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A Look at Crypto Social Networks



A Look at Crypto Social Networks

Thanks to technological developments, people can easily keep in touch with friends and family to share information, photos, and so much more. The emergence of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others also offers strangers with common interests a chance to come together and interact to pursue their interests further. For example, crypto investors and enthusiasts can get together through crypto social networks to exchange ideas, trade, and do many other things to further their interests.

Application of Blockchain in Social Media

One of the significant pillars of the crypto world is blockchain technology. This technology has emerged as an excellent platform for many uses, and it is even offering a great solution in the world of social media. With social platforms as a form of media that promotes social interaction among billions of people, social sites that employ blockchain technology are gaining attention across the globe.

So, what is blockchain social media? It is nothing but decentralized platforms enabling the development of smart contracts and applications. One of the greatest advantages of such platforms is that they provide end-to-end encryption for all interactions. This makes it possible for users to enjoy great privacy and have better control over their data.

The crypto social media or social platforms using the blockchain offer some crucial advantages, for example, in-platform transactions, mobilizing investors’ capital through crowdfunding, and offering rewards to users, which come with exclusive offers. If you want to learn more about crypto social networks, you can go to this site.

Exploring a Few Crypto Social Networks

When we talk about crypto social networks, we refer to sites where investors or other people with some interest in digital currencies can meet and interact. In addition, some of these social sites go a step further and use blockchain technology to ensure the security of the information exchanged on them. Below are some crypto social networks you could consider joining:


You can join Loop, the community for Terra’s native token, Luna, and get rewarded with tokens for composing amazing content, interacting with other platform users, and even learning more about the Terra ecosystem. You could even trade several tokens on the decentralized exchange.


This is an open-source and decentralized social network that provides internet freedom and allows users to earn digital tokens for their content input to the network. You can exchange the tokens you received for content and more views or even transfer them to other channels as a subscription payment or as a tip. What’s more, Minds utilizes blockchain advantages to improve its users’ experience and benefits. If you sign up on Minds, you enjoy privacy which you don’t get on most platforms and get rewards for your engagement with the site.

Advantages of Decentralized Crypto Social Networks

Social platforms employing blockchain technology offer various benefits like preventing unethical usage of users’ data and providing freedom because decentralization allows users to control their data, thus enjoying the freedom of expression.


Crypto social networks offer users greater privacy and security thanks to the use of blockchain technology in most of them. They also offer users a chance to interact, transact, and earn tokens, among other benefits.


How to Create a YouTube Channel



How to Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your 9 to 5 job and turning your favorite hobby into a regular occupation? Well, this journey has to start somewhere, and today we’ll see how to create a YouTube channel. The rock lord storyteller is here to help us.

After nearly two years of working with the creators of Instagram, Silvio decided to take up photography on his own. Finally, after he started working with YouTube creators, the urge to start telling his stories through video grew stronger, and he took the first step towards creating his own YouTube channel.

Q: Before starting a YouTube channel, what’s important to keep in mind?

A: Finding your niche is very important; This must necessarily be related to your real interests and hobbies. If you decide to carve a niche just because you think it is popular, and thus get more views, it will be difficult for you to create high-quality videos and burn out due to lack of interest.

Q: When did you start your first YouTube channel? And why?

A: I launched my YouTube channel in April 2020 and I would say it is high time. I planned to launch the channel a year ago, but due to doubts, insufficient concentration, doubts about my material, I put it off. When the pandemic hit, I felt a slight sense of urgency and realized that people are consuming online content more than ever.

Q: How do you go about creating a YouTube channel? Can you bring us through the technical and practical steps?

A: First of all, you will need to create a Google account if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve created a real channel by choosing a channel name, it’s time to set it up. Decide what type of photo you want to use for your profile photo (both your followers and new viewers will see it all the time, so choose wisely!) Having an attractive banner is also important to your brand and helps people understand what your channel is about. Recommended banner size is 2560 x 1440. A good tip is to use Canva, a great tool for creating simple yet great-looking banners. Another good option for this is Instasize. Most creators clearly indicate their niches on their banners, and some also indicate how often they post new videos.

Don’t forget to add your other social channels like Instagram or Facebook. Connecting all relevant social channels is a good way to get viewers to interact with you across multiple platforms.

When you’re ready to upload your first video, remember to use tags specific to your video and niche. Tags can be a great way to attract new viewers and subscribers. Personally, I use Tubebuddy for tag searches. This is what I highly recommend and their basic service is free! Remember It can take time to download the actual video file and it can also take your YouTube video to properly process. If your goal is to charge at a specific time, take an extra hour or so. It’s better to be able to schedule a video ahead of time than stressing out at the last minute trying to meet a deadline!

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Counter Puncher Inc.’s Handcrafted Smart OLED Display Screen Boxing Gloves Set to Release in 2022



Counter Puncher Inc.’s Handcrafted Smart OLED Display Screen Boxing Gloves Set to Release in 2022

Counter Puncher Inc. Smart Fitness Gen 1 Boxing Gloves help professional fighters and fitness trainees stay equipped with new, innovative and technological product features.

Without a doubt, Combat sports is a challenging game. This is a world-famous aerobic exercise and game that performs many functions to maintain fitness and health. If you are a professional fighter or like all forms of combat training such as exercise and you are worried about your physical condition, you may need a more modern combat device with high quality standards. Your curiosity about this will soon end.

Innovative company Smart Combat Sporting Equipment known as Counter Puncher Inc, will launch a new line of Smart Combat training products, starting with a demonstration of the first prototype Smart Fitness Gen 1 boxing gloves. Founders Franklin Harmon, Jr. Since 2014, he has been developing and testing applications for manufacturing the latest high-tech smart combat training products. The company’s spectacular product  C.P is about to launch an impressive product known as. Smart Fitness Gen.1 Boxing Gloves in Summer 2022.

As this product is the first product to be introduced to the combat gear market, it will undoubtedly revolutionize the world of combat training and drills. The company is poised to seduce early adopters to review and test innovative smart fitness gloves in the first quarter of 2022. These gloves are reviewed and tested by experts to confirm the quality of the product before it goes to market.

This product will undoubtedly revolutionize the world of combat training and drills, as it is the first of its kind to be introduced to the combat equipment market. The company is going to bring in early adopters to view and test its innovative smart fitness gloves in quarter of 2022. These gloves will be reviewed and tested by professionals to ensure product quality prior to market launch.

Smart Fitness Boxing Gloves Gen 1

This product has unusual and excellent features that meet the needs of professional wrestlers and those who hold statistics during physical training. These features are:

 OLED Screen

Boxing gloves are integrated with the OLED display screen module. This module contains several unique training applications that allow the user to view training statistics measured from the display screen module on the back of each glove. Boxing gloves feature a perfectly sized OLED display module to provide the user with an impressive visual experience. This feature makes the product highly interactive and convenient for the user, making this smart glove the first of its kind in development.

Besides the OLED Screen, the gloves have various unique features that are:

 Multi-Functional Power Button

The multifunctional power button allows the user to select multiple features built into the glove. Users can select these features according to their choices and training or exercise needs.

 Punch Counter

The gloves have a built-in digital timer. The multifunction power button allows the user to select the pulse counter option. This feature allows the user to count punches while exercising. This feature helps users improve their performance over time. The punch counter is an ultra-fast counter, elegantly designed for productivity and agility. It records each precision strike against the intended target and displays the number of contact strikes on the OLED display for each pair of gloves.

     Hit Meter

This amazing feature allows users to measure their strength and power. This is another way to track performance and flexibility. This allows the user to determine the strength and reliability of the stroke. This feature also provides the ability to track the accuracy and effectiveness of powerful shots delivered to the target of interest.

 Round Clock

If the user wants to train boxing for a specific period of time with daily training, the 24-hour feature will help you set the training time. This is a self-timer feature for personal training.

With all the impressive features above, a prototype of the Counter Puncher Smart Fitness Boxing Gloves can be viewed on the company’s website and various social media platforms.

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Electrical Contracting and Emergency Electrical Services by Anser Power Services



Are you searching for an electrical contractor? These professionals provide not just installation but also renovation and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients.

The most reputable contractors are experienced in making upgrades, working on construction projects, installing environmental control systems, etc. Electricians are supposed to have solid communication skills, a good reputation, a long experience record, consistency, and management skills. The largest part of contractors provides emergency electrical service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Have a look at the most popular services.

Construction projects

One of the main services provided by such contractors is the installation of electrical wiring for various construction projects. These professionals are experienced in working in multiple industries, such as industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential. They specialize in handling custom projects of any size, depending on the requirements of clients.

Most importantly, these contractors are well aware of how important adaptability is when working on construction projects, as unpredicted changes might occur along the way. Their teams consist of certified electricians armed with special vehicles and equipment to perform the job. They comply with all the codes and standards imposed by regulatory agencies to ensure the projects are delivered in compliance with the law.

Upgrades and renovations

Apart from working on construction projects, electrical contractors assist clients with renovations and upgrades. For instance, such assistance is indispensable when purchasing a building with an outdated system that has to be replaced. Also, these services are required by tenants who need to make some improvements or homeowners in need of more power.

The largest number of old buildings are likely to have dated electrical systems, which impose many hazards and cause liability issues. Sometimes the systems aren’t outdated, just insufficiently maintained. Whatever the case, they might lead to equipment failure, short circuits, or fire incidents. Click here to learn about the causes of a short circuit. Therefore, certified electricians first inspect the systems and then recommend improvements and upgrades.

Furthermore, these contractors help businesses reduce their energy consumption and footprint by upgrading the lighting systems of their buildings from traditional to LED lighting. The light produced by LED fixtures improves workplace brightness and leads to the improvement of workplace efficiency. Certified electricians can install new lighting not just in businesses but also in homes.

Automated and environmental control systems

Most electrical contractors specialize in the installation of automated and environmental control systems. They are experts in incorporating different controllers into daily barns and hogs to make sure clients are provided with a dependable climate control system.

The horticulture industry stands to gain a lot from the use of environmental control systems. Electrical contractors work on greenhouse projects by providing automation to processes like irrigation and handling of materials. Additionally, they provide customers with an opportunity to use PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) to improve functionality, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability. Follow this link,, to learn about the functionality and early development of PLC.

Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance is another type of service provided by electrical contractors. Nowadays, businesses can’t afford to have their workflow interrupted by faulty equipment or power outages. Since the entire equipment uses power to function, a power outage would result in operation delays. Such time loss results in undelivered orders, dissatisfied customers, and uncompleted schedules.

Reputable companies have a team of industrial electricians that conduct maintenance checkups to minimize the chances of equipment defects. These professionals are available round the clock to provide emergency service when such faults take place. It’s of the utmost importance for businesses to have emergency services available at any time.


Certified electricians are also experts in installing electrical systems and generators. These contractors are skilled enough to determine the right size of generator for homes and businesses, as they’re experts in installing both residential and commercial models.

Furthermore, they are proficient in the implementation of green systems, which are renewable and cost-effective solutions. Additionally, you can use their services to install fire alarm systems and exit lighting for emergencies.

The bottom line

Hiring such contractors is essential when homes or businesses need professional assistance.

They perform not just installation but repairs and maintenance as well!

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