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223blicky an upcoming artist from minnesota – It’s astonishing how young teens have taken over the music industry, from Wyo Chi, Lil Tecca to NLE Choppa., Currently 223 Blicky, a 15-year-old emerging artist from Minnesota Minneapolis. He recently released the growing single “17K” Neva Cared.

223 Blicky is inspired by hip-hop artists such as Polo G, Jdot breezy and G herbo. As he heads to the top, he hopes to collaborate with other local artists growing, but his main focus now is to make his music more audible and sophisticated by his fan base. You can find his music on all broadcast platforms.

Upcoming Hip-Hop Artists 223bilcky

Upcoming 223bilcky artists stream hip hop by streaming unique rap music on “Never Careed

The upcoming hip-hop artist 223bilcky weaves his rhyming style around the closely related, progressive harmony on his new track “Never Cares”.


The ambitious hip-hop artist 223bilcky brings her amazing energy and new ideas to her new song “Never Cared”, which is combined with the wonderful rhythmic rhythm created by a carefully curated chord group. The unique and fast rhyming scheme creates a smooth flow of rap that glides smoothly with the continuous rhythm of the song. Armed with his naturally loud acoustic agility, this talented young artist has made a huge impact on the audience’s psyche through brilliantly puns.

223bilcky Dreams to Find a place in Hip-Hop Industry.

223bilcky from Minnesota dreams of finding a place in the vast hip-hop industry, giving her a wonderful art to the world. Her latest single, “Never Care“, offers her mastery of accumulating various tonal elements to create an incomparable and therapeutic melody that enhances the lyrical impression of perfection backed by her powerful and serious acoustic ingenuity. He started his musical journey at a very early age, and was influenced by artists such as Polo G, King Phone, FBG Duck, G Herbo, Lil Turn. Follow this talented musician on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Instagram and listen to his other masterpiece “Crazy Story“.

223 blicky


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