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Sparky Flinstone “Freak Key” Video Goes Viral



Sparky Flinstone “Freak Key” Video Goes Viral

Sparky Flinstone is a new artist that has come to offer the social media community and girls all over the world, a freaky proposition. He has released a song called “Freak Key” inspired by an invention which was created by his good friend Jersey Shore Einstein. 

Einstein is a Jersey Shore scientist that invents unique products and discovers things. This special key he invented has the power to soften the heart of every 304 and bring out the freak in every lady. Einstein gave Sparky this key as a gift back when Sparky was still a simp. 

The Freak Key changed Sparky’s life and took him from a simp to a pimp, unlocking the hearts of all 304’s without ever having to buy em lobsters or shrimp. Sparky became so hyped by the way the key transformed his life he recorded a song called “Freak Key” available on all digital streaming platforms.

To demonstrate the power of the Freak Key, Sparky produced an unofficial video featuring Einstein and released it to Youtube. Within hours the video went viral. However, the video was soon flagged and age restricted (18 or older) because Youtube started receiving reports that video is too sexually graphic. 

Haters may have succeeded in temporarily slowing down the virility of the video but Sparky Flinstone and the LBYF movement will not be stopped. Stay tuned for the #FreakyPropostionChallenge coming soon and to the see the controversial unofficial video click the link in Sparky’s IG bio:

Additionally, Sparky has leveled up and become part of an influential network of extremely successful crypto investors that are now looking to bring major value to the NFT space. The Freak Key is a utility NFT that will soon be sold in limited quantities via a Sparky Flinstone NFT drop. 

Sparky Flinstone’s NFT offerings promise to be game changers that allow members entry into exclusive events in the Metaverse and Invisible Galaxy hosted by Sparky Flinstone and his Amazing Friends. Hit tap in and learn more.