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Testing Mobile App Performance: Everything You Need To Know



Testing Mobile App Performance: Everything You Need To Know

Have you found that many people who download your software quickly uninstall it or that it frequently crashes? One likely cause is how well your program runs across networks and when subjected to diverse traffic. You can confirm this through mobile app performance testing.

Testing mobile apps can be much more complex and time-consuming than testing a PC program. Multiple devices, users’ increasing mobility, and the need to make use of device-specific functionality can make things complicated. Consider what performance testing involves and what you can do to perfect it for your requirements.

Create A Strategy For Testing Mobile Apps’ Performance

Your application’s unique circumstances call for special checks, and a well-thought-out performance testing plan can help you decide what to include. The following are the typical steps included in a performance testing plan.

Testing Goals Should Match Company Requirements

Ensure that your testing goals align with critical business processes. E-commerce businesses whose primary focus is on lead generation, for instance, will need to give special attention to testing their shopping cart, user registration, and inquiry forms.

Determine Your Key Performance Indicators

Establishing test criteria can let you evaluate the success or failure of the actual implementation. It would help if you considered the following key performance indicators while testing mobile apps: Peak request rate, Max response time, Error rate, Average response time, most users online at once across all devices and operating systems, and average throughput.

Arrange Use Cases In Order Of Importance

Refrain from overwhelming yourself by testing everything at once. Instead, list the use cases crucial to your app’s robustness. Depending on your business’s needs, the list could include logging in/out, adding products to a shopping cart, and completing a purchase. After you’ve handled the most critical cases, you may go on to test the less important ones.

Simulate A Real-Life Testing Environment

To get accurate results from your emulator testing, replicate the production environment as closely as possible. It is worth noting that even the most advanced emulators are not a replacement for the real thing; for testing the efficacy of an app’s camera, GPS, or other hardware-specific capabilities, the real thing is always preferable.

Coordinate Your Testing Strategy With Your Overall Approach To Development.

Integrating testing within a company’s larger development structure is essential. Agile, one of the most well-known methodologies, is iterative and collaborative, whereas Waterfall, another favorite, is linear and sequential. Stick to the one that you have already established in your firm, as doing so will help everyone on the development team have the same understanding of the project and make decisions more quickly.

Tests Should Take Into Account The Latency And Throughput Of A Carrier Network.

The bandwidth and latency of mobile networks might vary because of the reliance on third-party carriers to connect mobile devices to the internet. Determine whether network conditions or server issues are causing the delay; the solutions to these two problems are diametric.

Getting Ready To Perform Performance Testing On A Mobile Application

Because the success of your tests depends on the reproducibility of the environment in which you run them, it is essential to design the testing environment to simulate real-world conditions carefully. The following are some things to keep in mind when preparing a setting for testing mobile apps:

Isolate The Environment

It is crucial to know how many users are testing at once and what actions they are taking. When another group conducts parallel experiments in the same environment, it might delay the procedure and compromise the reliability of the results. By isolating the environment, you can ensure the test’s correctness and the experiment’s precision.

Test Data Generators

Keep in mind that operations such as deletion, data writing, and reading might grind the app’s performance to a halt. Without duplicating sensitive data, data-generating technologies like Datprof and EMS Data Generator may imitate actual world data.

Network Isolation

In most cases, running many instances of a program simultaneously without negatively impacting their performance is impossible. Consequently, this procedure is optional, although we do suggest it.

Removing Proxy Servers

A web server and client proxy can slow down the app’s speed. You can resolve such problems by performing tests in a completely isolated setting.

Select Appropriate Mobile Performance Testing Software

Testers can evaluate the effectiveness of mobile apps in two ways. First, they must verify that the product functions properly on the back end. The team can test the server’s functionality and ensure the app is ready for release. The second is to evaluate the app’s functionality on a specific device. In this method, a tester can experience the product as if they were the intended end user.

Sauce Labs, Appium Studio, and HeadSpin are just a few examples of mobile test automation tools, and JMeter, Gatling, and are popular options for server-side testing.

However, you will be the only one to make the final decision; different mobile test automation tools have different functionality, so if you need to test the Touch ID in your app, your options will be limited to only those tools that support Touch ID. Consider the tool’s capacity to conduct your pre-existing tests in addition to the protocols, operating systems, and web browsers it supports before making a decision.

Types Of Performance Tests

Performance testing can be challenging because you may need to perform dozens of tasks to guarantee the product meets all specifications.

Load Testing

It helps determine the app’s maximum load. Load testing helps evaluate a website’s speed and responsiveness under heavy usage.

Stress Tests

Its purpose is to evaluate an app’s responsiveness while its hardware resources (CPU, RAM, and more.) are at their absolute maximum.

Capacity Tests

By running this test, engineers can learn the maximum load their app can handle regarding users and functionality.

Spike Testing

To verify the app’s performance characteristics when it exceeds capacity, we can simulate a burst of traffic to the service by running this test.


Mobile app performance testing ensures that users downloading your app do not uninstall it after minimal usage. An effective performance testing strategy will include ensuring your tests match company requirements, using the right KPIs, using real devices, considering the latency and throughput, and performing your tests.

This basic approach can ensure that your app’s performance is top-notch and that it provides a comprehensive user experience.



WhoCallMe Review: The Best Platform for Tracing Who Called Me From This Phone Number



WhoCallMe Review: The Best Platform for Tracing Who Called Me From This Phone Number

 WhoCallMe is the best platform for tracing who called me from this phone number. Do you know its benefits & how to use it for tracing? Let’s discuss this.

Isn’t it risky to attend a call or reply to a message which you receive from an unknown number? Let’s suppose a situation. 

Suddenly, I get a call from an unfamiliar number; I missed it because I am not familiar with it, but the phone bell rings again and again, which irritates me alot. It is risky to attend a call, so I am searching for the best platform to trace that call for me. Many platforms do this task, but sometimes they cannot give accurate and proper information about the caller, and sometimes there are privacy and security issues. After a lot of research, I got the solution that makes me stress-free because they are trusted and give proper security and privacy, and the results are complete and accurate without any hassle. 

The Best Platform for Tracing Who Called Me From This Phone Number

Suppose you are worried about who called me from this phone number and don’t want to take the risk of attending a call from an unknown number and are willing to have a platform that gives you easy access to the number you wish to trace and a complete detailed data about the caller. In that case, your stress and search are over because I found the best platform named as WhoCallMe. They are best because they are very careful about you. Let’s discuss in detail how WhoCallMe serves you.

What Are the Benefits of Finding out Who Called Me From This Phone Number?

Finding out who called me has many benefits because it is helpful to take necessary action against the caller depending upon the caller information you get by tracing a call. These benefits are as follows:

  1. One of the benefits of finding out the phone number of a suspicious caller is to take action against that person if he is a scammer, fraud, or prankster. After knowing about a traced number, and detailed information, it is easy for you to take serious action.
  2. If a phone number gets traced to an unknown person. All your frustration and stress go away because you get upset with such calls, and they might disturb your routine life. Finding out about the phone number reduces stress and makes you happy.
  3. If the call is from your unknown relative or a business associate, that is important to attend, but you have missed it because you don’t know the number. Then finding out who calls me will help you alot because after learning about the caller’s information, you have an opportunity to call them back, and hence your important message is not missed.

What You Need to Know About WhoCallMe

There are many things to know about WhoCallMe. To trace a phone number from an unknown person. These points are as follows:

  1. Get free and easy access to detailed information about a caller if you are using WhoCallMe. 
  2. If you don’t want to waste time and want to trace the phone number immediately, then they come with the fastest processing time to do this task for you. Enter the number and press search, and you can get your desired result in a blink of an eye.
  3. It is accessible to everyone and anywhere, so everyone benefits from it.
  4. Phone results are 100% confidential and are accurate and reliable, which helps you to trace numbers easily.
  5. Using WhoCallMe to trace numbers, you have several ways to trace and verify unfamiliar numbers.
  6. You can also use the area code to find the unfamiliar person behind the unknown number.
  1. Do you want to trace multiple numbers, then don’t worry; WhoCallMe allows you to trace different numbers. Add numbers in the search box one by one and click to check the unknown person.
  2. These services are designed to keep in mind the privacy and security of users. The unknown caller cannot check that someone has traced the number.
  3. You can get a broad and detailed database containing all the necessary information to trace an unknown number. 
  4. Service is available 24/7, and you can check your desired info about suspicious callers anytime during the day. 

What Makes It Stands Out?

It is the best platform because of its best facilities to serve its users. WhoCallMe gives easy and affordable access to public record information that helps users to trace phone numbers easily with detailed information. 

It stands out among all other services because of its fast processing time. You can get the result in just a few seconds, and the answer is reliable and accurate. They care about your privacy and security, which makes them the best platform to trace who calls me from this number. 

Whenever you are upset and stuck in such a situation, you can use WhoCallMe to trace numbers because they are available everywhere, making them more unique and stand out among other online platforms. 

Steps to Use WhoCallMe

There are three easy steps to use WhoCallMe.The first step is to enter the number you want to trace into the search box of the lockup section at the top of the page. After entering a number, press the button search in the right corner of the search box to activate a search. In a few seconds, you get your desired result. If there are multiple results on one number, review them and find the most appropriate one. After this search, you can get the name, address; social media accounts detail, companion numbers, and other numbers of the caller information so that you can trace that person easily.


You want the best platform that removes your frustration and keeps you from stress. I hope and wish that now you will get your problem’s solution in the form of WhoCallMe. They facilitate the users to the maximum to trace unknown numbers with ultimate security and privacy. Free and easy excess makes them more beneficial and unique than other platforms. Accuracy of data takes you toward accurate, detailed information, and decision-making is easy for you to take action against the unknown caller.

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