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Natural processes experienced throughout human life cause body forms to deform.



Natural processes experienced throughout human life cause body forms to deform.

can happen. Unfortunately, the sports and healthy nutrition program is a hereditary stored fat.

It cannot treat the excess or a sagging of the abdomen that may occur after childbirth. Therefore

The aesthetic plastic surgery industry has found its own solutions. For tummy tuck surgeries in Turkey

There is an increasing demand. Previous postpartum period, due to deformed abdominal skin

While it is a situation that leads many women to unhappiness, tummy tuck surgery in Turkey

increase, this problem has been solved. Most of the women have to wait for this postpartum period.

While planning the stretching surgery, they prepared themselves against the deformities that the birth process would experience.

they are.

Apart from tummy tuck surgeries, it is one of the applications that will help shape the body.

liposuction surgeries. With these two applications, which are often applied together, in Turkey

The success rates of tummy tuck surgeries are increasing.


It is the process of removing the accumulated fat cells that cannot be removed from the body despite diet and sports programs.

These fat areas are mostly hereditary and can be in a wide variety of places, so the process is too many areas.

It is possible to perform liposuction surgery for There are different liposuction techniques,

these; traditional liposuction, laser liposuction (Laserlipolysis), vaser liposuction and body contour

There are other techniques used to improve

The recovery process after liposuction may vary from person to person. Average 4-6 weeks after surgery

The corset to be used after the surgery will both relieve the patient’s daily life activities and

It will reduce post-edema and swelling. However, usually within a few days

You can return to activities. Post-procedure swelling and bruising is a normal process, but recommended.

If the instructions are followed, the healing process will be accelerated.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey also often referred to as “Abdominoplasty”, is undesirable for many people.

It offers solutions to abdominal problems. If you have excess fat, sagging skin or postpartum changes

If you are experiencing abdominal discomfort due to abdominal pain, tummy tuck surgery in Turkey is right for you.

may be an option.

Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey, which are frequently mentioned with maternal aesthetic surgeries,

It is one of the shaping methods. Deformation of the body independent of lubrication, drooping

Having an appearance creates a lot of dissatisfaction, especially in the abdominal region.

The skin, which has a stretch that is much higher than the form it was in during pregnancy,

Failure to recover in the process is a very common situation. such as tummy tuck surgeries in Turkey

In many countries, the main reason for tummy tuck surgeries is postpartum processes.

Why Türkiye?

Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey has become a preferred destination worldwide. At work

From where:


  1. Specialized Surgeons: Türkiye, with experienced and certified specialists in the field of plastic surgeryis full. Türkiye, which has proven itself especially in plastic surgery, due to high demand.
  2. Reasonable Costs: Plastic surgery operations in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries is costly. Something from the service quality due to the economic exchange rate difference. Getting the same quality of service while not losing money has become more convenient for the citizens of many countries is coming. You can save money while providing quality healthcare services.
  3. High-Standard Medical Facilities: Modern hospitals and clinics in Turkey are state-of-the-art equipped with equipment. In particular, equipment with European standards and FDA approved Utmost care is given to its use. Great importance to hygiene and safety standards is given.

Touristic Experience: In Turkey, the opportunity to combine surgery with vacation is offered. This country is rich discovering its culture, history and beauties is a plan planned by many people around the world. holiday program. If you have a few extra days to spare in this itinerary, do this plan great opportunity to make it happen.



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