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Because it multiplies your visibility. Today, Google and other search engines are the starting point for researching products online, so they are an essential source of users who might be interested in your product or service. If you manage to rank among the first search engine results, you will be putting yourself in front of thousands of potential customers.

Because you will get more out of your website. Creating a brand website is an important investment of time and resources, but without a proper positioning, you will be losing traffic and therefore opportunities to monetize that investment.

Because it brings reputation, trust and credibility. In general, users attribute a positive value to being among the first Google search results and perceive these websites as more relevant, which contributes to improve the perception of the Brand as say agencia seo.

Because it’s a fantastic long-term investment. Today’s SEO agency work will translate into tomorrow’s organic traffic. The sooner you start implementing your SEO plan, the sooner you will enjoy the benefits.

Because it improves your website. The goal of Google and other search engines is to deliver the best possible result to users. Therefore, the techniques that help search engine positioning are aligned with improving the user experience and with it, the results in general.

Because it increases your impact on social networks. A secondary benefit of doing SEO is to improve your results in social networks. Optimizing titles and descriptions makes web link previews more user-friendly and therefore will encourage more users to click and share.

Because it brings measurable results. SEO positioning translates into concrete and measurable results, so it is very easy to see what results your strategy is giving and correct the course if necessary.

Because it will be more profitable in the long run. You may think that hiring an SEO agency is a very expensive investment. But if you evaluate it in terms of how much it would cost you to train your team and dedicate resources to do SEO in-house, or the benefits you are missing out on by not doing quality SEO, you will see that it can be a very profitable solution.

What is an SEO agency?

An SEO agency is a company that is dedicated to improving the positioning and visibility of its clients in search engines (in our country, mainly Google). To do this, the goal is to get your brands, products and websites appear among the first search results when users enter related terms.

The web positioning depends on a multitude of factors, therefore, it is normal that within an SEO agency we find professionals specialized in various areas such as:

Content creation: the articles of a blog, the different pages of a website, the product descriptions in an ecommerce and even the YouTube videos of a brand channel must be properly optimized to improve positioning.

SEO on page: this includes aspects such as titles and descriptions or the structure of the pages. It also covers different technical aspects, such as ensuring a good loading speed and avoiding URL duplication.

User experience: we must not forget that the audience of web pages are people, not robots. Therefore, SEO and UX must always go hand in hand.

Off page SEO: mainly focused on improving the reputation of a website by creating quality inbound links.

What does an SEO agency do for its clients?

You may be wondering what an SEO agency can bring you in more concrete terms. Typically, their work is carried out in a series of steps:

Elaboration of an SEO briefing together with the client. Communication is very important for the relationship between client and SEO agency to work. Therefore, the first step is always to sit down together to draw up a document in which the objectives to be achieved, what products or services we are interested in promoting and other issues.

SEO audit. The most common is that the brand already has its own website or other online content, so the first thing to do is to study how they are in terms of positioning and what are the gaps to fill. This study should also include the main competitors.

Elaboration and execution of a positioning plan. With all this information, the SEO agency will be in charge of defining the actions to be taken and carrying them out. It must be taken into account that SEO is a continuous process: after the initial set-up, it will be necessary to carry out a number of tasks



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