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Accompanying Problems of Missing Teeth



Accompanying Problems of Missing Teeth

People lose their teeth more often than you think. According to the American Dental Association, most adults in the States between the age of 20 and 64 have at least three teeth missing. Unlike children that have theirs replaced with permanent teeth, grown-ups don’t have that luxury. If you’re facing this challenge, be rest assured that you’re not alone. However, while it’s not uncommon, it might be the start of some overall oral and health complications.

Problems With Losing Your Teeth

If you have any of your teeth knocked off, having them replaced as soon as possible reduces the odds of other arising issues. Some of these are below.

●       Difficulty With Chewing

Tearing and chewing are important when we eat. But with a missing tooth, you cannot do these and will most likely not enjoy your meal. Should you attempt gnawing, the food chunk hits your gum instead, causing discomfort. This can turn you into a picky eater who prefers soft meals while you miss out on essential nourishments.

●       Bone Loss

The teeth help to vitalize the function of your jaw bones. This is similar to the way exercises enhance the development of muscles. If you lose a tooth, the supporting bone is no longer worked up. When this happens, the bone becomes weakened.

●       Dental Shifting

Every tooth plays a role in supporting the alignment of the teeth on the jaw. Over time, a displaced tooth can cause the remaining to move towards its space. This makes flossing and plaque removal difficult. Other reasons for shifting teeth can also include tooth decay and gum recessions.

●       Bite Challenges

Occlusion (bite) can be compromised due to the inability of your teeth to come together. As an aftermath of dental shifting, it can also open the door for other problems. Examples are muscle pain, teeth wear, sensitivity, TMJD, and headaches.

●       Speech Issues

Your teeth have significant effects on your pronunciation. A missing tooth can limit your production of some sounds, causing you to whistle, slur, or spit while speaking.

●       Mental Health Problems

Different surveys have found a correlation between tooth loss and depression levels. In one, the subjects perceived themselves as unattractive and displeased with their smiles.

●       Facial Disfiguration

When considering the components that structure your face, your teeth are inclusive. So, with knocked-off teeth, your facial appearance is tampered with. This might make you look older than you are.


There is no reason to hold back when you lose your teeth.  Visit your dentist campsie immediately. Talking about solutions, here are perfect recommendations.

1.    Dental Implants

Implants are cosmetics that take the place and function of your lost tooth. You can use them for a single tooth replacement or a complete set.

2.    Bridges

Another option is a dental bridge if you dislike implants. It involves cementing a prosthetic to bridge the gap caused by your missing tooth. This alternative is more effective if you miss one or many teeth within the same area.

3.    Dentures

Dentures have fixed and removable design types to match your teeth and gum colors. However, they can be distressing for some patients and may not prevent bone loss. Each time you misplace a tooth, procrastinating its replacement leaves you vulnerable. Why don’t you contact a dental clinic today?