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Interview with the talented music producer, Obrian Olando Young of Moon People Recordz



Obrian Orlando Young of Moon People

With over a decade’s worth of experience in making music, Obrian Olando Young is a talented music producer who makes unique music. Obrian has been making music since a young age, but he decided to become a producer in the recent past. Since then, Obrian has given some of the best music to the music industry. His hard work and dedication have earned him a staunch name and reputation, along with a massive fan following that supports him in his musical journey. His YouTube channels “Moon People music Vevo” and “Moon

People Recordz” are consistently updated with all the latest happenings and music produced by this artist. His latest collaboration with Rytikal in the latest single “90s” has received a reception from listeners across the globe. This track is a vibe. It gives you an adrenaline rush, but at the same time, makes you feel calm and relaxed. This song will make you want to bob your head and dance to its captivating music. A perfect amalgamation of upbeat music and free-flowing lyrics, “90s” is winning people’s hearts ever since its release.

Interviewer: At what age did you realize that you are passionate about making music?

Obrian: Music is life to me,but I was inspired by the love and passion for music at a tender age.

Interviewer: How would you describe your music style to our readers?

Obrian: my genre of music is dancehall and reggae because it fits the criteria of our culture.

Interviewer: For how long have you been making music?

Obrian: I have been making music since the age of 12 years, but I got serious about being a producer two years ago.

Interviewer: Tell us about your latest project, “90s”

Obrian: I recently completed a project titled “90s”. It is with Rytikal from the Eastsyde and produced by Moon people Recordz X EastSyderecordz.

Interviewer: Tell our readers about your upcoming projects

Obrian: New music is coming soon from Skillibeng. To get all the updates on the upcoming music, please subscribe to my channels on YouTube (moonpeoplemusicVevo) and (moon people recordz) and stay tuned for the greatest hits!