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Does CameraMath do what it is advertised to do?



Does CameraMath do what it is advertised to do?

What is CameraMath?

CameraMath is a math solver app that is available for both IOS and Android devices. When we think of math solver, we may think of apps that deal with problems by taking pictures, but CameraMath is different in that it not only provides the previously mentioned services but also offers online tutor services, which claims to have a team of professional math teachers to help users solve math problems 24/7.

Its slogan mentions that it can “Solve all your math problems”, and in the recently updated version, it mentions “Math help anywhere anytime”, which also corresponds to its photo and online tutor function. It also shows that all you need is a phone and you can achieve this slogan.

Is the CameraMath app as good as it is advertised? This is what I wanted to explore, so I started from the app store and selected some of the most representative reviews (the most positive and the most negative) to get a more objective and realistic view of CameraMath app from the user’s perspective.

CameraMath reviews in the App store

Positive reviews (4-5 stars).

1. “It helps in ways that many others can’t cause it searches online for other answers and give the best close to my question “

2. “This helps me so much in math, I was just looking at my teacher’s corrections, and I had gotten 100%! I’d recommend this app to you if you are having any difficulties with your homework”

3. “Allows me to figure out what I do wrong in my math problems”

4. “I used to struggle with homework but now I don’t even have to think about not understanding anything”

5. “I love this app I am in middle school and I have a strict teacher and this app helps me thank you app”

From the above reviews, we can easily summarize the advantages of CameraMath.

– solves most types of problems

– Search for questions and answers all over the web

– Almost 100% correct rate

– Can be used to check math homework or solve problems in math homework

– Detailed steps for solving problems that make even teachers happy

Negative reviews (1-2 stars).

“All I wanted was a free math helper, but I have to pay…”

“Doesn’t work unless you pay for the full version”

“It was a really good app till it tried to make me get premium just to find an answer to a question and premium is so much”

“Tutors take too long to respond”

The less satisfying aspects of CameraMath’s reviews are also very evident:

– Members have to pay

– Sometimes the tutors take too long to respond to a question


From the above typical reviews, we can see that CameraMath’s slogan is indeed corresponding to its functions, and the user reviews are also very fair.

The positive reviews cover almost all the features advertised by CameraMath, and CameraMath implements them very well, and we can feel the love of CameraMath from the positive users. We can see that CameraMath is not a “deceptive” app, and even its features are very good and useful.

But there is a good side to a thing and there is also a bad side, CameraMath is also the same, the majority of its bad reviews are from users dissatisfied with the measure of payment, and about this the developer also in the app store to respond said that because of the development and maintenance of this app is expensive, so take the paid membership, but this is also to better serve customers The developer also responded in the app store. And I think this is not a disadvantage, only that acceptance varies from person to person. Another problem is that the tutors take too long to solve math problems, and the developers have responded to this by saying that there is a delay in solving math problems at certain times if there are too many in the background, but CameraMath has been adding tutors to solve this situation.

Overall, CameraMath is a good problem-solving app, it achieves all the features it advertises, and despite some flaws, it is constantly being improved and updated. Expect it to become a more powerful, useful, and beneficial math-solving app afterward.