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Boosting the Metaphysical Powers of Gemstone and Crystal Armbands



Boosting the Metaphysical Powers of Gemstone and Crystal Armbands

Powers of Gemstone and Crystal Armbands

What’s lovely about gemstone and crystal armbands is that they can work as accessories and healers, too. They are revered not only for their eye-catching appearance but also for their head-turning ability to promote health. From reducing stress, improving digestion to relieving insomnia, every armband has specific metaphysical abilities to exhibit and carry out.

Gemstones and crystals also need to undergo a different process after any full utilization that may diminish their metaphysical powers or completely drain them of those. Such is recharging, and it’s pretty much similar to cleansing in that the steps one must take are the same.

Especially if the reason for wearing these armbands is to improve wellness, put an existing health issue under control, or ward off an illness, it’s essential to recharge them regularly. It’s what will allow them to keep on doing what they do best, and that is protecting and healing their wearers. Otherwise, they will end up as mere fashion accessories.

Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, cleansing and recharging are basically the same processes. This is why doing one allows you to perform the other, thus letting you save time and energy. What’s more, the cleansing and recharging steps are relatively easy to do.

You can choose from an assortment of ways to cleanse and recharge your gemstone or crystal armband. When selecting an approach, there are some factors that you should keep in mind. It’s a good idea to go for one that you find the most convenient to perform. You should also figure out which steps seem to make your healing accessory more powerful. Below, you will come across some of the most effective and convenient methods there are.

Running Water

Experts on gemstones and crystals agree that placing armbands under running water for about 10 minutes helps flush negative energies back to the earth. As it does so, it recharges every gemstone or crystal. It’s important to note that this particular cleansing and recharging method is not ideal for soft or brittle stones such as kyanite and selenite.


If you are not in a rush to cleanse and recharge your gemstones or crystals, you may consider submerging them in saltwater for several hours to up to a couple of days. For this method, you may use water from the ocean or saltwater made by combining water and rock salt. Unfortunately, this approach is not ideal for any soft, brittle, or porous stone.

Brown Rice

Every health-conscious person knows that brown rice is good for the body. However, not a lot of people are aware that it’s also suitable for cleansing and recharging both gemstones and crystals. Burying armbands in brown rice for up to 24 hours will do the trick. Afterward, throw away the brown rice as it already contains the negative energy of the stones.


Worry not if you don’t have access to brown rice or want to waste it. That’s because there is an alternative to it that’s readily accessible and cost-free, too. It’s none other than the earth. All you need to do is bury your gemstones or crystals in the garden, and leave them there for a full day. Dig them up, and rinse under running water or wipe off with a clean cloth.

Sun or Moon

Allowing armbands to sit under the sun for 10 to 12 hours is also great for cleansing as well as recharging them. However, this is not suitable for stones whose color may fade due to sun and heat exposure. Some examples include amethyst, citrine, opal, turquoise, and rose quartz. The good news is that you can cleanse and recharge them using moonlight.

Before You Go

If you wear your armbands featuring gemstones and crystals often, you should cleanse and recharge them frequently. There are many ways to carry out these processes. Choose one that you find convenient as well as effective to make the process of cleansing and recharging powerful and healing stones trouble-free each time.