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Telegram Metrics that Really Matter, easy ways to Boost



Telegram Metrics that Really Matter, easy ways to Boost

Telegram is an instant messaging program that is gaining popularity quickly. It’s one of the most widely used messaging apps, despite being relatively new. With features like group conversations, media sharing, and bot support, it’s perfect for use in advertising. The fact that Telegram costs nothing makes it a fantastic low-priced marketing strategy.

There are now 700 million monthly active Telegram users. Marketers need to know things like how often and which channels their target audience reads and texts.

We investigate the use of no-cost tools for analyzing Telegram platforms, including checking statistics and analytics data.

Datareportal found that the average monthly time spent by Telegram users was 3 hours and 57 minutes. In just two years, this number has doubled.

What makes Telegram so popular?

Telegram stats found that 75% of its subscribers get their news via Telegram. Sixty-nine percent of Telegram users say the app is more user-friendly than its competitors.

While 29% of Telegram users are content downloaders, 17% are sticker designers.

Users of Telegram are least interested in popular company channels (11%) and employment-related channels (15%).

Telegrams Marketing

There is a wide variety of options available to you when it comes to promoting your business online. Some of them, like Facebook and Twitter, have been around for a while and are intuitive to use. Telegram, on the other hand, may be the best option if you need a messaging software with capabilities tailored specifically to businesses and marketers.

Telegram allows you to organize groups and channels where customers and clients may talk about your goods and services. You can save time and effort by incorporating bots into your Telegram account to automate specific operations.

Telegram is perfect for keeping private information secure while still effortlessly reaching a wide audience because to its robust set of security measures and cloud-based architecture. So, give the cutting-edge messaging network Telegram a try if you want to increase your marketing efforts.

Creating a plan for promoting Telegram

Many companies fail to consider the popular messaging app Telegram when plotting their next major advertising push. Telegram’s vast user base and special characteristics make it an effective platform for advertising. Any company may successfully reach its intended demographic using Telegram advertising if it takes the time to do so.

Making a Company Profile

A company profile serves as something akin to a resume. Include details about your business, such as who you sell to and what sets you apart from the competition. It’s also crucial in today’s tech-savvy world that your company’s social media profiles are current and professional looking.

The rules for business Telegram accounts are a little different. In contrast to alternatives like WhatsApp Business, there is no special feature for commercial use.

Identifying your ideal clientele

Successful advertising hinges on reaching the proper people, as any professional marketer will attest. The same holds true for telegrams. When trying to narrow your marketing focus to a specific demographic, a massive user base might make things complicated.

Telegram requires a phone number and ID for signup and identification, however you can merely provide the names (which can be updated at any time) to the CRM.

Advertisement of Your Channel

In order to reach your ideal clientele, you must first identify relevant public groups. This can be accomplished in a number of methods, the most common of which are searching for appropriate keywords and perusing appropriate group directories.

The second step is to go through some of the messages to get a sense of the group’s culture and tone once you’ve found some potential groups.

The third step is to contact the group’s administrator and ask whether you can promote your product or service there.

Be kind to other users and adhere to the rules established by the group’s administrator while making posts.

Last but not least, be sure to end your message with a call to action. The URL of your channel, in this example.