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Girls just wanna have fun-damental rights! Believe it or not, we live in a patriarchal world that subjugates women and minority groups. You might live in a first-world country and imagine things to be perfect in your part of the world; well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. A recent study claims more than 49 million people are victims of human trafficking in America. Let that figure sink in. Human trafficking, also known as modern slavery, equates to forced work by any individual or group, including women, queer people, and Hispanics. Continue reading this article to learn practical ways to support women to achieve more. 

Education Matters: Women will only get high-position jobs when they are allowed to study more. Therefore, education matters in the long run. To make women more successful, you can help them pursue a better path. In the USA, students take huge loans to get into good colleges. Some people can take loans, while others do not have the support to get into a prestigious college. Your donated money can fund little girls through schools and college. Many NGO organizations work solely for the education of the girl child in the country. You can research more about the organization and make a small monthly donation.

Tweet-Tweet: The world of the Internet is utterly exhilarating, where women are subjugated to online harassment and hate speech. The world is constantly trying to make women feel that they are not good enough. So, when you see women being bullied online, stand by them. If you are a feminist, let your voice be heard online. People who champion the cause of women online help make the world a better place.

  • Report images, comments, or videos that subjugate women.
  • Be vocal about issues regarding women’s rights and women’s health.
  • Speak out against unreachable beauty standards.

Prevent Human Trafficking: As mentioned before, human trafficking is a huge problem all over the world. So many women are forced to do work that they don’t enjoy. Women are often sexually violated and forced into prostitution. These women need your help. As a feminist and responsible citizen, you can research more about organizations that fight human trafficking and work with them to make a change.

  • You may volunteer with a local NGO to help young children. Nothing will give you more satisfaction than knowing you have personally helped a woman choose a brighter future.
  • Many people don’t have time to volunteer as they are busy with job responsibilities. They can always donate money to such organizations.

Support Women-Run Businesses: We live in a commercialized world; there’s no denying that. But instead of condemning the system, maybe you could help women be on top. Supporting women-run businesses doesn’t mean supporting global brands like Fenty Beauty. Rihanna doesn’t need your support. She has already achieved billionaire status and is said to have employed children in India to work for her company. Instead, support local small businesses run by women who need customer support to grow.