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Only1Tipy’s “Free Slave”, one of the most creative hip-hop 2020





Music once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies”, they say. Likewise there is a saying: “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” & “Where words fail, music speaks”.

 We see many quotations like these every day, from which come to know and accept the fact that music is no less than food to a soul. Once it penetrates deep into one’s soul and mind, it is impossible to apart it from the person. People have an exceptional attraction towards music and a never-ending love that is always visible in their eyes as well as their skills in it. Not all stars are born stars. Some are self-made ones. Just like Only1Tipy, who is an American hip-hop recording artist and a songwriter. Yes, he is who we are going to talk about in this article.

About Only1Tipy:

No doubt such people who are a living example of such music lovers and in the work of which a true essence of professionalism can be seen. Well, Only1Tipy, the real good name “Trevell Franklin” is a rapper from Atlanta Georgia who has sharpened himself into the best of creativity and professionalism through his exceptional skills in music and writing. He has thrown several astounding musical tracks which have earned him a whole lot of global appreciation and fame.   


Why this unique stage brand name?

One may wonder about the story behind this unique stage name “Only1Tipy”, Trevell Franklin says this name stands for being unique and different, it implies standing on your own strength and being the individual who stands apart from the crowd.

When did he start?

Well, this journey is the music world is not too short for only1tipy, rather this hustle started when Only1Tipy was in 5th grade only. He has worked regardless of days and nights developing his talent and skills. He says he discovered his love for music in a very young age and since then, he has been writing music. He further says he had an exceptional interest in writing and he continued his journey from very point. “Music is something that hits me differently, then it does other people”, he said.

Free slave: 

Free slave is a new album released by Only1Tipy which is a 5 song EP in March 2020. It exclusively features intense and cinematic beats after hearing which we realize that hip-hop culture has grown far more than ever before. The track owns a beautiful slow start followed by wholesome and motivating lyrics which delve from within, giving a message for not caring about the society, being what you are, loving what you do, and appreciate what you have got for your life. An unprecedented delivery of lyrics exceptionally creates an echo that is all parallel to the public gathering.

  Only1tipy has true skills of passionately delivering the lyrics and creating ecstasy. Some of his other tracks are: Mountain top, when I’m gone, on the Eastside, dream big & Beautiful Daughter.

What inspired him?

Upon asking Only1Tipy told, his biggest inspiration behind this success and motivation was his daughter for whom he has been struggling to create a legacy that she can look back when she grows up. He has worked hard so that his daughter can be a whole lot of proud of her father who has been working to contribute nothing but the positive energy to the world.

Global Collaboration: 

Only1Tipy has already done 5 mixtapes, 3 albums, and a number of collaborations globally with different stars but whom he wants to collaborate in future is Lil Wayne, although he is already collaborating with all other artists, he says. He is the person Only1Tipy wants to share his stage with. Also, he is working on a new project with DJ VIP, and on another one with Freeway Rick Ross, and on two others with DJ Emotion and AT Alien on the other. Only1Tipy is also going to be seen featuring on YOG THE LABEL/YSL new mixtape.

How one can approach him?

Well upon asking Only1Tipy how his fans can find him and his work, he said his fans can explore more and more about him by seeing his personal profile, also on Face book, InstagramTwitterSpotify

Go check out his work now.  


Frada Chiffon-Looking Forward To Throw New Music project in 2020




Frada Chiffon-Looking Forward To Throw New Music project in 2020

Frada Chiffon

New York has always been productive when it comes to producing some astounding and inherent music artists. Something that has been seen since its formation is some prominent genre-defining hip-hop artists of all the time come from New York. Just like Frada Chiffon. No doubt she counts at the top of the list and is the greatest artist of all the time.

About her

Born Shavonne Thomas (real name) aka Frada chiffon is an American Rapper and was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States. She also was privileged to serve in the United States Army for some years of her life. She has worked in multiple albums and has made her way in her successful career. Let us know more about her.

Her start of the career

At the very young age of less than 15, Frada started writing music at random times about random topics. She was talented enough to write effortlessly on anything she felt like at a certain time. Also at 15, she wrote poetry in her young years of life. She discovered her love of life after that. But what was it? Excited to know? Let us know in the lower section:

Who were Frada’s Music inspirations?

Writing poetry was all before Frada chiffon discovered rap music. Once she opened up to rap, she never went back rather she chose her path to proceed further in the industry. Over the years she polished herself and made her ways by utilizing opportunities and working regardless of days and nights. Also, she was highly inspired by some big names of legendary music artists like Eminem and Nas and Janet Jackson. The strong vibes of inspiration turned out to line up the backbone of her music in the later years. This was what Frada was made for and she had found it out.

Frada chiffon opened up for artists like Cory Gunz, Fred Da God Son& Papoose, etc. She has her own struggle story and an exceptional experience of continuous hard work. She knows the best how to do a passionate delivery and create energy flow through her sound.

About music tracks

Frada chiffon initiated by dropping her debut album back in 2018 titled “partly cloudy”. This album effortlessly succeeded to establish a loyal and handsome amount of fan base for Shavonne. Frada also was blessed to have thousands of streams across multiple websites. One of her top listed and the most liked track is “Gang Gang” which she dropped the very following year.

Not only these, but Frada has also released some more music tracks that have received a lot of attention worldwide. Some of these are: “On the Road’, “Fake Love”, “Ride With Me”, “LUCKY 7”, “I Think”, “Grind The Final” and “How Many Times”.

Upcoming project

Frada Chiffon after producing some inherent music tracks is all set to throw her new music project titled “Beautiful Disaster”. This is her latest project in 2020. Hold your hearts for a bit while. Something real amazing is on its way. The album released on Aug 1st, 2020.

The story behind the album narrates Frada’s life challenges she has been through during her struggle of music career and childhood to adulthood life. The tape is said to be a very deep and emotional one. Also, it will be expectedly available everywhere for purchasing. So the fans should be all ready to grab theirs’.

Check out her music

Go check out on Instagram and stay updated with her daily news feed. Also, find her on Twitter & Youtube. Her contact dial is also here: 786-234-8973.8786-234-8973

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Furkan Aibani also known as SavageNewsFurkan – India’s most favoured Horror storyteller




Furkan Aibani also known as SavageNewsFurkan - India's most favoured Horror storyteller

Furkan Aibani

Furkan Aibani, also known as Savagenewsfurkan, is one of the top horror story and conspiracy video creators on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. He has always been able to entertain the audience with his new style of editing and storytelling.

He exposes many theories in Hindi and no one has done it in India yet.

He is the only Tiktok creator who never makes lip syncs or copies of others’ sounds/content. He is the original content creator.

He started creating a video on YouTube with no success. Then, with the intrigue and horror story ideas, I started making TikTok videos during the lockdown time, which gained 1.1 million followers in just 20 days.

In an interview, he said he never gave up, believing that his next video could go viral.

His family has always supported him during his struggle and have appreciated his work even when he was lacking in many respects.

Currently, he is the most popular YouTuber & TikTok star in Mumbai. He received many sponsors from different brands in just 20 days.

He spends most of his time creating, editing, and thinking about content. He is willing to accept feedback and criticism and will work on them. He is open to ideas and trends. There was a time when the trend was followed by fashion, but now it is fashionable.

His fans love him in his voice, which makes them watch more of his videos.

He has over 1.1 million followers on TikTok, 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 52,000 followers on Instagram. The biggest reason for his growth is that he is constantly improving content and production quality.

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Furkan Aibani ( savagenewsfurkan ), Conspiracy expert in Hindi




Furkan Aibani ( savagenewsfurkan ), Conspiracy expert in Hindi

Furkan Aibani

Much like on social media while lip and dance sync, Furkan Aibani makes plot and horror stories in Hindi.
To get a name as a social media star, it takes years, then your business notices you, and if you are loyal and constantly working, success is guaranteed in this field.

Furkan Aibani also known as SavageNewsFurkan is the popular social media star for his plot stories. He made many people enjoy his new style of editing and amazing horror stories.

Furqan Aibani is a multi-talented. He lives his dream and deals with his responsibilities with amazing ease. His family has always supported him in everything he does.

There was a time when he felt that it would not be possible for him to pursue his dreams, but he was mentally strong overcoming every hurdle that came his way and began as a story with horror stories and conspiracy in Hindi.

Knowing the importance of technology nowadays, he started posting his work on social media accounts like Instagram reels, Tiktok, and YouTube. With each passing day, he was approaching his destination and his popularity was increasing day by day.

Furkan Aibani is now a big social media star with 1.1 million TikTok followers and 52,000 Instagram followers with 30,000 YouTube subscribers in just one month.
You can visit his profiles on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok where he is very active and regularly post videos and photos of his work. He also posted his daily stories on Snapchat as well.

We wish you all the best for Furqan Aibani in the future

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