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Sylvia Rossouw, An Ever-evolving Artist, Continuously Inspires the Architecture and Art Industry



Sylvia Rossouw, An Ever-evolving Artist, Continuously Inspires the Architecture and Art Industry

Architectural design is one of the most beautiful types of art. It’s truly amazing to see a building’s customized blueprints come to life. Not only must the architectural design be aesthetically pleasing, but the project’s functionality, practicability, and durability must also be considered. Buildings must meet the needs of the property owner and be in accordance with local building codes and ordinances. With all of this in mind, one must ensure that an established architect with their own aesthetic flair is available to make each building unique.

Sylvia Rossouw is a devoted professional architect who has worked on stunning sustainable designs all throughout Western Cape Town, South Africa. Her architectural designs are inspired by the site’s narrative, the built environment’s context, and the stories her clients tell her about their ideas and dreams. Every building element has its own story to tell, which contributes to the overall story of the built form.  She’s worked in the architecture profession for more than ten years. Some of her most prominent work was included as part of legacy initiatives during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.  The incredible architect is the co-founder of RW Architects where Sylvia Rossouw is the Principle Architect and has assisted in the renovation of residential and recreational design properties. In her own words, Sylvia’s architecture practice is “a place of discipline, clarity of thought, and seemingly effortless executions.” Lost artifacts, abandoned structures, and forgotten places, as well as a sense of longing and a never-ending search for the truth within, serve as inspiration for her works of art. Not only does she express herself through architecture, but she also expresses herself through her artistic endeavors. Her creative demands are continually being met by the work she does on a daily basis. An endless weaving process, the evolving artist’s work is a story that she chooses to convey as she progresses through it.

“Saccharine, extreme.”  From the Hysterica Collection (Mixed media: ink, oil paint, and spray paint on canvas.)

Sylvia Rossouw’s passionate solo exhibitions have been shown all over the world, from South Africa to Rome and Italy. Her series of art, named “Hysterica,” was recently exhibited at the M.A.D.S. Gallery. She was motivated by a state of mind she had during a period of worldwide change. The self-aware artist was able to look inward to express herself openly. Sylvia Rossouw encourages artists all around the world to look within themselves in order to create freely and without limitations.