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Research At The Doctoral Level – Its Purpose And Importance



Research At The Doctoral Level - Its Purpose And Importance

Research At The Doctoral Level

In academia, a doctorate is awarded upon finishing research for a degree. In contrast to research at other levels, doctoral research must contribute to new knowledge in its field. 

The goal of doctoral research is constantly evolving. Previously, doctoral programs were designed to train scientists and doctors for academic and scientific institutions. However, today, those who have completed their doctoral studies can also pursue employment in non-research areas, such as government and business.

If you’re aiming at a doctorate level research, but are still on the fence about it, perhaps this guide can help. Let’s check out the purpose and benefits of doctoral-level research. 

What Is The Purpose of Doctoral Level Research?

Research degrees give you the opportunity to begin or pursue research in an area you are passionate about. A supervisory team can support and guide you as you choose the work you do, how you do it, and how you achieve it.

  • Increase In Knowledge

Applicants to doctoral programs are only accepted if their research proposal can convince it will substantially contribute to the existing knowledge in their field. 

The first step of any doctoral study is that the candidate conducts a literature review, where they search for scholarly articles and books written about their topic. The researcher then identifies the field’s leading experts, as well as what they have observed and studied. This will result in two things:

  1. Identifying supervisors and universities that might supervise your doctoral research.
  2. Point out the knowledge gaps in the field that your own research could fill.
  • Contributing To The Field

It has long been recognized that a major purpose of doctoral research is to prepare students for academic careers. With a doctorate degree, you are qualified to become a university professor or conduct academic research. 

By completing a doctoral degree, students are able to develop hypotheses, test these theories through observation, study, and experiments, and modify their assumptions in light of the data collected. 

In the course of their research, doctoral candidates make presentations to experts and give oral presentations in front of a group of experts. Following the degree conferral, the recipient can apply for associate, assistant, or full professorships.

  • Research Development

One of the secondary purposes of doctoral research is to prepare students for careers outside academia by introducing them to the scientific approach to conducting research. In many doctoral programs, students undergo rigorous training and coursework in research methodologies, such as conducting qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, and statistical analyses. Industries such as hospitals and medical laboratories, research institutes, think tanks, and hospitals can use these skills.

  • Employment In The Private Sector

While doctoral research is widely considered the path to academic and research positions, the private sector is increasingly interested in hiring doctorate holders for jobs in non-academic and non-research environments. 

According to the Oxford Learning Institute at the University of Oxford, approximately half of Ph.D. degree holders in European countries have academic appointments. The report also estimates that 50 percent of board members of the 200 largest German companies have doctorates.

What Makes Your Research Important?

It is not an easy task to select the perfect Ph.D. research project. This will have a significant impact on your degree experience and career path. Make sure your doctorate research focus is well thought out before you decide. 

Researchers are driving academic and technological development in our global community. As a researcher, you must communicate extensively with faculty members, students, industry professionals, and scholars in the field. Acquire knowledge about the prevailing ideas to help you choose a research project that piques your interest and energizes you.

Remember that the work you’re putting into your dissertation goes beyond just getting a degree if you find yourself having doubts about the hard work you’re putting in. In addition to contributing to the global accumulation of knowledge, you’re putting that knowledge to work in remarkable ways.

The doctoral research you conduct – whether you focus on chemical engineering or on teaching people new ways to recycle waste – is essential to the collective well-being of society. Your passion may very well carry the potential to benefit your whole community, so make it count.

How to Conduct Your Doctoral Research?

The first steps of understanding the current literature, determining how to conduct your research, examining your topic in class and with your advisor, and narrowing your topic might have been straightforward. The next step is to dig deep.

  • Get Feedback

Research can quickly engulf you in your work and isolate you in the ivory tower of academia. Stay away from it! In a doctoral program, the best approach to doing research is to be in constant communication with your advisor, classmates, and other researchers.

Communicating findings and exchanging ideas can provide new insights and constructive feedback to doctorate research projects. Additionally, you should regularly present your ongoing research findings. Sharing your research developments with others in your field allows you to gauge the response and adjust your focus accordingly.

  • Become More Resourceful

In addition to seeking feedback from professors and peers, apply for grants and travel assistance. For doctoral research, a variety of grants are available from national, regional, and local sources.

Your ability to identify and secure funding for research will demonstrate your project management abilities to future employers, which plays an important role in your development as a professional.

To achieve a career in academia, you’ll need to land that first job and progress up the academic ladder in order to secure grants.

Don’t be afraid to explore your options beyond what you can find on campus. Find ways to extend your research by writing grants and applying for travel funds.

  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Last but not least, keep in mind that the topic you labored over may completely change. When you start exploring the data and primary sources, you’ll discover new information and make discoveries that will change how you think. Your scholarship will be better for dealing with this evolution, but it may be confusing and challenging at times.


Conducting research as part of a doctorate-level program can make a huge impact on the direction of your career and society at large. With a doctorate research degree, you will have the chance to expand your field of study while contributing to it. This article is a guide to choosing the right doctorate research project and completing it successfully.


Tips to excel in statistics assignments



Tips to excel in statistics assignments

Statistics is one of the most demanding subjects. It takes time and practice to perfect, and most students find it challenging. Many students lose out on marks because of the many peculiarities associated with statistics. The low scores in statistics ruin the average and also haunt them when they are out looking for a job. So, what can you do to change this situation? Well, some tips can help you excel in the assignments. Read below to know more. 

Be attentive in the classroom.

While in the class, be attentive, and listen to every word your professor says. If you do not understand anything across the lecture, halt the professor and clarify your doubts. Remember, statistics is not easy. So, if you lack clarity on a particular concept, it may affect your further concept understanding too. Hence, do not leave the class with doubts in your head. 

Make notes

In addition to listening to the professor and understanding every word they say, you must also take notes. Of course, we understand that while you attend lectures, listen to the professor, and understand every concept, you are already doing so much. It is not easy to also write them down. But, please know that you do not receive assignments instantly. It does not happen that you study a subject, and the following day you will receive a task on it. Usually, the professor assigns the assignments a day or two, sometimes even a week after you study a concept. So, if you do not write it down, you will forget it. You do not want to eliminate things from your memory. Hence, always make it a point to make concise notes. When you go home, revise these notes, and detail them into more detailed notes. It can help you while preparing for the exams and working on the homework. 


One of the best ways to get well-versed with statistics is via ample practice. So, anytime you learn a new concept in the class, always go home and revise this topic and practice statistics homework questions around it. It will help you establish a firm grip on these concepts and make it easier for you to solve the assignments. Unifolks is an excellent platform for this. It has several solved practice questions, past-year papers, and sample questions with solutions. You can work on them and learn better. When you are well-versed with the concepts, you can solve questions around them. 

Ensure you sit in a noise-free room

You should have absolute silence when you sit and work on the assignment. Hence, ensure that the room you sit in is away from the kitchen and the exit. There should be no noise or chaos around. If you cannot find a quiet spot in your house, you can visit a library to finish your homework.

Sit in a well-lit room.

In an attempt to solve the assignment, you should not strain your eyes. So, ensure that the room where you sit and work on the homework is well-lit and cool. It will help you concentrate better without getting bogged down by external factors. 

Gather all the supplies

Before starting with the assignment, take a moment and think hard. What are the things you will need throughout the homework? Fetch it all before you sit with the task. It will prevent the need to get up multiple times during the assignment and save time. 

Clear the clutter

Before you sit down and start the assignment, eliminate all the extra mess in and around your desk. On the desk, you should strictly have the things you need. Keep everything else away from you. Always remember having a higher number of things around heightens the chances of distraction.

Read the guidelines carefully.

Every question assignment comes with a set of guidelines. Usually, the university and the professors prescribe these guidelines to maintain uniformity in the papers. Hence, even though there are no extra marks for following these guidelines, you will 100 percent lose marks by not adhering to them. So, carefully read the guidelines, and stick to them. 

Read the question.

In a statistic assignment, there will be a ton of factual information. Hence, it is vital to read through the questions before solving them. Ideally, read every question thrice. 

  1. In your first reading, you can get the gist of the question. If you do not understand, do not waste time on it, and consider looking for online statistics homework help
  2. Now, read the question a second time. In your second reading, you should write down or highlight every vital detail around the question, along with what you have to find. 
  3. In your final reading, match the information, and see if you have everything to work on this problem. 

If yes, you can start solving it. But, if the answer is no, you can either re-read the question or get assignment assistance. 

Do the complete assignment in one go.

Often students tend to take multiple breaks during the assignments. It unnecessarily elongates the homework solving time and complicates the task. You return after the break, re-read where you left, and proceed. It is the worst practice, and you should avoid it. In addition, taking long breaks during the assignment also increases the susceptibility to silly mistakes. So, before starting the task, think about how much time you need to complete it, and then spare that much time in your schedule to complete the whole homework in one go. 

Keep distractions at bay.

Often your phone is your number one distraction. So, while you sit with the task, turn off your phone. You can keep it in a separate room to avoid touching it. Alternatively, apps like Forest can also help you focus on the task. Constantly using the phone while working on the task adds to the homework solving time and increases the probability of errors. However, before you keep your phone away, it is a good practice to inform your parents about your unavailability. You do not want them worrying about you. 

Get help 

If you find it tricky to complete your statistics assignment despite all the above-listed tips, consider getting assistance. There are multiple sources where you can get homework help. A few sources include: 

  1. Your siblings or parents if they studied statistics in their school and college. 
  2. Your classmates who work and learn the same things as you. 
  3. The professors, if you do not understand any concept. 
  4. Online statistic courses wherein you can learn the concepts better.
  5. Homework help platforms that have experts guiding the task. 

So, these are some of the top tips to excel in the statistics assignment. Have more information and suggestions to share? Please let us know in the comments below. 

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GRE and GMAT: All You Need to Know



GRE and GMAT All You Need to Know

The background of GRE and GMAT

In the last few years there has been a significant increase in the demand for undertaking higher education abroad so that students can improve their skill set and work towards developing their resumes in a way that will make it. However, one of the most important aspects that needs to be considered by the students before they can take classes in a Higher Education University beyond the geographical boundaries is by undertaking the GRE and GMAT examinations. Both the GRE and GMAT examinations are developed with the sole purpose of providing support to the admission process that will help in evaluating and supplementing the undergraduate and graduate records of the students. Through the help of these examinations it becomes possible for the admission department in foreign universities to outline whether the students have the sufficient knowledge present to succeed in an educational course in their University. Despite the importance of this method it is important to highlight that there are no physical classroom centers present that can provide support to the students who are preparing for this examination. As a result the creators of the GRE and GMAT examinations who are the ETS have worked to create online courses developed solely for the purpose of providing support to the students who need them and preparing them for the coming examinations.

Difference of GRE from GMAT

There is a significant amount of difference between the GRE and GMAT exam. Considering the case of the gre are the graduate record examination, the following examination is developed solely for students who intend to study in the fields of Science and Technology along with other Social Sciences subjects. The following examination takes into consideration the mathematical, logical reasoning and comprehension ability of the students as each of these criteria is important for them to excel at so that they can better support the education in foreign countries. The graduate record examination consists of a series of subjects that are developed to examine the students in an alternate Manor. For example, when the GRE examination is going on, the first section that will need to be attempted by the students will be along the lines of the comprehension part or even the mathematics part. Since there is no fixed time table or order of questions present, it is important for the students to adequately prepare for this examination and undertake classes for the same. On the other hand, the sole purpose of the GMAT examinations is to prepare the students and test them to find whether they are suitable to follow in the footsteps of Management subjects and make their mark in the industry. in case of GMAT the students are also required to have a strong foundation of mathematics and English followed by their ability to do analytical writing, thereby testing the efficiency of the student when it comes to the management of English grammar as well as having the ability to solve Complex problems.However, it is not required for all students to sit for both of these examinations. It is because of this factor that through the help of an online course builder it becomes possible for the students to select what kind of courses to prepare for so that they can sit in these examinations.

How online course can help students prepare

The Rapid increase in online technology in the form of online education online courses has highlighted the importance of the subject in the present educational sector. Since there are no classroom materials available for students but rather a weak syllabus based on which they can prepare for these examinations, There are several online courses available organized by the ETS itself along with several private companies that work towards helping students prepare for these examinations across various subject concentrations.Most of these online courses that are undertaken by private organizations to support students in their higher studies journey are conducted through the help of online education system. This not only enables students from different parts of the world to connect with each other but also helps in the creation of a dynamic group that can support one another during times of need.

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What Importance Does Reading Hold For students?



What Importance Does Reading Hold For students?

Reading plays a crucial role in one’s life as the benefits of Reading are plenty. It helps an individual to grow. Being a student, one should explore different paths that allow one to grow. Reading provides the best and the cheapest source for it. While reading, they came across people who had an experience of the things they want to do, which will help them not repeat those mistakes and allows them to hasten towards success. Books are the best companions and answer many unresolved questions just like software for school management which others hesitate to answer. 

From the very early schooling days only, we are encouraged to develop this habit of Reading. Our schedule is managed very efficiently and effectively to introduce us to the place called the library, which again can fascinate students about Reading and help them develop a habit or so. In this article, we will tell our readers that Reading as a habit is essential and beneficial for students. So, let’s jump directly to our reasons behind giving such a statement. 

Reading helps you assemble your character 

When you read something, it helps you develop your thinking and perspective of such things. Overall allows you to assemble your character and your understanding of things. It also helps to make you more attentive to the details, which is an absolute beneficial thing when it comes to  upgradation of social abilities observation.

Gives knowledge

It is a fact the fact that reading books provides information and imparts instruction since your childhood times. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or fiction. You’ll discover a fantastic arrangement of the books. Reading them will open your eyes to the outside world, which helps you be able to discern common issues.

Excellent vocabulary

Online learning platforms help you to come across a lot of new words, phrases, and expressions. You will eventually become familiar with it. You will then have a better vocabulary in both writing and correspondence with the help of School management software and other software available there. Additionally, you will master the usage of dialects and syntax.

A constant Motivation

A good reading habit can boost your emotional well-being and inspires you. It increases your imagination capacity. The articulation that you write about “the guy” and “the desert” in your story prompts you to imagine the whole scene. It boosts your mental excitement and also stimulates your imagination. Additionally, it encourages you to compose your creative piece and improve your ability to manage.

Keeps You Peaceful

A good book can put you in a higher state of mind and relaxes your mind and soul. At the end of your day’s gruelingly unpleasant, All you need is coffee and an excellent book to soothe you. Reading is a famous pressure reducer and is superior to any treatment.

Companion in Need

There are days when you don’t want or have anyone to talk to. Then, there are books to help you get back up. They can help you overcome your lows and are your ideal friend. You know that “a partner in need is a friend.”

Reduces boredom

Excursions that last long periods or a long break away from the office can prove exhausting, regardless of the number of social locations. The books proved to be beneficial and can relieve exhaustion.

Common Sleep Aid

To help you fight insomnia, the habit of reading could be a helpful ally. Instead of focusing on marathon scenes, go through books before the time you go to sleep. They help you rest and sleep well.

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