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The best Black Friday deals 2019



The best Black Friday deals 2019

The newest Black Friday deals, all rounded up for you to buy

We’re entering the Black Friday 2019 Deals hot zone now – while the main sale date isn’t that far away, nearly every retailer has unleashed a number of top deals to start luring people in.

With Black Friday set to be the biggest ever this year, we’re keeping a close eye on all the deals around – as predicted, smartwatches, TVs, laptops and more are all getting strong price drops, and we’re rounding up all the best Black Friday deals.

While we’d always recommend that you wait for Black Friday – that’s likely to be when the greatest number of sales appear – you should be ready to pull the trigger now and grab a deal if it fits in with your budget.

The reason for so many deals being around is simple: as the Black Friday sales in 2019 land after payday for many, trying to grab more dollars just became a lot harder for many retailers. They want to extend into the ‘golden quarter’ so offering tantalising deals now is one of the ways to do that.

Cyber Monday is also set to be huge, with the same research above suggesting that the remaining sales will be appealing to a number of consumers and worth checking out.

Between now and the Black Friday sales, Best Buy is running a ‘Daily Doorbuster’ offer – and they’ve been pretty neat. Today’s sees a great Ring / Blink rival in the shape of up-and-coming brand Arlo on sale – perfect for a cheap home