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Naomi Campbell Kicks Off Her Show With Cindy Crawford — No Filter With Naomi



Naomi Campbell Kicks Off Her Show

A model that became a YouTube channel creates a space “No Naomi filter”

Naomi Campbell Kicks Off Her Show With Cindy Crawford – Supermodel Naomi Campbell launched her own No Filter YouTube series with Naomi and the show started. In the opening episode, Naomi spoke to Cindy Crawford and they remembered the modeling business and how it changed over the last 30 years. There was no talk, and the conversation naturally changed. Ashley Mitchell’s report covered many topics, including two models that are good memories of Princess Diana.

Naomi Campbell takes this crisis a step further with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The model wanted to create her own YouTube channel to share her entertainment moments with her fans.

Naomi’s No Filter is the space where the model started on this video platform. The top, who is keenly aware of this health crisis, wants everyone to be at home and she is willing to fight at home and abroad.

In this first chapter of No Filter, Naomi’s best friend Cindy Crawford was the guest. Another top model in the 90’s shared extensive discussions with her partner, who had long-standing catwalk discussions.

According to her, a meeting of about 50 minutes explaining anecdotes such as the cell phone Naomi Campbell first got, the real “brick” her boyfriend bought for her. Starting this Monday, Naomi will continue to share a little time each week with her fans on this talk show that promises to make history.

Cindy and Naomi talked about how fashion has changed, including the switch to digital photography. Cindy talked about the catering services he used for photography, and Naomi talked about the fashion designers who let them store their clothes together.

Naomi asks Cindy if she has clothes from the bud. Cindy said she was wearing jeans when they made the iconic Pepsi commercial. She said she didn’t find the perfect cut for her, she just cut off her leg with her pants!