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Top Five Debunked Myths About Skin Tightening



Top Five Debunked Myths About Skin Tightening

Your skin plays a critical role in defining your attractiveness. If you want your first impression to last long enough, then you must learn how to maintain your skin. It would be best to adopt healthy lifestyle habits such as eating a balanced diet to maintain your skin tone. However, some uncontrollable factors, such as aging, can undermine skin texture. As you age, your skin structure starts losing the collagen responsible for the skin’s elasticity and tightness. You can, however, restore the skin tone through skin tightening Memphis, which helps to eliminate the wrinkles in your skin. Here are myths revolving around skin tightening that everyone should understand.

Skin tightening is only effective in one area

Some claim this procedure only applies to the individual’s face or the neckline, although this is not true. A specialist applying skin tightening in those areas usually does not mean it cannot work for other body parts. The certified health provider can conduct the skin tightening procedure on the abdomen, thighs, and even the legs. Therefore, the patients can have their diverse needs met by the skin tightening procedures.

There are other faster procedures than the non-surgical skin tightening therapies

Many believe that surgical options offer immediate results compared to non-surgical skin tightening therapies. However, when you consider the downtime, you will find that the non-surgical skin tightening procedures are faster than the surgical options. For example, seeking facial surgeries to reduce skin looseness requires patients to postpone their normal activities to account for recovery, which usually takes a long time.

The skin tightening providers do not matter

You may think that the persons operating the devices for skin tightening do not make any difference since they only press the button. However, the technical knowledge and experience of the health providers operating this gadget can significantly influence the results. To achieve the best aesthetic goals, look for a certified skin tightening provider whose treatment history proves success in restoring skin elasticity.

The treatment results are temporary

The mention of non-surgical skin tightening treatments being less invasive can make you think that the procedures do not yield permanent results, which is wrong. The truth is that a skin-tightening treatment plan based on radio frequency waves seeps deeper into the skin, providing long-lasting results. The results from this treatment plan are also cumulative, and you start noticing skin improvement three to five months after the last appointment.

You can tighten your skin through exercises

You might have heard some people claiming that facial exercises can help to do away with loose skin, which is not valid. Notably, skin laxity is not associated with the muscles implying that no exercise can boost skin tightness. The professional skin tightening procedure is the only effective mechanism to alleviate skin looseness.

Do you have wrinkles on your skin due to skin laxity? As you grow old, you are more likely to develop sagging skin which can undermine your attractive look. However, if you are a victim, you should not bother yourself anymore since A Beautiful You Medical Spa has an adequate remedy. The facility has a team of specialists who provide a skin-tightening plan to reclaim the youthful appearance of their patients. Call the office for more inquiries and visit the facility to boost your confidence.



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