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The Sky is The Limitwith G Wolf and Rabi The barber



The Sky is The Limitwith G Wolf and Rabi The barber

Adventure is the spice of life and passion is the fuelfor success. Some get their kicks from hiking and climbing mountains, others get it from drawing and singing. But very few strive for uniqueness. The way these few achieve distinctionis by turning their passions into adventures. It is all about seizing the moment and doing something that none has neither thought of nor dared do before. This is what celebrity barber Rabi Sfaxi(Rabi The barber), andNon-USA 4×4 first place winner Abdulrahman Alsuwaidi(G-Wolf)are all about.

Rabi Sfaxi who may have once been a regular employee at the Beats and Cuts Barbershop in Dubai came to be titled Rabi The Barber, deservedly so. Since then, Rabi has demonstrated the talent and skill that have made him a true artist and not just a regular barber. His passion and love for his work have continued for over 20 years and are a force to be reckoned with as they have made him the go-to barber for celebrities such as French Montana, DJ Snake and Will Smith, who have expressed great admiration for his work.

The Sky is The Limitwith G Wolf and Rabi The barber

Social media celebrity Alsuwaidi, famously known as G-Wolf, is a watch and automobile enthusiast who has stopped at nothing to make his passion known to the world as he went from admiring watches to collecting them and from loving cars to winning first place showstopper at the European Gulf Car Festival. Adventure is simply at the heart of everything he does as he went on to win second place at the UAQ Drive and Meet in 2019 receiving the first trophy ever powered by them.

In this picture, Rabi The Barber is seen performing a special haircut on G-Wolf in the desert where they ventured together.On a hot summer day, late in the afternoon,Sfaxi’s dedication and deep love for his workare obvious and can be seen to be driving him to do what he does best, anywhere, anytime. G-Wolf’s knack for adventure and Rabi The Barber’s dexterity combined propelled them to go off-roading on this exciting and daring experience, each fulfilling their desire to do something that has never been done before, all the while showing off their talent and proving,once again, that when it comes to doing something different, the sky is the limit.