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The music artist Trey Gordon has released his latest single, “Grind Hard, Shine Hard.”




The music artist Trey Gordon has released his latest single, “Grind Hard, Shine Hard.”

Grind Hard

Trey Gordon, a heartfelt The biggest artist to come out of the UK, no doubt he has a great implementation. He has so many talents and millions of followers that many well-known brands seek his help to promote their products and services. One of the reasons he got so many followers is his ability to attract and captivate social media users with stunning images, videos, and songs.

Once you read their posts, you will find many images and videos that can attract you. This is worth following, whether you are a brand or a content creator. So check out this top artist you might want to follow this year

Trey Gordon is a promising Trop (Trap/Pop) artist who works to break the stereotype of mental health through music. He is a cheerful, energetic, and infectious person. He chose to use his art to break down barriers, tell stories, and keep silent to please others. Trey uses his platform to show a number of topics he considers important, such as family, positivity, gratitude, and generosity, as well as his personality.

In his newly created YouTube channel, viewers can immediately see who is behind Trey, mood cycling, personal struggles, and how he uses his platform to reach the world. I’m thinking of giving inspiration and returning.

Trey Gordon is the founder and owner of TGx Entertainment, who not only uses the label to sign recording artists, but everybody in the entertainment industry really feels about himself from sports to acting. It will be used for people. Same passion and determination as he. To succeed.

Who Knows

Trey’s debut single “Who Knows” portrays his ability with metaphors and plays on words, it also portrays his belief that he WILL succeed without a doubt! He aims for potential listeners to hear this track and for it to give them that spring in their step to chase their life goals.

The songwriter and claimer of Trop music (Trap Pop) known as Trey Gordon have released his latest official single, “Grind Hard, Shine Hard.” The single has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Innovative, socially conscientious, and bearing the hallmarks of a subculture pioneer, “Grind Hard, Shine Hard” showcases Trey Gordon as one of the most intriguing artists of the year so far and promises that he has plenty more where that came from

Trey Gordon asked to describe the overall meaning of “Grind Hard, Shine Hard,” Trey Gordon writes: “It is super hard to break through any industry at a high level, and the music industry can be so cutthroat. I want to inspire others to simply keep grinding and never stop visualizing their end goal. There will be many hurdles and people who doubt along the way, but the reward is so sweet at the end! As a voice for young black people, I want to use my platform to encourage others not to fall silent and speak up! Especially with all that is going on right now. We need to stay vocal and make the change as much as possible, but most importantly, be consistent with it!”

latest single, “Grind Hard, Shine Hard.”

“Grind Hard, Shine Hard.” by Trey Gordon will be available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide on June 30th. Get in early and pre-order via Apple music June 8th Trop fans.

Trey Gordon is set to release exciting new single “Grind Hard, Shine Hard.” donating 50% of the money made to the black lives matter organization & the remaining 50% to a black-owned business based in London

BlackLivesMatter organization was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer. Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives.

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Christian rap phenomenon




Chud’e and the Christian rap phenomenon

Christian rap has become an increasingly powerful force, with its albums reaching the top of the Billboard charts and more and more mainstream hip-hop stars embracing it. One of the most talked-about Christian rappers of the modern age is Chud’e. Born in Brooklyn and based in New Jersey Heights, Chud’e released his debut album Chilltown in December 2019. The well-received record included singles such as the title track and Day and Night. It has now been streamed over half a million times and been given exposure by a range of well-known publications and websites.

A fusion of genres

The music of Chud’e blends genres including gospel, pop and R&B. It comes just a few years after the rapper first discovered Christian hip-hop following a period living in Nigeria, the country his parents are from. Chud’e was estranged from his father for several years after he walked out when he ten, leaving him with no positive male role model at home. He also lost contact with his half-brother and several friends, causing him to engage in negative behaviour. He also failed sixth grade. The time spent in Nigeria was seen as a huge turning point for Chud’e, who met up with his father again whilst he was in the country. His father – once a minor criminal – was now working as a pastor, and Chud’e started a new relationship with Jesus, gaining a richer understanding of his culture and heritage at the same time.

A blossoming relationship with God

Chilltown explores the rapper’s relationship with God over several seasons of his life and takes its name from the area he grew up in. The single Day and Night talks about how he trusts Jesus to guide him through the “obstacles, difficulties and doubts” of life. Although some Christians disapprove of rap, Christian hip-hop has actually been around for almost as long as the main genre itself and has even delivered #1 Billboard Hot 100 albums. Chud’e has discussed the initial disapproval towards the launch of his rap career in his lyrics.

New music on the way

Chud’e has recently been working with a series of independent artists, with new music expected shortly. Publications and websites that have supported Chud’e include Christian music magazine CCM, chhtsnetwork and CHH Source. He has been interviewed by Cross Rhythm Radio and been featured on CHH’s YouTube Channel.

A “booming voice”

The artist hopes that Christians and non-believers will find his music appealing and will use it to find “hope through chaos”. Noted for his “clever punchlines” and “booming voice”, he wishes to “point people to Christ” via his music and lyrics. A major aim is to ensure even non-believers can find at least one track that speaks to them directly.

Swift progression

Major influences on Chud’e include leading Christian rappers Bizzle and Lecrae, who went to #1 on the mainstream album charts with his 2014 offering Anomaly. Chud’e began working on his own material not long after he first heard Christian rap, and it wasn’t long before he started to win support from a surprising source – UK-based internet radio network xRhythms. He is no stranger to collaborations, having worked with Melanie Williams, Echo Guzman and Anodyne Virtue on Chilltown.

Support and inspiration

As Chud’e is not a full-time musician as yet, he also spends time working as a Youth Development Specialist in New York. One of his biggest aims is to help and inspire young people facing similar challenges to those he overcame in his teenage years whilst being the positive role model he never had. The rapper expects to be “pointed in the right direction” by the Lord, and hopes to support and inspire others whether as a musician or in a different capacity. It seems Chud’e has a bright future ahead of him in and out of music.

More about Christian rap

It’s said that the first-ever full-length Christian rap album was released by Stephen Wiley back in 1985. Other terms for the genre include ‘holy hip-hop’. Leading figures from the Christian rap world include Shai Linne, Soup the Chemist, Trip Lee, Hollyn and Flame. Even in the commercial rap arena, it’s not uncommon for hip-hop icons to talk about their faith in their lyrics. Kanye West reached the Christian rap charts for the first time with his Jesus Is King project, following it up just months later with the Jesus Is Born from his gospel group the Sunday Service Choir. Over in the UK, there have been several successful attempts to blend grime beats with Christian rap. Christian rap also has its own awards ceremonies, and these include the Stellar Awards and GMA Dove Awards.

How to find out more about Chud’e

Chud’e’s work can be streamed on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud, and he has social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

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Interview with singer and songwriter Brazii Roberts who recently released their debut single “Troublesum”




Robert singer

Brazii Roberts

Brazii Roberts sings his repertoire and sets a snapshot of the relationship romance to warm and nostalgic works. His latest single, “Troublesum,” is a mysterious, gentle, skip-free combination. Brazii sings rap exclusively, pronounces words in clear words, enjoys them, and gives them life. You can appreciate the rhymes and inversions inside, but his flow is so fluid that he feels like he is watching his technique.

In “trouble”, Brazii will give you a more mature understanding of true love, which is heartbreaking along the way, but as a good idea, you don’t want to stop having. There are moments to be amazed at the wit of his wordplay or the detailed placement of his charming and charming rap. From sequences to structure, he perfectly expresses romantic ideas.

It must be mentioned as a baseline: Brazii is good, and this record vanishes with the same ecstasy that creates a fleeting interaction with your crush. Artists assemble songs around such special moments and restrain their language so as not to overly complicate their emotions. He writes lyrics inspired by his personal experience. It seems they have found a clear sense of maturity on mental issues.

Being confident in expressing my feelings goes well with him. While it’s not a perfect realization of the voice of his lyrics, Brazii is more convincing to introduce a standalone scenario than to draw a full conclusion. Instead, it is a fascinating attempt at the task of maintaining relationships throughout the season. I am sorry for telling you the truth as it is.

Brazii commemorates the ups and downs of the relationship, where romance unfolds in the shadow of long doubts. He wraps it in a bow and carries it to an audience eager to receive it as a gift to deal with what they feel internally. Through extensive records of low-range synthesizer pulses and reverb drums, Brazii makes a better sound when he has room to belt out a singing melody. “Troublesome” is a little smarter and emotionally honest, which is why it keeps listeners engaged until the end.

Interviewer: What are your upcoming projects?

Brazii Roberts: I have a bunch of music that will be released throughout the year. At least 3-5 more solid Records with visuals before I think about an album. Don’t get it twisted though, I have enough content for at least 25 Albums. I also have a Script that I Wrote which is Currently being Considered by 2 major Networks. All in all just some solid forward motion.

Listen to Brazii Roberts’s latest track on Soundcloud.

Media Contact

Company Name: SafeTown Entertainment

Contact Person: Courtney Uno

Email: Send Email

Country: United States

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R2 RADIO , from Japan to the world




R2 RADIO , from Japan to the world

R2 Radio

R2 Radio is great for finding new music, celebrity interviews, trends, entertainment news, and more. Music curators Roro and RISA KUMON deliver the highest quality content weekly, so you all never get tired of listening to or watching their programs. Connect and let the host and DJ entertain you with great music, informative news, and entertaining discussions. R2 RADIO is broadcasting through the Pharcyde Tv Network.

The show is a bilingual program (Eng/Jpn) that originally started on Interfm89.7Mhz, a popular commercial radio station in Tokyo. While there, they educated Japanese listeners on the world of music and entertainment, played new music, and interviewed numerous artists, musicians, DJ, dancer, and entertainers that visited Japan. The show then expanded from Tokyo and is now broadcasting worldwide from Pharcyde Tv, a network created by the famous hip-hop group, The Pharcyde.


R2 Ig:

R2 Youtube:

R2 FB:

RORO Artist, producer, radio [DJ and host]

RORO has done it all and he’s ready to take center stage. Born Rolandis Ramsey in Orlando, Florida, RORO was destined to be a superstar. Roro comes from a strong musical background. Not only was his grandfather the guitarist for a popular soul group in the early ’70s but his father, Hip-Hop Rapper/Producer Little Ko-cheese; was internationally recognized for his hit song titled “Booty Swang” during the Miami bass era in 1993. Under his father’s guidance, RORO started rapping and producing at an early age hoping to follow in the footsteps of his veteran father.

Roro was initially booked for a tour in Japan, but now calls the country his home and works as an Artist, Producer and Radio personality. RORO has participated in some of the biggest festivals in Japan, appeared in many Japanese tv shows, and released albums in music stores across the country. His notable song being “doesn’t mean I’m lost” which was played on the biggest digital billboards screens in Tokyo & Fukuoka. RORO’s journey in radio started when he was interviewed on a station broadcasting in out of Okinawa, Japan. After receiving positive reviews, he became a co-host, producer, and engineer for the show. A few years later, RORO was offered his own show “RORO Radio” at the popular station Lovefm76.1mhz, located in Fukuoka. He would play new music and give his musical point of view to help Japanese listeners better understand American hip-hop and culture. After releasing his album, He was then offered a hosting position at popular Tokyo station interfm89.7mhz where he and his partner RISA Kumon would start R2 Radio. On R2 Radio, He and RISA interviewed several entertainers including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Shing02, DJ Krush, The Pharcyde, and more. Roro hopes to further expand the R2 radio brand and become a bridge between Japanese and American music.

RoRo is full of personality, bold, conscious, Lyrical, and strives to inspire like his song, Doesn’t mean I’m lost. RoRo’s versatility is widespread and not imposed, like others in today’s oversaturated Hip-hop genre.




RISA KUMON  a bilingual singer and composer

RISA KUMON, a bilingual singer, songwriter, composer, and radio personality from Nagasaki, Japan. She has been making music since childhood, causing her to launch several projects and perform at some of the biggest events in Asia. She initially started radio for the first time as a co-host on a show broadcasting from an Okinawa Radio Station. From there, she went on to co-host on the Lovefm76.1 program Roro Radio, which was broadcasting in the Kyushu Prefecture of Japan in more than 8 cities. She was also a presenter for the famous Tokyo Station Interfm89.7 on R2 Radio. Later, she got her own show, RnB Selecta. While doing radio, she has interviewed several artists such as Brian McKnight, Maxi Priest, Take 6, Corrine Bailey Rae, Kirk Franklin, and more. RISA KUMON is thrilled to be part of the Pharcyde Tv Network and hopes to show the world the unique culture and entertainment of Japan.

Since her childhood, RISA has been passionate about music. At the young age of 3, she lost her eyesight after getting measles. Luckily enough, she recovered her visual acuity and discovered her love for music. However, she had an intractable disease called secondary retinitis Pigmentosa as sequelae. RISA can Sing in a variety of genres but mainly specializes in Rnb, Jazz, acoustic, Pop, and even classical music. She has an inspirational and transparent voice with a powerful message in her lyrics and songs. After graduating from college, RISA studied music and English in Los Angeles while working with international musicians and producers to create her first Demo CD, Love Always.

Soon after returning to Japan, she performed in many events throughout Asia like fox Japan’s Backstage pass festival and numerous festivals on the US military bases stationed in Japan. Later, She went on to Tour Kyushu with legendary Jazz musician Terumasa Hino, Dj Honda, and Kenji Jino Hino as an opening act with Roro on the h-factor tour. RISA was then selected as one of the featured artists to perform at Fukuoka’s biggest fashion show, Faco (Fukuoka Asian Collection) while also getting a chance to tour and perform at the Nakasu Jazz festival for 2, consecutive years.

Currently, She’s working on her forthcoming album. RISA KUMON not only wants to challenge herself but also wants to inspire many people using her sweet voice and story to demonstrate that with hard work, love, and dedication, everything is possible.





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