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Only1Tipy’s “Free Slave”, one of the most creative hip-hop 2020




Music once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies”, they say. Likewise there is a saying: “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” & “Where words fail, music speaks”.

 We see many quotations like these every day, from which come to know and accept the fact that music is no less than food to a soul. Once it penetrates deep into one’s soul and mind, it is impossible to apart it from the person. People have an exceptional attraction towards music and a never-ending love that is always visible in their eyes as well as their skills in it. Not all stars are born stars. Some are self-made ones. Just like Only1Tipy, who is an American hip-hop recording artist and a songwriter. Yes, he is who we are going to talk about in this article.

About Only1Tipy:

No doubt such people who are a living example of such music lovers and in the work of which a true essence of professionalism can be seen. Well, Only1Tipy, the real good name “Trevell Franklin” is a rapper from Atlanta Georgia who has sharpened himself into the best of creativity and professionalism through his exceptional skills in music and writing. He has thrown several astounding musical tracks which have earned him a whole lot of global appreciation and fame.   


Why this unique stage brand name?

One may wonder about the story behind this unique stage name “Only1Tipy”, Trevell Franklin says this name stands for being unique and different, it implies standing on your own strength and being the individual who stands apart from the crowd.

When did he start?

Well, this journey is the music world is not too short for only1tipy, rather this hustle started when Only1Tipy was in 5th grade only. He has worked regardless of days and nights developing his talent and skills. He says he discovered his love for music in a very young age and since then, he has been writing music. He further says he had an exceptional interest in writing and he continued his journey from very point. “Music is something that hits me differently, then it does other people”, he said.

Free slave: 

Free slave is a new album released by Only1Tipy which is a 5 song EP in March 2020. It exclusively features intense and cinematic beats after hearing which we realize that hip-hop culture has grown far more than ever before. The track owns a beautiful slow start followed by wholesome and motivating lyrics which delve from within, giving a message for not caring about the society, being what you are, loving what you do, and appreciate what you have got for your life. An unprecedented delivery of lyrics exceptionally creates an echo that is all parallel to the public gathering.

  Only1tipy has true skills of passionately delivering the lyrics and creating ecstasy. Some of his other tracks are: Mountain top, when I’m gone, on the Eastside, dream big & Beautiful Daughter.

What inspired him?

Upon asking Only1Tipy told, his biggest inspiration behind this success and motivation was his daughter for whom he has been struggling to create a legacy that she can look back when she grows up. He has worked hard so that his daughter can be a whole lot of proud of her father who has been working to contribute nothing but the positive energy to the world.

Global Collaboration: 

Only1Tipy has already done 5 mixtapes, 3 albums, and a number of collaborations globally with different stars but whom he wants to collaborate in future is Lil Wayne, although he is already collaborating with all other artists, he says. He is the person Only1Tipy wants to share his stage with. Also, he is working on a new project with DJ VIP, and on another one with Freeway Rick Ross, and on two others with DJ Emotion and AT Alien on the other. Only1Tipy is also going to be seen featuring on YOG THE LABEL/YSL new mixtape.

How one can approach him?

Well upon asking Only1Tipy how his fans can find him and his work, he said his fans can explore more and more about him by seeing his personal profile, also on Face book, InstagramTwitterSpotify

Go check out his work now.  


Nakia Jenkins is now becoming the new social media influence real fast – OfficialNakia



Nakia Jenkins is now becoming the new social media influence real fast - OfficialNakia

Everyone wants to be known and recognized today. People love to interact and share their vibes with others unless it is not disturbing someone. We have witnessed a time when people have started socializing through the internet instead of through meeting others in person. Undoubtedly social media is a powerful tool for networking and socializing and some people know how to take the opportunity right. Social media has given many growth opportunities for people to establish themselves as brands.

Many young people are now taking advantage of social media networks to grow their popularity in the digital space. Similar has done Nakia Jenkins who is now becoming the famous young social media influence for his unique content producing skills.

About Nakia Jenkins:

Nakia Jenkins is a young social influencer who has gained immense popularity on Instagram and TikTok platforms. Nakia started his journey on social media out of his passion. Now, OfficialNakia has attained big success on social media with the use of savvy strategy, solid tactics, and creative vision. His creativity earned him 260K+  followers on Tik Tok in no time and not only that, he has grown fast on Instagram as well where he has more than 200K, active followers.

Nakia as a multi tasking person:

Nakia is an extremely present-minded and multi tasking person. Apart from his success as an influencer on social media, OfficialNakia has also established himself as an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a media strategist, and a content creator. The young influencer says it is important to make a social media strategy by keeping in mind the long-term goals.

Nakia’s vision of being a social media user:

Unlike anyone else, Nakia has a strong vision behind how to use social media these days. According to him: “A social media user must possess a creative vision to produce high-quality content for growing his brand in the digital world”. According to him, it is very crucial to create content by experimenting and taking calculated risks. Nakia keeps in mind the likings of his target community while creating his content. That could be the key to winning people’s hearts and attracting them to your content with your unique way of creativity.

The multi-talented personality has gained over 260,000 followers on his multiple TikTok accounts and he has got over 200,000 followers on Instagram. Officialnakia has always focused on creating unique & creative content to build his fan following on social media. He is going to keep creating amazing stuff for youngsters and his all social media fans.

How to get in touch with him?

The content creator posts his content consistently by optimizing it as per his long-term goals. Nakia lays his focus on using optimal strategy and tactics to meet his audience’s needs by producing quality content for it. Do follow him on his social media so that you can keep in touch with the latest feed he shares with his followers for amusement. His creativity will surely impress you all.

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Young tattoo artist pursuing his dreams at a young age – Ohio Named Rizzy



Young tattoo artist pursuing his dreams at a young age- Ohio Named Rizzy

Many people love dreaming and have strong aims to pursue them in their life. There becomes a phase when they are living their dream life. Some do it in their 20s and some in 30s or even after that, but there is some hard worker who pursues their goals in the very young phase of their life. We are also talking about one of such persons here. He is a young talented boy who we call Rizzy Inks. Haven’t heard much about him yet? I got you!! Let us explore more about him in the below section:

About Rizzy Inks:

Rizzy Inks is a young social media influencer who is surprisingly 18 only. He is now a well-known tattoo artist who belongs to Cleveland, Ohio, and is known as Rizzy Inks on social media for his unique talent. He as a child spent his childhood in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and later on he moved to Medina Ohio. He specializes in Realism. He worked on his hobby when kids his age enjoyed playing. He has an amazing story that everyone loves to hear. He started his first job at 15 at Mcdonald’s.

Getting his artwork started:

Rizzy did not reach the position of tattoo artist overnight; it is the result of his hard work. He took art on at an early age and didn’t look back once he got it. Rizzy got his work recognized at an early stage in his wide neighborhood when he started out tattooing his father just for the sake of fun and his work was recognized around. He eventually ended up getting clients around his hometown. This also increased his confidence by many folds. His love for his work became more and more.

Art as an escape:

Rizzy always took art as an escape from his regular life as he used to spend summers at the Cleveland art museum where he took art classes. He practiced it and eventually sharpened his art skills, resulting in a highly skilled artist.  He started artwork doing colored pencils drawings to airbrushing clothes and shoes for his friends when he was at school. He is 18 only and has been tattooing 7 months, in a shop under Johnny Hayden called “focused tattoos”.

Living his dream life:

Rizzy always loved photography he loves to making photos and showing his style. He always had a dream of making an impact and leaving a mark on the world. Today he is living his dream life by doing so. He became a successful social media influencer by attracting so many people for his talent and artwork. He sees his impact on people all over the world.

Get in touch to see his latest tattoo work:

Rizzy has got a lot of clients every day who approach him to get their dream tattoos. Rizzy knows how to make his clients happy and make them trust his work for a lifetime. To see his newest tattoo works, so do follow him on his social media and appreciate his great artwork by sharing it with others around you.

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New Australian Tech News Website Launches



New Australian Tech News Website Launches

A new Australian Tech News website launched in January this year. The Tech Business News offers a unique perspective on the IT industry in Australia. The site will take a critical eye to both technology and its use within the business community. It will also offer the first look at the cutting-edge digital technology of the future from Australia and around the world. It’s expected that this site will serve as an unofficial online capital for Australian information and innovation.

If you are an IT professional or someone who simply enjoys being tech-savvy, then this is your new home. You can keep up with the newest innovations in computers, networking, and technology through this interactive site. There are sections where you can find the latest news and what’s happening in the IT industry. The site organizes and groups different areas of expertise, technology, and skills to help you get started.

The site is also expected to offer a number of articles and other material on the Australian media industry. This could include articles, short reports, reviews, and features on various television stations, radio stations, and websites. The site will allow webmasters and SEO (search engine optimization) professionals to submit content that is relevant to their sites. This is part of the site’s goal to make itself the go-to source for any kind of media-related information on the Australian tech scene. The site will aim to expand its scope and take advantage of any opportunity that comes along. If the site already offers content on a variety of different media, then it will continue to do so.

The Technology site’s main focus will most likely be on online communities and blogs. As the internet continues to become more popular, many people are relying on social networking sites to keep up with friends and relatives they may have lost touch with. The site could act as a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in learning more about the Australian technology industry.

The site is hosting a number of interviews, reviews, and articles related to the latest news in the IT and tech industries. The site could easily be used as a resource hub for those interested in learning more about computers, software, Internet safety, medical software, and other IT-related topics. If you love reading tech magazines, then the new site could be your new favorite place to go. With this wide-ranging content, readers could find something that would catch their eye and interest no matter what their tech level is.

Of course, the site isn’t just for those in the IT industry. If you’re an aspiring computer or game designer, there will be plenty of features that you can utilize to further your career. There are news sections that deal with new video games and technology as well as helpful articles written on how to design graphics for websites and other media. The site will strive to provide first-hand experience stories as well as reviews on all aspects of the field.

In order to get the most out of the new Australian news website, it’s important to realize that you should not rely solely on its information. Check other related online sources as well. While the site may have valuable information that you find interesting, you should also make sure that you’re also accessing a credible media outlet. Make sure you take all avenues available to you before deciding on a particular site to subscribe to.

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