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The Secret to Saving Energy and Money: Replacing Your HVAC Filters



The Secret to Saving Energy and Money: Replacing Your HVAC Filters

HVAC Filters


The heaters and air coolers in our houses keep the temperature adjusted and work as a filter that rids the air of harmful particles. Allergens are always aplenty in the environment, and the HVAC filters work diligently to filter and trap these allergens. But that also means our responsibility is to take proper care of these appliances. Like all machines, HVAC filters need proper maintenance to work as needed.

What is an HVAC Filter?

HVAC refers to the shortened name for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This technology is used in various equipment and appliances used to control humidity, air purity, temperature, and indoor air quality. An HVAC system can work to create a comfortable environment for the user. 

Each HVAC machine includes a filter that is installed into the system to keep any unwanted particles from circulating into the indoor airflow. Contact¬†Custom Filters Direct, they provide high quality custom air filters for commercial and residential use, including 7.75×25.75×1 air filters, 11.25×19.25×1 air filters, and more.

Maintaining Your HVAC Filter Can Save Money and Energy

In any indoor space, there are a huge amount of particles always floating around in the air. Some of them can be very harmful to the body. For example, allergens such as dust particles, fiber pieces, pet dander, etc., can be dangerous for an asthma patient. To minimize the risks, properly maintaining the residential air filters is a must. 

Regular Maintenance Can Reduce Repair Expenses

Let’s say you have installed an HVAC unit in your house and never check up on it until it starts to cause issues. If this really happens, it means the constant use has jammed the filter in such a way that it is doing more harm than good. An HVAC unit can last for about 20 years with proper care. 

Depending on the environment, this can easily break down within a few years if the filter is not cleaned or changed. Normally, the HVAC filters are the first parts of the machine to be affected. So every few months, the air filters for the home should be checked out by an expert. This will cost much less than repairing a completely broken down machine.

Faulty Filter Uses More Energy

When we talk about the filter in an HVAC unit being jammed, it indicates the fact that a high amount of dust and other particles have been collecting on the filter over time, and now it does not have enough space to pass clean air. And when the filter is jammed, it will obviously need more energy to circulate air. Thus, if it is not maintained properly, the HVAC filter can use a huge amount of energy that increases bills.

Can Cause Harm to Human Health

Even though we can never see the microscopic allergen in the air, they are always there. These can cause breathing problems. This is why we use filters in our houses, heaters, air coolers, and ACs. But, without proper care, these HVAC units cease to work accordingly and can completely ruin the purpose. Unfiltered indoor air loses quality and can accumulate harmful diseases over long time exposure. And health issues are never cheap.


We often tend to neglect signs of warning before it is too late. We think that our HVAC units are working now, so why worry about what can happen in the future? This is the wrong way of thinking. If we do not take care before the actual issue begins, it takes a huge toll on our health as well as our wallets. HVAC filters need regular maintenance, and many of us think it is very expensive to get them looked over by a professional. But the cost here is nothing compared to what will be after the machine’s complete breakdown.