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How To Choose The Right Mattress If You’re Suffering From Back Pain



How To Choose The Right Mattress If You're Suffering From Back Pain

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from back pain, finding the right mattress is essential. A good night’s sleep is crucial for your health and well-being, and if you’re not getting it because of your mattress, that’s a problem. This article will discuss the things you need to consider when choosing a mattress to alleviate your back pain.


This is of the most crucial things you have to think about when you’re suffering from back pain. The people working at know how important it is to get rid of back pain as soon as possible. A firm mattress will help you with this issue a lot. 

Always test a firm mattress in the store before you buy it. If you can, lie down on it for at least five minutes. If you feel any pain while doing this, move on to a different mattress.

When choosing a firmness level, keep in mind that firmer mattresses are not necessarily better for people with back pain. In fact, some people find that a medium-firm mattress is the most comfortable.


There are various materials mattresses are made of. These are the following:

  • Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses have coils that provide support and comfort. They are the most common type of mattress.
  • Memory foam: Memory foam mattresses are made of viscoelastic material. They conform to the shape of your body and provide support and comfort.
  • Latex: Latex mattresses are made of natural or synthetic latex. They are bouncy and provide support and comfort.
  • Air: Air mattresses have chambers that can be inflated or deflated to adjust the firmness. They are the most adjustable type of mattress.

Consider all these and ask your doctor which one you should focus on. 

Your Sleeping Position

You should think about how you position yourself while sleeping. Do you sleep on your side, stomach, or back? Each sleeping position puts different kinds of stress on your spine. For example, sleeping on your stomach can cause the lower back to arch excessively. Sleeping on your back might not allow the neck and head to rest in a neutral position. 

The best sleeping position for lower back pain is usually sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs. This sleeping position allows the spine to rest in a neutral position and takes the pressure off of the joints.

Consider Your Weight

Your weight is an important factor to consider when choosing a mattress for back pain. A heavier person will need a firmer mattress to support their weight, while a lighter person will need a softer mattress. If you are unsure of your weight, you can always ask your doctor for help in determining the best mattress for your needs.

For example, for heavy people, coil springs in a mattress may provide better support than foam. And for people who are lighter, memory foam mattresses may be a good choice because they contour to your body.

Consider Your Weight

Having the right mattress is crucial for treating your back pain so think about how firm it is and what it’s made of. Consider your sleeping position as well because not all mattresses are good for each one. Finally, think about your own weight so that it can withhold you!

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