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Hair Transplant İn Turkey



Hair Transplant İn Turkey

Hair transplantation is the definitive solution for people who have hair loss problems or conditions that cause hair loss. Hair does not form in places where the hair follicle is not active. Hair follicles are transplanted to areas where hair is not formed by micro-surgical methods. This condition is called hair transplantation. With these procedures, the patient’s own hair is added to the parts that do not form hair. Hair transplantation is personal, designed and applied accordingly.

What is Hair Transplantation?

The hair used in the hair transplantation process is mostly taken from the hair on the neck of the patient, which is more prone to shedding. The removed hair is added towards the channels opened from the parts where there is no hair. The purpose of the operations is to have a natural and permanent appearance of the transplanted hair. Hair transplant in turkey operation is a minor procedure. It is one of the most reliable ways to do it in a hospital setting.

To Whom Hair Transplantation Is Performed?

Individuals who do not have any health problems from the age of 19-20 and who have follicles in the donor area can have it done.

Physical development has been completed,

If you do not have a physiological disease,

If there is enough and suitable hair,

If there is a suitable area for hair transplantation, hair transplantation can be done for you.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed with the Fue Method?

Hair transplantation is done frequently nowadays. Since it is not a serious surgical operation, patients decide on hair transplantation comfortably. In the FUE technique, the hair is taken one by one and transferred to the hairless area and the process is applied. The hair with the donor area is shortened by 1 mm and the procedures are started. Local anesthesia is applied to both the area where the hair follicle is taken and the area where the hair extension is applied. Hair is added in accordance with the exit of the hair shaft.

Before the tissue is taken, the stem cell is closely studied.

There are no cuts or stitches in the area where the hair is taken. Only minor abrasions occur and these abrasions close within a few days.

It is also used in places such as eyebrows, mustache and beard.

Mild pain may occur at the end of the operation. However, this technique is preferred because of the short recovery time.