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Tips for Preparing for a Facelift



Tips for Preparing for a Facelift


For both men and women, a facelift is an exciting treatment. In addition to helping turn back the clock and making you seem as youthful as you feel, a facelift may reduce unattractive jowls and sagging cheeks, ultimately giving you that facial appearance you have been craving. However, before pursuing the procedure, you should look for a reputable New York, NY facial plastic surgeon, and you must be well-prepared to achieve their desired outcomes. Before your facelift surgery, you should follow these suggestions to ensure a smooth procedure and recovery.

Be financially prepared

Because your health insurance plan does not cover facelifts, you know they are a pricey operation. Before scheduling your procedure, your doctor will review your payment alternatives with you. Before your initial consultation, determine how you will pay for the treatment.

Prepare a list of all of your medicines

Please bring a list of any drugs you take and their dosages to your pre-op visits. For up to a week before your operation, your doctor may ask you to discontinue or decrease the dosages of certain medications. On the day of your surgery, your surgical team will advise you on what drugs you should take.

Give up smoking or using any tobacco products

Smoking is terrible for your overall health but also hazardous for surgical patients since tobacco products restrict blood flow. It is also important to remember that smoking’s effects on blood flow might make it more difficult to heal from an injury. First, get assistance stopping if you are a smoker and want a facelift.

Plan for help

A facelift, like any other surgical procedure, necessitates downtime. Be careful to enlist the assistance of relatives and friends nearby before scheduling your treatment. Likewise, following your operation, you will need someone to drive you home and take care of you for a few days.

Food preparation

Before your facelift, making and freezing meals is a good idea. Having this taken care of will save you from the stress and inconvenience of having to plan and prepare meals while you are healing. A food delivery service may be an option for those who are not big fans of cooking.

Ensure your hair is clean in advance

The night before your procedure, wash your hair and style it as usual. It will help you prevent infection, mainly because your surgeon will often make incisions near the hairline to mask any obvious evidence of work. Also, it helps since after surgery; you won’t be able to wash your hair for a few days.

Fast the night before surgery

The night before your operation, about midnight is an excellent time to start fasting, depending on when your procedure is. You will need to arrive at the surgical facility with an empty stomach since food and general anesthesia don’t mix.

The choice to have facial plastic surgery may be frightening, but the results can be life-changing with adequate planning. Getting more sleep, avoiding the sun, and making other lifestyle adjustments are all ways to prepare your body for surgery. Before, during, and after the surgery, make sure you and your loved ones are as prepared as possible.



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