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The Ultimate Checklist and Packing List for Festival Camping



The Ultimate Checklist and Packing List for Festival Camping

Looking for a 2023 camping festival necessities checklist? You’ve arrived in the correct spot, as I’ve compiled the definitive advice on what to bring to a festival! Continue reading for a comprehensive festival packing list that will cover everything you’ll need for an unforgettable time!

The ideal approach to achieve this is to assemble a group of good-spirited friends and work together to transform your campground into a nice and peaceful area. You must be ready for a camping trip and have a spot to unwind after a day of dancing.

Although it may be difficult to carry all of these items when going across the country or internationally, you should do your best to pack as much as possible to guarantee a pleasurable camping experience.

Festival Camping Checklist


One of the greatest ways to endure three or more days of hard partying, dancing, and festival chaos is to sleep well each night in your tent!

A quality and comfy air mattress/inflatable sleeping pad should be on everyone’s festival camping checklist. It makes the largest impact and will make it much simpler to sleep off those hangovers!


You don’t wish to sit on the ground when you return to the campground, do you? Then, place many seats between yourself and your whole festival crew. You will appreciate this form of camping chair. They fold into a convenient carrying position, making them easy to transport, because they are economical, and can be used in a wide variety of circumstances outside music festivals.


When you return to your tent, you must have something to blast your favorite music! Whether you’re just waking up, pre-gaming, or keeping the party going after the event, your honor magic 5 lite 5g ’s speakers will not suffice! Thankfully, portable speakers and technology have become rather impressive in recent years, and you can now get an incredible Bluetooth speaker with a lengthy battery life that can be used during an entire festival.


You will want as many of these as possible, but ONLY ONE is required for festivals!!

During the hot summer months, it is especially vital to have adequate shade at your campground. When camping at music festivals, some like to stack three or four of them together and hang tapestries or tarps from the sides to form a mini-fort or campground living area. This is the primary reason why plenty of people enjoy camping events so much.


No festival campground would be complete without a table, and a 6-foot center-folding rectangle table is ideal. It is lightweight, inexpensive, practical, and portable! Simply told, it’s an obvious choice!

It’s perfect for beer pong, cooking sandwiches, and mixing drinks! Additionally, it may be used to dry damp garments (if it rains during the festival).


Safety first, fellas! Accidents can, unfortunately, occur at music festivals, so it’s a good idea to be prepared at your campsite! You should just pack a simple first aid kit with bandages, antibacterial cream, and gauze (just in case).  It’s inexpensive, and simple to transport, and we believe it’s a crucial thing to include!


At music festivals, it’s terrible when your phone dies, therefore you should certainly pack a portable phone charger! You cannot shoot photographs or movies, nor can you communicate with friends to meet up with them (if there is phone coverage). Ensure that you bring one or two fully charged portable chargers to events, as they are quite useful.

Are you ready?

You should not be responsible for bringing all of this equipment by yourself; instead, divide the expenditures among your complete camping group of pals. Occasionally, it is advisable to make a large purchase and then divide the expense among everyone. Have fun at your camping festival!