teaching viewers how to use Clickbank to create a sales funnel.

Finally, you will learn some fundamental concepts about scaling and automation in part 3. The lessons in part 3 will show you how to spend less time, effort, and money to get greater outcomes.

Module 8:

Business security is covered in Part 1. You will discover how to track down reviewers’ profiles, stop hackers from accessing your account, and get rid of bad seller feedback. Regarding the final one, you need not be concerned about unfavorable reviews if you are selling worthwhile goods.

The excellent information in Part 2 will help you increase sales. You will discover, for instance, how to optimize your items so that they usually appear in the “frequently bought together” area, which includes encouraging clients to combine your products.


The greatest candidates for this course are agency owners, independent contractors, online store owners, suppliers of both digital and physical goods, and affiliate marketers who wish to increase their revenue by utilizing Facebook adverts.