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Top Ways To Furnish Your Home Office for Monday Motivation



Top Ways To Furnish Your Home Office for Monday Motivation

Mondays! You don’t like them but have to deal with them anyway. But do you know what else contributes to Monday blues? A boring home office setup.

A dull office ambiance can suck up your energy and make you feel demotivated. It’s also quite unprofessional and boring to work in an unorganized office setup. Soon you may end up losing interest and feel distracted.

Thankfully, you can prevent such scenarios by making little adjustments to the office space. Here are some ways to do so:

#1 Add Greens

Adding plants to your home office can generate a relaxing atmosphere. They can increase your work productivity and make you happy (despite all the office struggles!).

In fact, plants may enhance the air quality and stabilize the humidity. If your office space is in a dense area, greens can work as a breather.

Some indoor plants do not require excessive maintenance. Cacti and ZZ plants, for example, can survive in both sun-prone or dark cubicles. You can also try golden pothos or any other succulents for your office desk.

What else? Being around plants can increase your focus and reduce stress levels! So, next time you get an urgent work deadline, you know what is going to take you through.

#2 Wall Arts

With this never-ending pandemic, you don’t know how long it may take for conventional work-life to resume. So, instead of a clumsy office setup, furnish it with soothing artworks.

Wall arts make your home office classy. It also adds peace and tranquility to the same. You can try multiple varieties of wall arts for your office, including Mandalas.

Besides drawing/coloring Mandalas, looking at them can create an equal sense of calm and well-being. It can increase your focus and help you express your ingenious side.

If not mandalas, you can try artwork with motivating lines. For example, look at the wall art below. The words by Hercule Poirot are a nudge to think a little more than what you do!

If you place this artwork inside your office, it will inspire you to embrace your inner- creativity. Whenever you look at the wall art, it will encourage you to use those grey cells (a little more!).

Alternatively, if a family member motivates you, get their photo print for your office wall. Every time you look at their picture, it will inspire you to work hard. You can also add a gallery of wall arts or photo prints!

#3 Ideal Office Desk Setup

Office desk is the necessity of any home office, and that’s why it should be comfortable. Invest in a well-proportioned desk and chairs, so that it does not affect your neck. Also, the height of the dining chair should be ideal for your legs to accommodate freely on the ground.

The chair seatings should be comfortable. It should help you to maintain a good posture while working. Nobody wants their working-Monday to ruin from a backache, after all!

Make sure that your desks have enough drawer space to fit things inside. That way, it will prevent files and papers from cluttering. Also, place a pen stand on your desk to store all your stationery.

If possible, place a lamp on the desk for your lighting needs. Nowadays, desk lamps are available with brightness and color settings.

You can adjust it as per your need. Desk lamps can also prevent eye strain from long working hours.  

#4 String Lights

Monday calls for a dose of dopamine, and string lights provide the same! Not only do they make you happy, but they also increase your awareness. It helps you to stay conscious of your decisions while dealing with clients.

To glam up your office space, place a few delicate string light strands throughout the room boundaries. Make sure to select a blend of warm and bright lights.

They are easy to maintain and low in cost, so don’t worry about the electricity bill. You can wrap them around objects like wall arts or mirrors for an aesthetic feel.

#5 Organise and Declutter

Imagine having piled-up work and a cluttered office room. Big turn off! While you cannot decorate the printers or laptops, you can surely organize them.

Ensure that all the equipment is placed near the power supply. That way, you won’t have messed up cords all over the room.It will also prevent you from tripping down.

Place a dustbin near your desk to discard all the unwanted papers (or wrappers from snacking!).

To Conclude

These were some of the finest ways to furnish your home office. If you adjust things, as per the list, Monday motivation is guaranteed.

Additionally, you can make it more unique by adding other accessories, rugs, and feng-shuis. If not all, an office with attractive wall arts is enough to revamp your desk!