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Automobile Locksmithing: 6 Tips that Make Life Easier



Automobile Locksmithing: 6 Tips that Make Life Easier

Every car owner will search “What to do if I lost my car keys?” at least once in their life. Whether a smart key or a conventional one, losing keys can give you nightmares as it is a threat to your property and security.

If you are ever in such a situation, the first thing you should search for is “automotive locksmith near me” rather than any other. It saves you from unnecessary time waste, quickly finding the solution.

However, it is best to avoid the problem at all, don’t you think?

Here are 6 tips that mobile locksmiths want you to try.

1. Use Key Finders

Everybody loses car keys at some point, but with some people, this is a regular scenario. They forget them under the pillow, on the car itself, at a cafe, or anywhere else. If you can resonate with this, you need a better solution.

Get a key finder or locator. It is a small tracker that can locate your car keys. People use these devices more often than you think. It makes their life a lot easier. Also, you can find these key locators in various types, from sound-based to radio frequency.

Some finders even come with an app. So without a doubt, using these devices can save you the trouble of hiring a 24-hour emergency locksmith frequently.

2. Keep Some Good Old-fashioned Tools

It is always better to call a professional for any car key-related problems. But sometimes, you must dirty your hands to solve the issue. For that, you need to keep some tools with you.

  • Slim Jim: It is a flat, narrow strip of metal used to unlock car doors without a key.
  • Inflatable Wedge: It creates a gap between a car door and the frame, allowing you to insert tools for unlocking or retrieving keys.
  • Long Reach Tool: It manipulates lock buttons, door handles, and manual lock mechanisms from a distance. They are useful for retrieving keys locked inside the car.

With the above three basic automotive locksmithing tools, you can handle most situations with your car keys. But when you know the problem is severe, prioritise calling a 24-hour emergency locksmith rather than testing your luck.

3. Have a Spare Key Made

Be proactive and get a spare key made by your Eastern Suburbs locksmith. Imagine you lost or broke the key just before going to work. It can be stressful, and you will be compelled to resort to public transportation or carpool with a neighbour.

But when you have a spare key ready, you do not have to worry so much, even if you misplaced your key. But then again, it is better to change your lock as soon as possible for security reasons.

4. Ensure Basic Key Maintenance

Losing keys is one thing, while damaging keys is a completely different issue. You may not be able to help the former, but you can certainly handle the latter with some key maintenance tips.

For starters, you can follow these steps:

  • Regularly inspect your keys for signs of wear, such as bent or corroded areas.
  • Clean debris and dirt from key grooves to prevent jams.
  • Avoid exposing keys to extreme temperatures or moisture, as this can affect their electronic components.
  • Lubricate keyholes with a small amount of graphite powder or silicone-based lubricant to enhance smooth insertion and turning.

This essential maintenance can enhance the functionality and prolong the life of your car keys. You may also consult your locksmith in Eastern Suburbs for any concerns.

5. Enable Keyless Entry

Today, a good number of car owners in Australia have keyless access enabled to their cars. It may seem new at first, but eventually, most realise it can be incredibly convenient. So, if you are looking to eliminate the hassle of carrying keys everywhere, you consider enabling keyless entry to your car.

It typically involves a remote key fob that communicates wirelessly with your car’s locking system. First, you must ensure your vehicle is equipped with this feature and that your key fob’s battery is functional.

Once set up, you can unlock and lock your car doors with a press of a button, enhancing convenience and modernising your vehicle’s access system. Following your car’s user manual will also help synchronise the key fob with your vehicle.

6. Develop Reliable Locking Habits

Not everyone pays attention to locking and unlocking their car. But reliable locking habits can be rather useful. For instance, ensure all windows are closed and double-check that you have your keys in hand before exiting your vehicle.

As such, here are a few more things to understand.

  • Engage the central locking system and listen for confirmation sounds.
  • Avoid leaving valuables in plain sight to deter potential theft.
  • Develop a routine of physically checking the doors and trunk to ensure they are securely locked.

By consistently practising these habits, you reduce the risk of lockouts, unauthorised access, and theft, contributing to a safer and more secure driving experience.

Final Thoughts

There you go!

Now you have six ways to manage your car keys efficiently and hassle-free. Talking to a local car locksmith can help you execute these tips effectively. An expert has many ways for every problem with your car keys.

Open Locksmith is one notable name in this area of work in Eastern Suburbs. If you require assistance, you can reach out to them. They offer one of the most reliable car locksmith services in Australia.