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Some advantages of using iTop VPN 



Some advantages of using iTop VPN

VPNs are increasingly used by a large part of the population. And for good reason, this tool has become almost indispensable in the connected world in which we live. Do you know why ? We invite you to discover it without delay. For this, we have listed in this article the main advantages of VPNs and their disadvantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of VPNs

Let’s start by first explaining what iTop VPN means. This acronym designates a Virtual Private Network which means Virtual Private Network in French. This software are very useful in several aspects when we are connected to the internet.

The purpose of this article is to tell you what you will not read elsewhere. NO, VPNs are not perfect. YES, they have weaknesses, and we really think you should know about them before committing.

1) Security

Nowadays, cyberattacks have multiplied, including against individuals. The latter have decided to arm themselves with effective protection such as the VPN to deal with hackers. 

To effectively protect you, VPNs establish a completely secure encrypted connection between you (the user) and the internet. Reliable and serious VPNs, such as iTop VPN for example, rely on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technology and very advanced encryption algorithms using 256-bit keys. If these terms seem a little technical to you, remember that thanks to this encryption technique, your data is inaccessible and unreadable.

The VPN protects all your online activities and secures your connection. You are protected against the theft of confidential information (usernames, passwords, bank details) by iTop VPN للكمبيوتر every can use it.

2) Online anonymity

Some people use VPNs for online anonymity.

In practice this means that websites will no longer be able to determine your geographic location. Advertisers will no longer be able to show you ads to entice you to spend money.

In short, your online privacy will be protected and you will be completely anonymous.

3) Streaming

Streaming fans should see their interest in this benefit. If we mention streaming as an advantage of the VPN, it is because they allow you to take full advantage of it and without any limits.

It should be noted that audio-visual content is subject to numerous regulations relating to broadcasting rights. The content is limited to a certain geographical area, often on the scale of a country, for reasons of cost and audience. Thus, an American who travels to France will not have access to American channels on the internet and vice versa. This is due to the IP address, that identification number that determines your geographic location.


If you are a fan of online downloading, you will appreciate this fourth advantage of VPNs.

Although we do not encourage downloading content illegally, some Internet users use VPNs to hide their identity and online activities. Several Virtual Private Networks have also set up dedicated servers allowing the downloading of torrents in P2P.

We therefore wanted to talk about this advantage even if this practice is controversial.