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Interview with Hip-Hop and dark pop music artist, Rochelle Bloom



Rochelle Bloom

A talented Atlanta based artist, Rochelle Bloom incorporates different music styles in her art. With her hard work and passion for music, Bloom has earned a stern name in the industry, which is evident from all the opportunities that have come through her way. Having performed as an opening act for many famous artists like Ludacris, Bloom is living a dream of many musicians. Not just the general public, but renowned personalities like Joe Budden have also found themselves enchanted by the powerful music produced by Bloom. A strong, independent, and bold woman, Bloom knows how to work her way through the music industry with confidence and poise.

With hit songs like “Come to me”, “Stay”, and “Juice”, Rochelle Bloom has established to the world that she is here to stay until she has achieved her ultimate goal of impacting music.

Interviewer: Who are some artists you can associate your music style with?

Rochelle Bloom: Well, my Pandora radio station likes to group me in with music from artists like Beyonce, Kanye West Merch, The Carters, and even Rihanna. . I feel that many musical elements that are present in these artists’ music can be found in my music style too from a production standpoint.

But I would personally describe my style as if J.Cole had Lauryn Hill’s content over a Kanye like the beat.

Interviewer: Tell our readers about your musical journey so far

Rochelle Bloom: My music journey so far has been interesting, to say the least. The ways things happen and didn’t happen for me are nothing like you would expect them to be. I’ve gotten more opportunities from people I didn’t know, than from people I do know. Over the years, I have just upgraded my faith and shifted my focus to more personal stuff, because I keenly believe that God will never place me in a position where my character can’t keep up.

Interviewer: How do you keep yourself productive during this pandemic period?

Rochelle Bloom: I have constantly been reading books, writing songs, along with studying and writing music and learning to play the piano since the quarantine period. I try to make the most out of this time and do things that push me further and help me hone my craft for the future.

Interviewer: What mode of communication do you prefer to talk to your fans out there?

Rochelle Bloom: “I’m no longer on social media. In order to create from the purest place within me I had to go offline. But I’m big on relationships so I love to interact with my fans, which I do via emails”.

Interviewer: Your latest released single “Stay” is lit. Tell our readers more about this project.

Rochelle Bloom: The single “Stay” speaks about this time of pandemic where the relationships are being tested due to the distance and not being able to meet up with your beloved. It is about pondering on the decision of holding on and letting go on to your lover. It is about hope and the light that you look for at the end of the tunnel. It is a reflective song. As you listen don’t be surprised if your own memories appear. Do listen!