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The Firmness Scale: How to Choose the Right Firmness Level For Your Mattress



The Firmness Scale: How to Choose the Right Firmness Level For Your Mattress

Mattress firmness matters more than you think. While the right firmness level can enhance the quality of your sleep, sleeping on a surface that is too hard or too soft can lead to back pain and posture problems.

Here’s what you should know about the mattress firmness scale.

Is a medium mattress right for everyone?

A medium mattress is a product with a firmness level of 5 or 6. It’s a popular firmness level with many great options, including the Dormeuse REM9 Organic Mattress by Essentia.

Opting for a medium firmness level makes sense for most sleepers because these products feel soft and comfortable. Moreover, they provide you with enough support to keep your spine aligned throughout the night.

Medium mattresses are also popular because they accommodate different sleeping positions and are suitable for overweight individuals. Several studies have found that participants tend to prefer mid-firm mattresses to reduce back pain and improve sleep quality.

Another advantage is that the materials used are light enough to allow for airflow, which results in a mattress that helps you stay cool at night.

Who should consider a soft mattress?

You can find soft mattresses with a firmness level of 3 or 4 and extra soft options that rank a 1 or 2 on the firmness scale.

A soft mattress has little surface pressure and allows you to sink into the top layer. Some sleepers prefer this feeling, and the limited surface pressure can help if you suffer from joint pain.

While soft mattresses can lead to posture problems for back sleepers, they can be a good fit for side sleepers who like sinking into the mattress. Another advantage is that soft mattresses weigh less and are easy to move. You can also find soft roll-up mattresses that you can easily put away to save space.

What are the pros and cons of firm mattresses?

If you need more support, you should consider a firm mattress. These mattresses use surface pressure to prevent you from sinking into the top layer.

The firmness level can be anywhere between 7 and 10, depending on the amount of surface pressure the mattress creates.

Firm mattresses tend to cost more, but they’re more durable. They also provide a reasonable amount of support for heavier sleepers and can help keep your spine aligned if you sleep on your back.

However, firm mattresses sometimes create high-pressure points for the body parts that come in contact with the mattress, such as your hips and shoulders. These points can feel uncomfortable and reduce circulation.

Final thoughts

You can start by finding out the firmness level of your current mattress. Are there uncomfortable pressure points? Do you feel that your mattress lacks support? If yes, consider opting for a different level of support.

An excellent way to better understand what different firmness levels feel like is to visit a local mattress store and try multiple products.   You can then shop around to explore more options like getting ashley mattress warranty or get a good deal on a mattress with an ideal level of firmness.