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Terra (LUNA) Down 26% And HUH Token (HUH) Influencer Campaign Upped Currency By 50%



Terra (LUNA) Down 26% And HUH Token (HUH) Influencer Campaign Upped Currency By 50%

The crypto market hadn’t seen a good start to the new year this month as Terra ($LUNA) remains 26% down on the crypto market, but there appears to be a shining bullish light in the sea of bearish cryptos and that’s HUH Token ($HUH).

HUH Token launched on Wednesday the 26th of January and skyrocketed the cryptocurrency once again, deepening the trust between crypto and holder that HUH Token ($HUH) values highly.

It seems that as crypto investors see that happy and healthy green graph on the likes of,, PancakeSwap and Uniswap … investors are flocking to the world’s first utimeme once again as $HUH holders predict this year will be the season of HUH Token.

Though, what more could you look forward to with HUH Token ($HUH) this season and might Terra ($LUNA) find a way out of its Bearish slump as HUH Token did?

HUH? How Did HUH Token Do It?

HUH Token ($HUH) launched with 100’s of influencers on Wednesday and this skyrocketed the currency into the stratosphere once again … it quickly became evident that the HUH Token had not only hit on something great but proved their aims of MetHUH (as detailed in their White paper) has enough social power behind it to increase the value of HUH Token for holders.

This proof-of-concept has sent shock waves through the cryptocurrency community because it means that HUH Token’s ambitious aims are more than just pipe dreams. Investors flocked to the crypto when 100’s of influencers launched with a minute-long video where the HUH Token Logo pulsated and demonstrated the power of meme they have as a half-meme currency.

HUH Token ($HUH) are set to launch with more influencers periodically throughout the year, meaning there will be countless value increases … not to mention their play-to-earn game launch in February and a pre-sale holder NFT drop on the 31st of January.

HUH Token are proving their genius true, and as the pieces of the puzzle come together crypto investors are beginning to realise the potential of HUH Token ($HUH) and HUH Nation.

During the influencer launch, crypto enthusiasts took to the internet and expressed their excitement over HUH Token, and how ($HUH) is continuously taking steps to increase the value of HUH Token for the holders.


Will Terra Follow In HUH Token’s Footsteps? 

With the success of HUH Token’s ($HUH) proof-of-concept influencer launch on Wednesday and their unique bullish state in a bearish market, it’s no wonder that Terra is looking to enter this space as well. As Terra ($LUNA) launch safeguards against the market’s volatility the crypto could see a spike, but it might turn out that Terra ($LUNA) need to apply the never-before-coined HUH Token effect.

HUH Token harnesses the power of influence in a way that no other crypto has, even the likes of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu … the rare adaptability of HUH Token and forward-thinking concepts have set HUH holders and ($HUH) HUH Token up for numerous value spikes throughout the year.

If you’re looking to be involved with HUH Token you can follow the links below for more information on why HUH Token’s ($HUH) proof-of-concept is just the beginning for the world’s first Utimeme.