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The Journey of Shakir Durrani: Fastest growing entrepreneur



The Journey of Shakir Durrani: Fastest growing entrepreneur

All who are friends of Shakir Durrani know he has an entrepreneurial instinct he’s never been able to shake. Shakir Durrani is a 21-years old entrepreneur from Karachi, Pakistan. Born in a middle class family, he has had to work his way up to the point where he currently is.

After graduating from school, Shakir began his digital marketing journey. Because it was all new to him, it took him a long time to learn it. As more opportunities came his way and he documented the journey on his Instagram and Facebook, countless people asked him how he was doing it.

At first, the Shakir would only make phone calls or communicate with them through direct messaging. But then he got an idea to connect with people by creating a website of his own name. Meanwhile, Shakir created his own website with name of Shakir Durrani.

Shakir was always keen to learn something new on the internet. He spent all his time learning digital marketing from YouTube and also practiced. After creating a website of his name, Shakir has also connected with his clients and has worked for many clients and has made a place in their hearts.

Now three years have passed since then and today Shakir and his businesses own multiple social media pages which reach out to millions of audiences all over the world.

Let’s get into the questions he answered for us;

How did you learn digital marketing?

Shakir Durrani: I learned digital marketing solely through tutorials found on YouTube and different websites. No one around me knew much or had the knowledge pertaining to this field so my only option was to school myself.

How long did it take for you to achieve stability in business?

Shakir Durrani: It took me around 3 years to make my business stable. Really, it depends on the execution method and the type of business you go for.

How long does it take to learn marketing?

Shakir Durrani: Let’s make one issue clear first: marketing isn’t rocket science, not even close. Anyone can learn enough to start out with correct time and energy. The field of marketing is ever evolving and perpetually dynamic as individuals change and their preferences change. You simply have to be compelled to learn to remain updated with news and new features. With new features and techniques being uncovered regularly, these updates create the task easier most of the days.



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