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TOP NINJA – Leon Bodden Has Book Of Poems



TOP NINJA - Leon Bodden Has Book Of Poems

Leon Bodden was born on 18th July 1990. He is a well-known rapper of the United States from Hempstead. He is famous as “Top Ninja”.

Leon Bodden is rapidly acquiring a great name in New York City. Also, his name has been included on the mixtapes with Jay Critch, Maino, Uncle Murda, Juelz Santana, Young Buck, and other top rappers.

In 2017, Top Ninja along with his ninja teams put forward a piece of Top Ninja music. Due to the incredibly amazing rapping of Leon Bodden, the Top Ninja has gained immense fame.

Leon Bodden’s music “Foreign Dream” crossed 150000+ views on Instagram before its release.

Leon Bodden’s startup in the Musical world:

Leon Bodden in 2011, trained many underground rap artists under his brand 6-TMG known as 6 train music group after releasing that new artists and music composers have no idea about rapping. In 2020, he came up with the idea of launching his own Indy label- Ninja worldwide. He knew that this Indy label will help a lot of new artists and the beginners will be greatly influenced through this initiative.

Leon Bodden studies computer for 5 years and found it challenging to gain technical ability. This was the main obstacle in his life. He has vast experience in the hacking fields. Although, this challenge accelerated in efforts in becoming what today he is. Leon Bodden addresses the audience by stating that always go for what you desire and have complete faith in it. Also, he offers great assistance to his followers. The most recent plan of Leon Bodden is to take a trip to DR with some creative people and create some music.

About Bodden est. 1990: book of poems:

Leon Bodden also has written a book known as Bodden EST.1990: book of poems. In his books of poems, he has stated about his life experiences, his career experiences, and his past relationships. To know more about his life, you can grab his piece of the book online and explore his life.

As per Leon Bodden’s statement fulfilling your desired goal is a success. And that goal can be anything in your life. That can be money, fame, or inner contentment. Also, according to him what you have gained from your trades is success.

To know more about Leon Bodden, you can follow him on Instagram and watch out for his every update at

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The Benefits of Hiring a Local Landscaping Company: Why Local Knowledge Matters




When it comes to transforming your landscape, hiring a professional landscaping company is a wise decision. However, opting for a local landscaping company offers a range of unique advantages that can make a significant difference in the outcome of your project. From their understanding of the local climate and soil conditions to their knowledge of regional plant species, local landscapers possess invaluable expertise that can elevate your outdoor space to new heights. 

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of hiring a local landscaping company and why their local knowledge matters. Keep reading!

4 Major Benefits of Hiring a Local Landscaping Company

Hiring a local landscaping company offers the following benefits:

Benefit #1: Familiarity with Local Climate and Conditions

One of the key advantages of working with a local landscaping company is their familiarity with the local climate and conditions. They understand the seasonal changes, temperature fluctuations, and rainfall patterns that impact your landscape. This knowledge allows them to recommend and implement the most suitable plants, trees, and shrubs that thrive in the specific climate of your region. With their expertise, they can create a sustainable and resilient landscape that remains healthy and vibrant throughout the year.

Benefit #2: Expertise in Native Plant Selection

Local landscaping companies have an intimate understanding of the native plant species that flourish in your area. They know which plants are well-suited to the soil conditions, require less water, and are resistant to common pests and diseases. By incorporating native plants into your landscape design, you not only promote biodiversity but also reduce the need for excessive maintenance and artificial interventions. 

Benefit #3: Understanding of Local Regulations and Permits

Navigating through the regulations and permits required for landscaping projects can be a complex and time-consuming task. Local landscaping companies are well-versed in the local zoning laws, building codes, and permit requirements. They can guide you through the process, ensuring that your project complies with all the necessary regulations. By hiring a local landscaper, you can save yourself from potential legal issues and ensure a smooth and hassle-free landscaping experience.

Benefit #4: Strong Local Network

Local landscaping companies have established connections and a strong network within the community. They often collaborate with local nurseries, suppliers, and other professionals in the industry. This network allows them to source high-quality materials at competitive prices, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment. 


Hiring a local landscaping company brings numerous benefits to your landscape project. From their deep understanding of the local climate and conditions to their expertise in native plant selection, familiarity with regulations, and strong local network, local landscapers offer invaluable advantages that contribute to the success of your project. So, when it’s time to transform your outdoor space, consider the benefits of hiring a local landscaping company. Contact us to learn more about how our team of knowledgeable professionals can help you create the landscape of your dreams.

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