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HUH Token (HUH) Explodes 60% Amidst Influencer Launch while Shiba Inu (SHIB) & Polkadot (DOT) Drop 5%



HUH Token (HUH) Explodes 60% Amidst Influencer Launch while Shiba Inu (SHIB) & Polkadot (DOT) Drop 5%

The bear market is persisting for longer than investors hoped. As of today, Shiba Inu (SHIB), which exploded 49,000,000% in 2021 has fallen by 5% as did Polkadot (DOT). Furthermore, in the last 24 hours, Cosmos (ATOM) dropped by almost 10%. However, among the red squiggly lines emerges a rising green line from newcomer HUH Token (HUH). Over the past 4 days, HUH has skyrocketed by 60%.

HUH’s anomalous 60% surge is partly attributed to hundreds of influencers promoting HUH, commencing yesterday at 6pm (GMT). Although many cryptos have begun utilizing influencer marketing, from Baby Doge (BabyDoge) to Sandbox (SAND), influencers form an integral part of the MetHUH – HUH’s upcoming social platform. In the MetHUH, influencers create content for HUH token holders, which they can tokenize into NFTs for auctioning as well as earn sentiment tokens. Users likewise earn sentiment tokens by simply consuming influencers’ content in the MetHUH.

Ultimately aiming to create a decentralized metaverse, HUH’s army of influencers merely mark an early phase of their roadmap. HUH is promising to onboard 50,000 influencers by the end of this year. So far, HUH have managed to onboard a range of influencers from different backgrounds representing various niches, including digital creator Isabel Tonelli Rodriguez (173,000 followers), blogger Gabriele Merli (160,000 followers) and model Ariel Howard (191,000 followers).

HUH began rapidly spiking less than an hour after influencers began posting HUH. Its current 24-hour trading volume is almost $200,000, bringing its diluted market cap to over $23 million. That’s a near 20% boost in value in less than a day, and the uti-meme appears to still be rising, meaning it might not have even reached its peak yet.

Following the influencer’s launch, HUH now has over 17,000 holders, 7,453 Twitter followers and 4,052 Instagram followers. HUH first went viral within weeks of their launch, which was accredited to their unique referral system, which allows users to profit by referring people, as well as their ground-breaking uti-meme design in which they combined the popularity of a meme coin and usability of utility tokens. Thus, HUH definitely seems to be appealing to users of social media due to gaining thousands of followers only 2 months post-launch.

Demonstrating an impressive 60% price increase during this crypto winter, HUH has shown it has resilience and strength in an increasingly competitive sector. Investors who put $1000 into HUH on January 21st, would have made $1,600 if they withdrew today. By contrast, investing that same amount into Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Shiba Inu (SHIB) would have resulted in losses.

Despite having newcomer status in the crypto market, HUH already has its own swap, HUHSwap, which grants investors 5% more HUH tokens and no tax or slippage fees. Moreover, HUH is dropping an NFT pre-sale at the end of this month. HUH are also in the process of creating their own app to give holders frictionless and instantaneous access to their tokens. These future developments are expected to bump up HUH’s price yet again, so crypto enthusiasts are hurrying to invest now before its price rises too high to buy.

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